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[ Read Online Never Surrender ↠´ visual-art PDF ] by Lindsay McKenna ¾ I checked Never Surrender out from my local library I really enjoyed this book, although most of the tension and action happened during the kidnapping rescue no spoiler here, this is mentioned in the synopsis The story was handled really well, considering the subject matter For me, there was a lot of dead space between action, I loved the story, but wasn t engaged by the characters as much as I prefer Worth a read, especially if you like story driven, rather than character driven plots.
Received an ARC for reviewThe first book I read by Lindsay McKenna I DNF I m so glad I gave her a second chance This is an awesome series and just an amazing book I LOVED the first half of Bay and Gabe s story Breaking Point and was so excited to read this half Now I hope there s another book for Gabe s friend, Mike Job well done Ms McKenna.
From Shadow Warrior To Hostage Despite Her Sweet Nature, Navy Medic Bay Thorn S Will Is Unbreakable It Has Earned Her Not Only The Respect Of Her Team, But Also The Love Of Navy SEAL Gabe Griffin And As Soon As She Wraps Up The Final Six Months Of Operation Shadow Warriors In Afghanistan, She Ll Have Her Happily Ever After Until Her Deployment Goes Horribly Wrong Bay S Medical Expertise Is Needed By The Taliban, And She Is Taken Hostage Her Captor Is Ruthless And Cruel, And Bay Isn T Exempt From His Evil Intents All That S Left Now Is Her Resolve And The Too Distant Memory Of Gabe Her Last And Only Hope For Rescue And To Pull Bay From Hell, This SEAL Will Have To Break Every Rule In The Book But Will Gabe Find The Woman He Loves Or A Woman Broken Beyond Recognition originally posted HERE.
While I was reading this one I kept thinking that fans of Maya Banks writing will love this one Much like her KGI series, though this book is packaged as romantic suspense there s a much heavier focus on home and healing and family Never Surrender is basically divided up into three sections The lovey dovey stuff in the first quarter, the horrible attack on the heroine in the second, and then the second half is all about family stuff and love stuff and the marriage and babylogue I wouldn t call this a suspense book.
This couple, Gabe and Bay, they re a very mushy pair In fact, all the Special Forces men involved in this book and I m guessing quite a few of them were the stars of earlier books in the series are happily married In real life, few Navy SEALs manage to keep a healthy marriage going, so just Reread I was afraid this book would be pages and pages of tortures and abuses on children Because Bay has been kidnapped by a talibani lord, who has a penchant for children The part about Bay s imprisonement is short and with few bad scenes, mostly the book is Bay s voyage towards been safe and sound again.
A good story I have received an ARC via NetGalley.
After reading the previous book Breaking Point, where we were introduced to Bay and Gabe, I was so happy to get my hands on the second part of their story thanks, NetGalley because as interesting Breaking Point was a nice insight into military life and with the romance between Gabe and Bay, both dealing with stress and their struggle to adapt into the real world during their deployment break, I felt that Breaking Point was not really completed , the ending rather abrupt And yes, their story continues in the book Never Surrender and that was something completely different I did not expect this topic, especially not by Harlequin sorry , my favorite publisher for mostly easy going romances.
S So far to date I have not steered wrong when I have picked up one of this author s books This series had the name that first picked my interest to read this one next and after the blurb it sealed the deal so to speak to venture forth She opens it with things going along nicely to a certain degree for Navy medic Bay and Navy Seal Gabe who after her mission hope to seal their relationship The author has provided special qualities on them both and with they way they are written that has them coming alive from the pages you are ensnared when the unthinkable happens Heart wrenching ordeal will have you curling your toes wondering just how does one come back from such things but the author will show you how with love and the very special way it will work with these two Go on their journey with them through their twists and turns yearning with Gab

After reading the blurb for Never Surrender I was really looking forward to reading it since I like romances with military heroes heroines This continues Gabe and Bay s story from Breaking Point and starts with them having to part while Bay an 18 Delta medic goes back to her last deployment in Afghanistan Gabe is a SEAL chief but staying in the U.
S They are going to be married when she returns.
It was clear the author definitely researched and knew the military since it was very detailed in that regard While the storyline was interesting the first quarter was mainly about how much Gabe and Bay love each other It was annoying and made me lose interest in the story.
Unfortunately, I imagined what the story would be about and it was pretty close to what I expected, but all the talk about how much they loved each other ruined it for me However, since most reviews we Reviewed for NetGalley After I finished reading the first book, I REALLY wanted to know what would happen next However, I ended up slightly disappointed by this one I just am not a big fan of amnesia plot lines, so while I was excited to find out what happened next, I was not really happy with the amnesia Also, I don t really like reading about rape, and I realize this was an important plot point, but I didn t care to read about it.

I ve lived six lives in one and it all shows up in the books I write, one way or another.I was always a risk taker and broke mustangs at thirteen years old in Oregon I learn to break them with love, not threat or pain At 17 years old, I picked night crawlers worms out in our Oregon orchards from 9pm to midnight, every night I earned enough money to buy my school clothes and book I also plunk