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[ Pdf Extermination ó words PDF ] by E. William Brown Ó Gaea S Favored Children Have Put Her Ancient Plan To Cleanse The Earth Of Humans Into Motion, And Kozalin Stands High On Their List Of Targets Uncertain Alliances, Scheming Gods And An Implacable Foe Will Push Daniel To His Limits How Far Will The Wizard From Earth Go, To Protect His Family Warning This Novel Contains Graphic Violence, Explicit Sex, Unconventional Opinions And A Protagonist Who Has No Interest In Being Normal read At Your Own Risk Clever, funny, brutal, could not put this book down.
Was sceptical when I first started reading this book, misogyny, sexist, I m not sure but it works Can t wait for the next instalment.
This book is on par with the second book, I like how everything is coming together although I do have a few gripes about how the series is progressing.
The first book was suggested to me because it was a fantasy book along the lines of the Gor series, the writing wasn t so elitist feeling John Norman was a doctor and I think he wanted to make sure you knew he was a doctor by using big fancy words that aren t commonly used This series was a nice fast read where I didn t have to spend any time looking up words and I could just enjoy it Well as the series goes on sex scenes are all but nonexistent I ll probably read the next book but it was nice being able to read a chapter about nuclear physics then the next chapter was about Daniel Black getting it on with his girls.
E William Brown if you re reading this, we don t mind sex, in fact we quite like it

Good book Hate the endingThis was another well written book that helped with defining all the characters I even liked the ending But at the same time I didn t like the ending I hate it when an author ends a book where all you want to do is pick up the next book to find out what happens and there is no next book Now I have to wait and wait for him to finish the next one.
YAWN protect the girls, the girls are horny, build the Black Citadel up, increase staff with the right people, fight, invent new magical items like machine guns but the author doesn t even consider what could happen if one of the guns or flamethrowers got into enemy hands and they copy it with a new power source.
Suddenly the MC knows as much about warfare as an experienced generel The Dark Elves acts just like humans but with magic and long life no special traits normally attributed to them like untrustworthyness or evil intentions It just continues downhill with no end in sight The middle aged, nerdy guy fantasy that just got stale and boring The ending in case something unforseen happens and I continue with the story Daniel Black aka Gary Stu view spoiler uses his nuclear physics

Hey, folks I m just a middle aged American guy, writing fanfics for fun after a long day at the bit mine.Likes Heroes who actually go out and solve their problems instead of sitting around whining about them Especially if they have to use their brains and do some badass level grinding along the way.Dislikes Clueless idiot heroes who survive on pure luck and the bad guy s mistakes Gritty urban