Trailer ☆ Unraveled (A Knitting Mystery, #9) PDF by ¿ Maggie Sefton

Trailer ☆ Unraveled (A Knitting Mystery, #9) PDF by ¿ Maggie Sefton I listened to this as an audiobook and really had to force myself to stick with it The author spent 20 minutes describing a volleyball game that was being played by some of the main characters after a meeting On and on conversation such as good shot kept being repeated I can see mentioning the game and that the meeting attendants played but this was just ridiculous Then a play by play of a character finding her wedding gown About halfway through the book I really had forgotten what the original murder had been Another reviewer mentions wanting to throw the book across the room I totally agree I have read almost all of her books I don t think I ll read any.
Let me start by saying that although this series and this book in particular bugs me in many ways, I do generally enjoy it and I ll probably keep on reading the series just to see how things progress with the characters I also think it could be a much better series than it is maybe I m just hoping that the author will wake up to that fact and start writing to its potential So how did this book bug me Let me recount the ways First, for 99.
9 percent of this series, the story is told from a third person omniscient point of view the narrator follows amateur sleuth Kelly around, we experience what she does and are privy to her thought processes But about one hundred pages into this, the 9th book in the series, we suddenly find ourselves in the mind of Steve, Kelly s ex boyfriend Then, after a few pages of this, things get back to normal and we re once again follow Spring Is In The Air Of Fort Connor, Colorado A Time Of New Beginnings For The House Of Lambspun Knitters But For Fellow Knitter Jennifer S New Real Estate Client, It Is His End He S Been Murdered And Kelly Flynn Is Left Unraveling A Tangle Of Clues This May Prove To Be Her Most Challenging Project Yet A bit of fun, a bit of romance, a bit of history, a bit of relaxation, a bit of underhandedness, and a corpse no one will miss This is 9 of the Knitting series, but to be fair in my review I must say it is several years since I read one of Maggie s series, 2 Needled to Death , so I am coming into this cozy series with little knowledge of what has gone before Just the same, I feel attuned to the book I m delighted that this series takes place among the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, a beautiful location with lots of inspiration for a book of this type I can almost associate the colours of the landscapes with the colours of the yarns featured in this series.
The story is centered around a mixed group of friends, all ages, male and female, with several interests in common Added to the mix, an author of Western History has come Never having read an of Maggie Sefton s previous books in this series I was very nearly overwhelmed by the sheer number of secondary characters making an appearance right from page one of UNRAVELED The author did try to make the daunting task of keeping everyone straight by including a cast of characters listing in the front of the book Believe me, I did make good use of this list and in the early stages of reading found myself flipping back and forth as I familiarized myself with the relationships between the characters.
Murder, knitting and romance are the order of the day in Fort Conner, CO and CPA and part time sleuth Kelly Flynn is at the center of all the action There are several surprises in store for the reader as the story, which admittedly starts slowly, pr I am truly enjoying this series A comfortable, easy reading book and the characters are fabulous Kelly and her cohorts are a fun bunch Kelly, aka, Sherlock, finds herself knee deep in murder and mystery.
Great reads for the summer.
A client of Jennifer s is murdered, and this time, Kelly didn t even have to meet the guy and he was doomed It s all right everyone hated him anyhow The murderer is obvious from the beginning Most of the book is spent following Kelly around to her work and making it clear that she s the best thing since sliced bread and Steve is kicking himself for leaving her Steve shouldn t be kicking himself for leaving her He can do better He should do better He probably won t do better The other two dimensional people are insistent that they re made for each other But only in this weird, nonexistent world with the ridiculously high murder rate do people who are made for each other get back together after one of them moves out and there s a failed marriage proposal And I was wrong that there ought to be sex in these A few times, they r This series has been recommended to me many times over the years since I knit and other readers have found them enjoyable My first foray into this group of books was underwhelming partly because I am not a huge mystery fan, and partly because I found it poorly written Apparently the author believes that repetition is critical, but I found it tedious and insulting, as if the reader is too dumb to remember the facts revealed in the earlier chapters Oft repeated in this story were references to his favorite amber beverage Fat Tire alethe word scrumptious the term smartphone the frequency of snow in Colorado in Marchthe yarn was spun from recycled saristhe character s first name, as in Kelly stepped out onto the deck, Kelly stood by the railing, Kelly was shivering, Kelly sipped her coffee blah blah blah all in subsequent sentences.
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First of all, I want to say that I really like this series, but now I m having second thoughts about reading any of them This book was just annoying from the beginning First, the constant reference to Kelly s smartphone was annoying I don t care that she has a smart phone, uses a smart phone and tosses her smartphone on the passenger seat of her car Second, the mystery was second to Kelly s love life, which is also ok, but don t wrap the entire mystery up in two quick chapters with a ribbon and think that it is all good I figured out the murderer right away, and then had to wade away all the other stuff to see why it happened Then, my biggest annoyance was Kelly herself She came across as as overbearing person especially when it comes to sports The wh I usually enjoy knitting mysteries because I love to knit read I figured out who committed to murder early on I also found the narrative between characters trite uninteresting I almost gave up reading it Glad I got it from the library didn t pay for it.

Margaret ConlanFrom author website First, a little biographical information as introduction Born in Richmond, VA, I grew up in Northern Virginia in Arlington, close to Washington, D.C I attended university and received a Bachelor s degree in English Literature Journalism, married, and started my family there All four of my daughters are grown and established in careers of their own and are literally scattered around the globe I now reside in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with two very demanding dogs.