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º Read Æ Gemini Bites by Patrick Ryan Æ When I started the book I wasn t sure I d finish it The story gets better as you read, but it s definitely not on my must reads suggestion list It s a fast and flirty read with enjoyable dialogue Though the characters are somewhat lacking in dimension, I enjoy the blatant talk of sex.
The best part of this novel are the parents, imho, who are incredibly supportive and respectful of their children s growth and privacy Favorite quote from the novel Then he asked, How can you be all religious and still be such a monster History is filled with religious monsters In our family, competition is the rule It has to be.
If dinner is pork chops and there are nine pork chops on the serving plate, one of them, according to physics, is the smallest but it isn t the smallest kid who gets it it s the slowest On Christmas Day, it isn t the most well behaved kid who gets the best presents it s the one who s been the loudest about what he or she wants in the months leading up to the holiday And Monster was the worst of all especially when it came to competing with me Judy and Kyle are twins, and are not particularly fond of each other They ve had a rivalry going ever since their parents reunited, after a brief separation But in their household, with nine family members, their bickering sometimes gets lost in the shuffle Kyle refers to Judy a Everything about this book was charming and quirky, except for Judy Ugh, it has been a while since I met such an unlikable character.
This is actually of a 3.
5 star book, but since there is sadly no option for that and I rated several similar books that I enjoyed less 3 stars, I m going with 4 stars I think if this had around 50 pages of character growth and relationship development, I d have given the 4 stars without a second thought This book is very short I read it in less than half a day.
This is a character driven story and their development and relationship chaos is the plot The story is told from two POVs two first person narrators who are twins A boy and a girl.
Kyle is probably the best developed and most sympathetic character in the book He s funny, he s awkward and he is nice He s the exact opposite of his sister Judy, who is mean, thinks everyone else is dumb and constantly insults her brother, using his gayness to make up creative insults It Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant.
I ve rewritten this review a dozen times and only been able to keep that one word brilliant Ryan is a genius writing from both a male and a female perspective as the twins navigate the murky emotional waters of high school relationships The characters, whether they are featured or merely secondary, are richly realized and read as absolutely authentic and endearingly flawed Including, thank all the gods, some gay characters plural who are neither distressed about it nor deployed as convenient flamboyant sidekicks to dispense fashion advice and fairy godmothering Normal teen boys who are gay and have other things to worry about Hallelujah I happened upon an Advanced Reader Copy of this book in my library s donation bin travesty I intend to buy my own copy in March and in the meantime, this ARC is winging its way back

The only problem I had with this book is that there are too many people There are seven Renneker siblings, too many to easily keep track of, especially when they don t add anything to the story Trisha, as the youngest at four, does not add much to the story Dexter and Tommy seem almost interchangeable as the older brothers, and Dawn and Suzie are both younger sisters, again nearly interchangeable But it is because they don t add much to the story that it is easy to ignore them Especially as the story focuses on the twins, Judy and Kyle.
And Garret.
Judy and Kyle used to be close, as most twins are But when their parents went through a trial separation ultimately resulting in a renewal of their vows and their three younger sisters something changed and now Judy seems to despise Kyle It s been over six years, and eventually so t was the copy on the back of the ARC for Gemini Bites by Patrick Ryan that initially convinced me this was a book I wanted to read Boy Girl Vampire Gay Straight Twisexual Prepare to be seduced.
But what I found inside these pages was less about whether or not mysterious loner Garrett was really a vampire and about the relationship between a brother and sister during their tumultuous teenage years And this is a very good thing.
Because as much as I love a good vampire story and I really do , I was charmed by the surprise focus on this pair of siblings Not only was it a fresh approach in general, but it resonated with me personally, having gone through some tumultuous times with my own brother over the last few years.
Gemini Bites alternates chapters between fraternal twins Judy and Kyle who have had a rocky relationship over the last few years, much of which has been spent in This book was fantastic Couldn t stop reading it Of course, I dreaded reading Judy s POV but as the book progressed she really grew into a character that s actually likable I love Kyle He s was a very charismatic character and I was always anxious to dread his chapter The only problem I have with the book was the title Gemini Bites I get bites was for Garret pretending to be a vampire not much vampire in the book , and gemini is for twins, but this book has only like one sentence to do with horoscopes Other than that I had to cover my face with a pillow the whole time to keep from exploding into laughter This book was insane plus I totally recommend Overall, a cute, funny, not so serious story about two siblings fighting for a mysterious guy who might have supernatural abilities Here s a quote I liked I stared out at the dark orange field surrounding us, and my heart was in my ears now, whump, whump, whump, and I had this totally moronic sequence of thoughts Something gay is about to happen here This spot will forever be the place where you had your first gay encounter People will live here one day, in a nice big house, and never know they re living on a sacred ground of gayness Judy and Kyle Renneker, sixteen year old fraternal twins in a family of nine, have competed with one another throughout their lives Judy has always been a jerk, and her latest scheme involves seducing an attractive One Of The Strangest And Funniest Love Triangles Ever To Hit YA Fiction, When A Pair Of Twins One Boy, One Girl Both Fall For The Boy Who Moves In With Them Who May Or May Not Be A VampireJudy And Kyle Renneker Are Sixteen Year Old Fraternal Twins In A Rambling Family Of Nine They Have A Prickly History With Each Other And Are, At Least From Judy S Perspective, Constantly In Fierce Competition Kyle Has Recently Come Out Of The Closet To His Family And Feels He Might Never Know What It S Like To Date A Guy Judy, Who Has A History Of Pretending To Be Something She Isn T In Order To Get What She Wants, Is Pretending To Be Born Again In Order To Land A Boyfriend Who Heads His Own Bible Study

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