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[ Read Online Pokémon Adventures Ð military-history PDF ] by Hidenori Kusaka Í This is the only Pokemon Adventures series that I couldn t get into Gen 4 my second least favorite to begin with, but these characters just seemed so muchof a joke than the ones from Adventures, Gold and Silver, Ruby and Sapphire, etc I couldn t continue this iteration of the series I moved on to Unova.
For the first itteration of the Diamond and Pearl Adventures, its really good You follow 3 trainers, Diamond, Pearl, and a mysterious girl which i will not reveal her name Diamond and Pearl have been friends for a very long time and want to be a comedy duo The mystery Girl is Royalty and is now going off on her Pokemon adventure Diamond and Pearl call the mystery girl Lady because a Pokemon they own calls her that This first version sends you off into the world of Pokemon with these 3 helpful trainers to guide you on their quest for Pokemon, Battles, and Evil.
Diamond and Pearl are such goofballs, I love it Also, Platinum is 3.
My brother s love Pokemon, and picked this us from the library So I decided to try it, even though I really have no interest in Pokemon stuff, except the Platinum Nintendo DS game.
It s just plain stupid and sickening A bunch of baloney I stopped reading after page 107, at the beginning chapter five.
Who could love a dumb manga series like this I was so tired of PearlSeriously no need to punch Diamond This scene similarly appeared so many times screamsPearl Now act stupid so I can hit you Diamond What Pearl And put down that snack Diamond Huh smack This book was a joke and I just couldn t finish it I read one other Pokemon book before and I enjoyed it waythan this one This was probably the last time I ll ever try a Pokemon book at least for now.
I m just disappointed that this book wasn t as good as the DS game.
Not recommended.
Almost done the Diamond Pearl Platinum arc on Volume 11 out of the 11 volumes , and this is the worst of the Pokemon Adventures sagas so far I ve read RBY GSC RSE so far The characters have the least surprises and strike me as the least interesting and skilled compared to people like Ruby Emerald Red etc Its a huge disappointment.
5 5 We join a new trio of characters in the seventh chapter of Pokemon Adventures Diamond, Pearl and Lady This one was very fun to read, as the new trio are very energetic, and a mix up thaws our heroes into an adventure After she sets out to Mt Coronet in the Sinnoh Region, Lady Berlitz gets body guards to join her, but a mix up has Diamond and Pearl join her instead, and the best part is that no one in this volume discovers the error This is all very funny to me Also, a mysterious new evil team is briefly introduced Very fun read.
All Your Favorite Pok Mon Game Characters Jump Out Of The Screen Into The Pages Of This Action Packed Manga Pok Mon Trainers Pearl And Diamond Are Starstruck Their Lifelong Dream Is To Floor An Audience With Their Pok Mon Comedy Act So How Do They Wind Up As Bodyguards To A Pampered Little Rich Girl On A Quest To Reach The Peak Of Mt Coronet Come Along And Join The Thrills And Laughs As Pok Mon Adventures Continues I loved this one The concept is unique and yet so bizarre, and I was laughing a lot I love the incorporation of different personalities to each of the different Pok mon protagonists in this series, and the trio of Dia, Pearl, and Lady is no exception Though I still like Rubyso far, Dia is adorable and a bit too relatable, hehe.
These dex holders will never fail to amuse me I already loved pearl from the games and here he was perfectly up to the expectations What to say about Diamond I did not expect him to be such a goofball and the two together are just explosive This new adventure really is promising.
This is such a great start for a new story Omg Diamond is just the most adorable character in this whole series He is so precious Omg I like pearl too but diamond is definitely my favorite so far I m not so shore about how I feel about Lady yet She might grow on me like Ruby did.

Created the Pokemon Adventures series.Also made a Pokemon Rangers Almia manga It is based on the game Pokemon Rangers, Shadows of AlmiaAlso known as