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[Jón Gnarr] Á Indjáninn [south-sudan PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ö Although I d seen a few episodes of J n Gnarr s comedy series Night Shift Naeturvaktin, it seemed at first that this wouldn t be enough to maintain my interest in this simply written autobiography part 1 of a trilogy I d picked up what felt like a celebrity memoir with a plain style and short chapters to appeal to a wide audience, written as a child narrator perhaps also structured this way because of the author s ADHD and his openness about it Other reviews indicate that the sort of details of childhood related here in unadorned fashion, to the readers who pick up a Deep Vellum book expecting the experimental, might only be interesting when you re a fan or friend of the person doing the telling This is how I felt for the first 20% or so I nevertheless admired his courage in pl I had high hopes J n Gnarr is widely appreciated in Iceland and is apparently a warm, entertaining character, but I found his memoir too dull to finish The Indian seems to be his answer to Knausgaard it s the first of a trilogy , detailing his troubled childhood as a boy with ADHD and other learning impediments His short chapters are interspersed with notes and dim diagnoses from various psychiatric institutions, but even this narrative novelty doesn t dispel the tedium.

The second read of my four book Deep Vellum haul from AWP and my first ever read from Gnarr or any Icelander, for that matter I was really entertained by this one It s a really engaging, dynamic, vaguely Faulkner esque narrative in the vein of The Sound an the Fury, kinda sorta a little bit Gnarr blends humor with youthful tragedy beautifully in this piece and the juxtaposition of depth and simplicity in the narration will surprise you It s an excellently written piece that I highly recommend.
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read Lytton Smith s first draft of the translation to this on the flight back from Europe yesterday, and I cannot wait to publish it in Spring 2015 As a Psychiatrist I found this book to be amazing I loved the juxtaposition between his experience and the excerpts before each chapter from various Psychiatrists This is the best first person account of the real neuro biological differences that children with serious learning differences have This is a bittersweet story but Gnarr s genius is in how he keeps the tone victorious I loved this book.
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The Indian, an autobiographical account of his childhood J n Gnarr has been diagnosed with ADHD and has actively discussed his life with ADHD publicly.J n was known as J nsi Punk as a teenager and played bass in a punk band called Nefrennsli Runny Nose He attended a number of high schools,but didn t complete the university entrance exam During the 1980s J n and his future wife, J hanna J hannsd ttir, became acquainted with the members of the band the Sugarcubes, including Bj rk and Einar rn Benediktsson Bj rk remained a close friend to J hanna, while Einar would become an important political ally to J n.In 1994, J n teamed up with Sigurj n Kjartansson to form the radio duo Tv h f i In 1997, he joined TV station St 2 where he wrote and starred in several seasons of the Icelandic comedy show F stbr ur His best known movies are The Icelandic Dream and A Man like Me His stand up comedy show g var einu sinni n rd I Used To Be a Nerd is autobiographical.In late 2009 J n formed the Best Party with a number of others with no background in politics, including Einar The Best Party, a satirical political party that parodies Icelandic politics and aims to make the life of the citizens fun, managed a plurality in the 2010 municipal elections in Reykjav k, with the party gaining six out of 15 seats on the City Council Einar, second on the party s list behind J n, won a seat on the council.J n ended up defeating the Independence Party led municipal government of Hanna Birna Kristj nsd ttir His victory is widely seen as a backlash against establishment politicians in the wake of Iceland s 2008 2011 financial crisis.J n s political platform included promises of free towels in all swimming pools, a polar bear for the Reykjav k zoo, all kinds of things for weaklings, Disneyland in the Vatnsm ri area, etc.Upon being elected, J n announced that he would not enter a coalition government with anyone that had not watched The Wire , eventually entering a coalition with the Social Democratic Alliance Samfylkingin as its junior partner to govern Reykjav k.As mayor, J n has been a source of amusement and shock He also protested the Chinese government s treatment of human rights activist Liu Xiaobo He has stated that the importance of the EU is highly over rated On October 30, 2013, J n Gnarr announced that he would not seek a second term in office when his first term expired in June 2014.Since leaving office, Gnarr has campaigned for Iceland to abandon its laws requiring citizens to have traditional Icelandic names Gnarr also authored a book entitled