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Download Epub Format ☆ Ransom PDF by ✓ Julie Garwood Castle on the cliffs of Scotland This is a review of the audiobook Susan Duerden has quickly become one of my favorite narrators In Ransom, one of my favorite Garwood books, she manages to elevate it evenAwe mazing I ve read Ransom several times, but it was fun to hear it read to me Ms Duerden does a wonderful job on the Scottish accents and inflecting just the right tone for the characters and the situation I don t know how she got some of the deep voices for the men Her pacing and voice level are consistent It was a real joy to listen to this on audiobook I m so glad I didn t resist getting this newly released version, as I know I ll listen to it again and again.
What can I say about a classic Garwood Highland Medieval and at 546 page Another book I thought I had read Boy was I glad that I didn t read this for the Julie Garwood group read, and it was delightful Julie Garwood books are definitely comfort reads She understands why we read romance, and one of the reasons is we want heroines who we can root for, that we fall in love with just as much as the heroes Her heroines have this tangible sweetness that makes me want to hug them, root for them, and to fight with and for them Gillian is no different My heart hurt for her losses and I cheered her for her indefatigable will To be honest, I did think she was a slightly too good for Brodick, although I did like him Maybe that s a good thing, because the common dilemma for a romance fan is to like the hero .
I have read the other two Highland Laird books and loved them I don t know how this fell through th For Fans Of Scottish Medieval Romances Comes This Beloved And Classic Page Turner FromNew York Times Bestselling Author Julie GarwoodIn The Dark Days After The Death Of Richard The Lionhearted, Lives And Lands Would Fall Into Upheaval At The Hands Of A Power Hungry British Ruler And His Violent Minions One Victim Of The Scourge Is Innocent Gillian, Who Is A Mere Child When The Cruel And Ambitious Baron Alford Slaughters Her Father And Tears Her Family Apart Alford, Determined To Recover A Jeweled Box For The Despotic King John, Is Furious When The Precious Treasure Slips Through His Fingers Only To Be Lost For Than A DecadeNow A Beautiful Young Woman, Gillian Finds The Key To Resolving Her Past In Handsome Scottish Chieftains Ramsey Sinclair And Brodick Buchanan With The Cunning And Courage Of The Daring Scotsmen, And With The Friendship Of A New Ally, Bridgid KirkConnell, Gillian At Last Fights The Unscrupulous Baron Alford, Laying Claim To Her Home, Her Family, And Her Father S Reputation But In The Presence Of The Mighty Warrors, Gillian And Bridgid Discover That Desire Can Be A Weapon Of Conquest, Betrayal Can Slay Trust In A Heartbeat, And The Greatest Risk Of All Is To Surrender To Unexpected Love 4 to 4 1 2 stars Ransom is the follow up book to The Secret and it definitely exceeded my expectations Not only did it include the secondary characters I loved but also gave me a hero and heroine I could fall in love with and a romance over which I could swoon Like The Secret, this book focuses on the overall plot rather than just romance Fortunately, the love story and chemistry between Brodick and Gillianthan makes up for it Interestingly, it was a five year old wanna be Highlander warrior name Alec the son of Iain and Judith from The Secret who stole my heart and the story He was endearing, inquisitive, and adorably obnoxious with his continual questions of you know what You just had to love him Brodick and Gillian were strong and likable characters They complemented each other perfectly and their chemistry radiated off the pages I Was this 5 star literature No, but it sure is 5 star enjoyable It s campy at times and I doubt the historical accuracyand you know whatI didn t care I was so happy to get Brodick s story and Gillian was lovable despite being so perfect I won t say much about this as it s been reviewed a zillion times It s pure fantasy, but it kept me absorbed and put a smile on my face.
Susan Duerden was a fabulous narrator, as usual.
Excellent A A suberb medieval epic The book is one huge mother of a read but you barely feel it as the pages go whipping on by You get two top notch alphas Highlanders Ramsey and Brodick both lairds of their clan They get what they want when they want except maybe the women they really love so they have to resort to trickery especially Brodick to seal the deal with their lady loves The word play in one marriage scene is so well done that the reader feels like the heroine and doesn t know which end is up or what just happened Garwood has an amazing talent to write such a long book and never once do you feel bored or get that read that before feeling There s a great group of villains and some outright hilarious scenes These men are all alpha but in different ways Ramsey is polite and diplomatic but don t get him mad Brodick is frank and forthright Summary Gillian was just a child when her home was attacked, and her sister disappeared, and her father murdered in front of her, and the Baron Alfred took over and sent her away to her uncle up to northern England Now its been ten years and she has been called back to the Baron, who wants to know the location of a box that belonged to King John, and thinks that the family still has possession over it When she plans a escape with a child, Alec, who falls down a gorge, and she rescues him, they are caught by Baron s men, and in order to protect the boy, Gillian is severely beaten And they escape knowing if she doesn t find the box or her sister the Baron will kill her uncle, a man that is her only family, and was like her own father and raised her, and she will do anything to save him Gillian and Alec make their way to Scotland, to Brodick Buchana Sigh I loved this book, super sweet and endearing Julie Garwood never does me wrong I love her highlander series

Oh, crap Did I really give this 5 stars the first time I read it Has this really been sitting on my favorites shelf See This is why it s dangerous to do rereads sighSo, 5 years ago, I read this and thought it was A MAZING.
Like, the bestest book evah And I ve been singing its praises ever since.
In fact, when I saw it was on sale a while back, I bought it Those of you who know me realize what a big deal that was For those of you who don t Let s just sayI m cheap Reallyreallyreally cheap It wouldn t be an exaggeration to say I guard my money like that shriveled up hobbit thing from Lord of the Rings.
Anyway, I went into this expecting to feelAnd, instead, I felt I m not sure what happened here, but, this time around, I thought the dialogue was kinda clunky Plus, there were several times I had to put it down, because it just wasn t holding my attention the way I had hope This was only my 2nd book by Julie Garwood, following The Secret, and I think I found a new to me author to glom I just loved these books Brodick Buchanan was a secondary character in The Secret that had hero tattooed on his forehead, so I wasthan happy when I found out that Ransom was his book He was the typical alpha hero and we all know what happens when this kind fall in love They fall hard and forever, but not always have the grace of acknowledging the fall, LOL Brodick was just like that, and it was funny to see him trying to deal with it When he told Gillian that she loved him, I giggled like a schoolgirl And when he tricked her into marrying him, I laughed like a lunatic That was one short lived Big Misunderstanding I had no problem withOn a horse I was married on a horseToo funny I doubt Brodick would get a

With than 35 million books in print and 26 NEW YORK TIMES bestsellers, Julie Garwood has earned a position among America s favorite fiction writers.Born and raised in Kansas City, MO, Ms Garwood attributes much of her success to growing up in a large family of Irish heritage The Irish are great storytellers who relish getting all of the details and nuances of every situation Add in the fa