↠´ A Solitary Heart á Download by Ó Amanda Carpenter

↠´ A Solitary Heart á Download by Ó Amanda Carpenter My Brother Is Not The Man For You When Dark And Dangerous Matt Severn Threatened Retribution If Sian Continued To See His Brother, She Wasn T Looking For Romance She Had Only Ever Thought Of Joshua As A Friend, But Soon Decided That Arrogant Matt Needed Teaching A LessonUnfortunately, Sian Hadn T Taken Her Own Feelings Into Account And Suddenly She Was Passionately In Love With A Man Who Believed In Happy Ever After Sian Wasn T A Gambler Like Her Father, But Could She Now Afford To Play Her Last Card And Take A Chance On Love For those who may not know, Amanda Carpenter is the pen name that Thea Harrison used in the beginning of her career This was her ninth Harlequin, her first being published when she was nineteen I ve become very familiar with Thea s writing style and quirks over the last year and a half, and I can pick out the seeds that will eventually blossom into the talent that created Dragon Bound Going by this book, however, you d think Amanda Carpenter never met an adjective she didn t like The main characters are well developed, the secondaries not so much, although this could be due to the format restrictions Sian had a little bit of Serpent s Kiss s Carling in her, but she reminded me very strongly of, and this isn t a bad thing, Rarity from the television cartoon My Little Pony I wonder if Amanda Carpenter and Anne N Reisser are the same person If they are not, then I would say these are two writers whose style is eerily similar Imho, their weaknesses lie in overly wordy, implausibly intricate dialogue, and eye rolling lavender prose Their strengths lie in deep characterization and intense tension, rather than a fast moving but shallow plot If you are a fan of elegant, thoughtful writing, you won t mind this book, but others may very validly find it kind of boring and repetitive I am kind of on the fence It was okay may not be a ringing endorsement but that is the best I can do in this case view spoiler Story starts off with an Old Skool bang Arrogant, misinformed hero warns the allegedly tarty heroine off his younger, gullible brother Heroine dumps a plate of potato salad and her gla

Re A Solitary Heart Amanda Carpenter s penultimate HP is another one of her intense, lyrically adjective laden, slow burn punctuated with intense explosions kinda romances.
The story starts with the 21 yr old Sian, Welsh for Jane , hosting a combination graduation, birthday, end of the college year, Memorial day party with her BFF The h is a practical, cool, tall dark Celt She comes from an unusual background of weary world traveler as her father is one of the best gamblers in the world and until she went to boarding school, took her with him after her mum died So the h has seen a lot of places and met a LOT of different people, she has a natural gift of Irish and Welsh charm and can fit in almost anywhere, but really seekritly wants her own home where her heart can nest The h loves her father, but she has some lingering resentment for him not ever being able to put his card games asid Older brother warns off the heroine from his younger brother and finds himself falling for her himself The heroine in this one was great spirited, thoughtful, and honest about her shortcomings She is vulnerable because her dad was a high stakes gambler and parked her in boarding school when she was young She s yearned security and consistency ever since She s considering a passionless marriage of convenience when she meets the hero at her birthday graduation party.
Hero s true love died at a young age, yet he still believes in love and passion He is attracted from the beginning, but when he and the heroine rescue a boy from a tree, his words and actions scream eternal love So his last minute distrust for the black moment really didn t ring true Luckily the first act is so strong that I could still believe in their HEA after a boring middle and an unnecessary b

Thea Harrison resides in northern California She wrote her first book, a romance, when she was nineteen and had sixteen romances published under the name Amanda Carpenter.She took a break from writing to collect a couple of graduate degrees and a grown child Her graduate degrees are in Philanthropic Studies and Library Information Science, but her first love has always been writing fiction She s back with her paranormal Elder Races series under the pseudonym