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[ Pdf Feesters in the Lake & Other Stories ☆ love-inspired PDF ] by Bob Leman ↠´ Great stories written by a man who told me stories all my life I have started a blog where fans of Bob Leman will have a chance to read some of his old fanzines, see previously unpublished doodles, puns, and opinions I will also post updates on new projects Thevinegarworm.
My initial impulse would be to rate this book a bit lower, but I m not sure if that s because I didn t like it that much or because I had set my expectations inappropriately Instructions was one of the stories I remember most from my youthful reading 25 years later I decided to track down by the same author and discovered that he had lived just a few miles away from me until his death in 2006, there was a single book that collected his entire body of work, and it was out of print Through a roundabout process I contacted the writer s daughter online, she donated a copy of the book to the Bethel Park library, and I was finally able to read it.
After all this I was terribly excited But once I started reading these old timey stories, with their overall very detached tone and careful pacing, my initial enthusiasm waned I r I don t write reviews of books too often on here, partly due to the repetitive nature of me trying to describe how good something is in varied but limited ways, mostly due to my indolenence, and a bit because there are plenty of reviews for a lot of the books I ve read Bob Leman s Feesters in the Lake has surprisingly few reviews though for a writer who s oeuvre of short fiction, though small, is consistently amazing With my excuse for this review out of the way I can safely say that Feesters In the Lake deserves both the praise and cult status attributed to it.
There s another review that gives a good description of each of the stories within this collection, so I ll briefly describe why I liked it and some of my favorites Without knowing the writing style used in this collection you might be taken a Bob Leman randomly published only a handful of stories over a thirty year period and they are, for the largest part, great They are all conveniently collected here in this tidy volume that you are not permitted to read unless you are either lucky enough to find one cheap or wealthy enough to drop 300 on a whim Sorry about that.
Leman was not a writer by profession and that might have permitted him to write whatever the hell he wanted What came out was closest to horror, but the variety he displayed within the genre is amazingly broad His stories are alternately creepy, hilarious, sad and always inventive and entertaining somebody please reissue this.
In the meantime, if you live in Pittsburgh, you can get a recently donated copy from the Carnegie Library If I decide to return it.
Clearly I haven t read this volume as it is long out of print and copies go for silly money.
But I ve heard Bob Leman 1922 2006 called the best horror writer you ve never heard of and I would agree Just two of his stories published in magazines Feesters in the Lake and Window had a major impact on my own writing development and to be honest my current work in progress does, well, involve a similar situation to Window though it is such a different set of circumstances that I didn t notice the similarity for a while Dead Ground is as much The Shadow over Innsmouth as Feesters without being either but they are both there I ve recently read Loob which is publicly available online and it is another classic I don t know imagine Lovecraft without the racism and misanthropy, Stephen King with concision, Faulkner with chill horror Look here to find other sources to read these stories All of the stories were published before except HOW DOBBSTOWN WAS SAVEDA couple are on the internet also I was able to find LOOB INSTRUCTIONS by Googling Window tbr folderThe Tehama tbr folderIndustrial Complex 2 Pilgrimage of Clifford M Goster County tbr folderChange of Address Skipping gives the lie to the notion that characterization and the cosmic frisson cannot exist side by side The plot at first resembles one from the pages of Unknown or the novels of Thorne Smith The opening portrait of bibulous self pity is, like that in Skirmish on Bastable Street of two years later, both funny and pathetic There is nothing sentimental about it The remainder of the tale describes the development of an independent human personality in an alien presence.
snoreSkirmish on Bastable Street 2 Goster County tbr Dobbstown Was Saved no ac A Window Into The Fiction Of Bob Leman Introduction Jim Rockhill PrefaceWindowThe TehamaIndustrial ComplexThe Pilgrimage Of Clifford MChange Of AddressSkirmish On Bastable StreetOlidaHow Dobbstown Was SavedThe Time Of The WormBaitLoobUnlawful PossessionCome Where My Love Lies DreamingInstructionsFeesters In The LakeCover Illustration By Allen Koszowski Very fascinating stories by an unknown author This book contains all of Bob Leman s short stories as far as I know Someone should publish a mass market version so that readers can enjoy his work The very limited and expensive edition by Midnight House is selling for over 200 now If you can find it, it is definitely worth it though.

Robert J Leman was, at once, wild and proper He wrote imaginative science fiction tales, eventually compiled into a collection of short stories, Feesters in the Lake, published in 2001.But he also adhered to his principles, dressing in Brooks Brothers oxford shirts and often, a suit and tie.In that sense, Mr Leman paired unlikely opposites into one personality.He was a rural boy, raised on a