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[ Pdf Divine Fall Å womens-studies PDF ] by Kathryn Knight ï I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review Lovers of Paranormal.
I enjoyed this book The story was good and intriguing and romantic with a touch of creepy I liked and didn t like Jamie Let s just say I didn t share some of her decisions or thoughts About the bullies especially And about the pranks bullying aimed at her I found it too much I don t know either they were extremely immature and with they I mean most of the students in Jamie s school or they were all particularly evil Some pranks were really cruel and even dangerous Dothan I must say that for about the first half of the story I found him kinda creepy And it was just SO obvious he had a hidden agenda I didn t like him much in the beginning But then he changed and it was clear he actually cared about Jamie And their encounters Hot Devine fallLoved this book It is well written with incredible intrigue and for this reader it felt very mysterious I ve only read a few YA books and the others were made into movies and though I like those books a lot, I think this book is much better written and would make a awesome movie Jamie is our heroine 16 yr old and Dothan s is the hunky 18 yr old misfit who rescues Jamie There are lots of secrets and the biggest one starts with Jamie s grandfather Secrets of a super natural flare Oh my Really wonderful story of angst and young love with high school bullying coming into play A definite must read and you don t have to a teenager Review to come I love my paranormal books This one is quickly at the top of my must share and recommend list This is the third book of Kathryn Knight that I have read and each one is amazing This one is about angels, which is not something I read about often, but was incredibly intrigued As I started reading about Jamie and Dothan love that name I kept trying to figure out exactly what Dothan was and how Jamie played into the story When it was revealed how the two of them were tied together, I had that ah ha moment and could not believe it, but it all made sense and fell together Although Jamie and Dothan are young, the love they shared was amazing It was easy to see how strong and true their love was It was beyond the mushy, you Finished reading October 8th 2014 Loving someone is a risk But if you don t take a few risks in life, well, that s not really living, is it A copy of this book was kindly given to me by the author through Ethereal Book Reviews in exchange for an honest review Thank you Guest Reviewer Program view spoiler When I was first contacted about Divine Fall, I couldn t exactly decipher from the cover what the story was about What looks like a contemporary romance story at the first glance actually turned out to be a paranormal romance story involving angels I m glad I decided to read this novel by Kathryn Knight in the end, as the story is easy to read and quite entertaining The main characters Jamie and Dothan are on the verge of being too cliche at some points and the way Dothan was trying to hide his secret didn t convince me The handsome and

An ok story Too many unanswered questions in the end though.
First things first, when I read this book I felt like I was reading myself, first love is in the air.
Jamie it s in junior year high school, she works in her grandpa s store, and she rides her horse Her life has been full of tragedy but she s ok with that, she had learned to live with wherever that life gives her Her life it s pretty normal, until mystery guy appears, Dothan, he works in the barn where she rides, he is amazingly sexy, the guy that she only can had in her dreams, so when he starts to come closer to her, she barely believes it, but he s different, and really has problems with people, but that only makes them come closer, until he asked her to do something and when she does, the lies around explodes Now she doesn t know what to do, her gramps said th ARC provided by NetGalley I love me a story with fallen angels, a dark character who falls in love and changes because of it However, this book fell flat Dothan, while I love the original name, he just wasn t attractive enough Maybe because he came off only as creepy instead of mysterious Jamie was the most likable character She was snarky which I love in my characters The chemistry with Dothan seemed forced I feel like they needed time to grow and she accepted revelations way too easy It was all too naive I m all for insta love but in this case it just didn t work More character development was needed.
Action What action No twists, no surprising turns Again, flat When I read these types of books I unfortunately compare them to Hush Hush and Flight series.
Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for sending me an ARC in return for an honest review.
5 stars I really expected this book to blow me away but sadly it didn t The story starts off with Jamie, a school outcast, who has lost her Mom She meets Dothan, a Nephilim, who works as a stable hand at a barn where Jamie takes riding classes The two start to form a relationship with each other but unbeknownst to Jamie, Dothan is planning on taking revenge and ultimately she gets sucked into a world of dark secrets Well, the blurb and cover definitely looked interesting enough for me to delve into the story At the start of the novel, I really liked Jamie s character She came across as a bit snarky but I felt that because the author pushed the relationship to progress quickly, her character devolved after that We then just get chapters fi After Tragedy Tears Jamie Brandt S Life Apart, Her Only Goal Is To Finish High School So She Can Leave Her Small Hometown Behind In The Meantime, Riding Her Horse Is Her Main Source Of Solace, Until A Mysterious Stable Hand Shows Up At The Barn There S Something Not Quite Right About The Handsome New Employee, And The Jamie Sees Of Him, The Determined She Becomes To Figure Out What He S HidingDothan Reed Came To Historic Huntsville, Maryland, For One Reason Revenge But His Plan Can T Move Forward Until He Finds The Missing Piece He Needs To Enhance His Powers As The Only Surviving Nephilim, Dothan Is Not Only Weaker Than Full Blooded Angels His Forbidden Lineage Makes Him An Outcast In Both Worlds When He Discovers Jamie Is The Key To Locating An Ancient Weapon, He S Forced To Interact With A Vulnerable Human Girl A Task That Becomes Appealing With Each Encounter Jamie Soon Learns Dothan Isn T The Only One With A Dark Secret Each New Revelation Further Threatens Her Safety, And Dothan S Betrayal Shatters Her Heart Forgiving Him Seems Impossible, But The Thought Of Turning Her Back On Him Is Equally PainfulAs Their Connection Deepens, Dothan Will Have To Make His Own Difficult Choice Continue On His Path Of Vengeance, Or Protect The Girl He Loves And When Dothan S Actions Thrust Jamie Into An Unforeseen Danger, He Must Seek The Help Of His Enemy Or Risk Losing Her Forever