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Ñ Read Ë Thinking on Purpose for Project Managers by Bill Richardson Ë When You Re Facing Down A Lion On The Open Savannah, Automatic Reactions Hardwired Into Your System Through Eons Of Evolution Can Save Your Life However, When You Re Trying To Impress The CEO Across A Boardroom Table, Those Same Responses Can Cost You Big Time So, How Do You Overcome Your Automatic Reactions, Retrain Your Brain, And Outsmart Evolution By Learning And Using The Techniques Revealed In Thinking on Purpose for Project Managers Outsmarting Evolution This Book Will Teach You How Evolution Has Hardwired Your Brain To Think On Autopilot, Using Mindsets You Don T Know About To Make Decisions You Don T Control How Thinking On Autopilot Affects Your Performance Results And Ultimately Your Professional Impact How To Identify And Navigate Around The Mindfields Of Biases, Emotions, And Habits That Cause These Problems The Five Step Thinking On Purpose Process That Can Help You Take Control Of Your Thinking By Learning When To Reset Versus Repeat A Set Of Tools That Can Help You Structure Your Thinking For Better Clarity And Creativity How To Transform Your Team By Helping Them Learn To Think On Purpose And Create The Mindset That There Is No Problem Or Adversity They Cannot Solve

Bill Richardson is an internationally renowned Project Manager Coach and Speaker who teaches professionals to discover their true potential and achieve their personal and professional goals Through his work, he has helped hundreds of individuals, teams, communities and organizations revitalize and re envision their companies project management strategies and create streamlined processes that con