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Download Epub Format ✓ Return to the Little Kingdom PDF by ☆ Michael Moritz In , The Little Kingdom The Private Story Of Apple Computer Told The Story Of Apple S First Decade Alongside The Histories Of Steve Jobs And Steve Wozniak Now, Completely Revised And Expanded, Return to the Little Kingdom Is The Definitive Biography Of Apple And Its Founders From The Very Beginning Moritz Brings Readers Inside The Childhood Homes Of Jobs And Wozniak And Records How They Dropped Out Of College And Founded Apple In He Follows The Fortunes Of The Company Through The Mid S, And In New Material, Tracks The Development Of Apple To The Present And Offers An Insider S Profile Of Jobs, Whose Genius Made Apple The Powerhouse It Is Today Required Reading For Everyone Who S Ever Listened To Music On An IPod, Return to the Little Kingdom Is Timely And Thorough, And The Only Book That Explains How Steve Jobs Founded The Company That Changed Our World I enjoyed the book but I was genuinely disappointed with it The book was originally written in the mid 80 s and an Epilogue added a few years ago The title is almost a total misnomer It is not a biography of Steve Jobs, it is mostly about Apple s early life until the sacking of Jobs It deals little or nothing with how it changed the world The epilogue, of about 20 pages, vaguely tracks the interim without Jobs, and the return of Jobs and his impact in a cursory way I was given the book as a gift, and I expected that at least 50% would be focussed on the Apple recovery The early years were very well covered but interspersed with nonsensical conversations from a modern era no dates given , and their accuracy questionable They gave a great view on the chaotic start, but also of the chaotic style of managem This book is a great revisit to the 70s for me Not many people know or even remember that Apple sold memory boards during the days of the Home Brew Club movement in now Silicon Valley first in the Byte Shop of Palo Alto and I was the person who sold them I went to Jobs family garage and picked them up and occasionally experienced Jobs and Woz do their relationship thing at times not a pretty sight when I had orders all part of the emerging small computer world of the 70s I keep to myself my personal opinion of the now famous and infamous Jobs but just know I didn t end up one of the first millionaires out of the deal If you want a great history of Apple, and the early days of a computer for everyone , very well written by the way, you ll like this book.

The Magic of the Little Kingdom, Steve Jobs, and Apple reminds one an awful lot of Walt Disney It is no coincidence then that Steve Jobs went on to become the largest shareholder in Disney through their purchase of Pixar The traits and story inevitably lead both men to Magic and Kingdoms.
This is the best of the myriad books on Apple and Jobs, chronicling the early days of the company Michael Moritz has a distinct view as a reporter and future leader of Sequoia in seeing the business from an early vantage point that is deeply rooted in an entrepreneurial mindset.
If you are looking for a deeper understanding of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, The LIttle Kingdom offers greater color and perspective than the highly polished personas that we now associated with black turtlenecks and fuzzy bears In the early days Woz was s Um livro que tr s sentimentos saudosistas para aqueles que viveram na d cada de 70 80 Conta a hist ria do surgimento da Apple com muitos detalhes e Steve Jobs n o o protagonista O livro enfatiza os bastidores, intrigas, problemas pessoais e caracteriza bem cada um dos grandes nomes da empresa N o tenho capacidade de dizer se todas as informa es contidas no livro s o 100% ver dicas e imparciais, mas ainda assim um prato cheio para aqueles que querem conhecer com mais detalhes a Apple at a d cada de 90.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Return to the Little Kingdom book, this is one of the most wanted Michael Moritz author readers around the world.