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[ Pdf Maharani ☆ regency PDF ] by Diwan Jarmani Dass ☆ The extravaganza of Indian Royalty during the British Raj Diwan Jarmani Dass was a minister in the state of Karputhala and Patiala and traveled widely in India and Europe He played into the hands of the British Empire who used Indian intellectuals in the administration of the British Colony In exchange he had numerous opportunities to travel to Europe, and be close with British aristocracy and have numerous European friends It worked both ways for the British and also individuals like Jarmani Dass He got to enjoy the riches in the company of very adorable females in the Western World At the same time he was also the witness to the opulent and sensual life styles of the members of Indian royal families Their lives were morally and spiritually corrupt, and they demonstrated it very well There are 48 chapters, some b hnb

I bought this book hoping to read adventures of the Maharanis But what I came across was extremely judgmental and chauvinistic narrative by a man who thought the world of himself and men and mainly regarded as creatures of pleasure and those born to take care of the men After reading a few pages, even though it was apparent that this book was apalling, i still decided to give it a chance My bad 1 3rd way through the book, i realized what a waste of time and mind it was A Sequel To The Bestseller Maharaja A Rare Treasure Of True Stories That Offer A Deep Insight Into The Glamorous And Sensuous Lives Of The Indian And European Maharanis Of India Intriguing As Well As Valuable Maharani Is At Once A Historical Romance And A Sociological Document, As It Vividly Recounts A Bygone Era, An Era Perhaps Never To Return Again The Author Served Indian Maharajas For Over Years Accompanying Them On Their Amorous Trips To Private Retreats In India And Abroad He Brilliantly Recounts The Extraordinary Lives Of The Maharanis Of The Richest Men The World Has Ever Seen

Diwan Jarmani Dass born in Punjab in 1895, was a minister in the Indian princely states of Kapurthala and Patiala.Articulate in Punjabi, Urdu, English and French, he was highly decorated by the Vatican and the Governments of France, Spain, Morocco, Egypt and many other countries He was also decorated by the Rulers of Kapurthala, Patiala and Bhawalpur States.