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Trailer ☆ Initiate's Trial PDF by â Janny Wurts The First Book In The Fourth Arc, Sword Of The Canon, Finds Arithon And Lysaer On An Unstoppable Path Toward Direct ConflictHalf Brothers Arithon And Lysaer Were Laid Under A Curse Of Lifelong Enmity When They Defeated The Mistwraith And Freed The World Of Athera Now Arithon Has Been Magically Imprisoned And His Memories Have Been Removed Meanwhile His Daughter Is Being Raised And Trained By His Enemy, The Koriani Enchantress, But When She Eventually Learns Of Her Father S Existence, She Chooses Her Own Destruction To Secure His Freedom Still Ruled By The Mistwraith S Curse, Lysaer Will Stop At Nothing To Find And Destroy The Newly Freed Arithon 4.
5 stars First things first Initiate s Trial is the ninth book in the Wars of Light and Shadow series by Janny Wurts I ve tried to avoid spoilers in this review, but if you haven t read the earlier books in the series and want to enter into it without any preconceived notions, you may want to skip this review and instead check out the one I wrote about series opener The Curse of the Mistwraith here Short summary it s brilliant, and any fantasy fan who enjoys intellectually and emotionally challenging novels should read this series Initiate s Trial may be the ninth book in this series, but it s also the first book in a new arc, meaning the start of a new subchapter within the larger series In addition, for the first time Janny Wurts has allowed a significant amount of time to pass between the ending of the previous book and the beg I roared along the book and my spontaneous comment after the final sequence was OMG read this one Heartfelt advice if you ve read Stormed Fortress, do not miss this first book of the Sword of the Canon Arc I m very happy I read this gripping installment straightaway, Initiate s Trial shifts gears but not the pace, which increases, again, and what sets the stage is the very ending of the previous book, particularly all the things that emerge in the final chapters Another round of applause to the author, I was surprised yet again and it wasn t easy, after the awesome Alliance of Light Arc, to write something equally powerful and continuing the story with originality and sensation The approach is pretty intense, and daring, because the tale is not done in linear time It was not easy to accept it at first, considering how I loved the story and the characters, but then I just immersed into Initiate s Trial Janny Wurts Possible spoilers if you ve read the series but I don t really give anything away One of my rare book reviews Rare becauseoften than not I read for pure pleasure and I also, to my bane, do not have a retentive memory no matter how much I train it to behave.
In other words, I don t do reviews of any great depth Usually So why would I do one this time Because I seriously feel that this is one of the best fantasy series I have ever read, and like anyone when they find something to be passionate about, they want to share the joy.
Why The Wars of Light and Shadows and not the Wheel of Time or a Game of Thrones , or even The Lord of the Rings They all have their merits, they all have their memorable characters and they all have great settings But for me, the depth of The Wars of Light a An excellent continuation of The Wars of Light and Shadow series The events of the book push exciting development in existing characters including some I had previously not cared for, and now like , and introduce people who have already become new favorites Janny Wurts latest book is as well written as ever, and I found myself promising just onechapter until long past when I should have been abed I eagerly await the next installment.
I realized while talking to a friend that I ve been reading this series for 17 years, and while I ve outgrown most of the series that I read as a child, this one reveals new depths as I grow older This is the ninth book in the series overall, but the beginning of a new arc in the storyline, and begins nearly 250 years after the end of book eight.
As always, Janny Wurts s prose is eloquent and her italics lethal I ve never known a series to rip apart my heart like this one does and yet I keep coming back forbecause it s so beautiful After four years teaching ESL at a beginner level, I actually physically teared up when I started reading this book because there were Words All of the width and breadth of expression in the English language forcing my rusty brain into action once .
As for the plot itself, I m enjoying the introduction of Daliana and Janny Wurts s latest novel in the WARS OF LIGHT AND SHADOW, Initiate s Trial, is another rock solid installment in what has become one of my favorite series Janny s use of the English language, her ability to sculpt characters with concepts and characteristics that make them live and her continuing commitment to solid storytelling make her work some of the best ever Initiate s Trial is a perfect example of why her books are always worth the wait.
As often happens in a series, there are elements of the plot that have happened in between books In this case, Arithon has been placed under the custody of the Koriathian Sisterhood, loathsome spiders, to continue the process of freeing Athera from the lasting threat of the Mistwraith Janny does a superlative job of not just describing the process that it takes to do this, but also how the lingering effects of When I finished the previous book, and with that Wurts longest arc in this series, I thought maybe the creeping progress the series had been making might speed up I never imagined that she would do the unthinkable and go backwards, but that is exactly what this book felt like Time wise, this book moved forward, in fact it leapt forward 250 years, to my stunned dismay No worries, for now is apparently the time to start bringing back the essences of past characters, creating the unique experience of new characters who are yet old But that s not really what prompted me to say we ve gone backwards What has is that the main character has no memories at the start and barelyat the end If the eight previous books hadn t been enough to prove Arithon s true character to us, I don t know what can, but I guess Wurts wants to hammer it home anyway All I can say is tha 8 26 14 Man I wishpeople would read this series The tour de force of Stormed Fortress is a hard act to follow, but, as usual, Janny Wurts is up to the job It s 250 years in the future, Arithon is a prisoner of the Koriani, betrayed by a clansman who was one of the Companions which event is foreshadowed in Stormed Fortress and Traitor s Knot Prime Selidie is determined to break the compact the F7 made with the dragons in the Second Age and will go to any lengths to do so Elaira is now a rebel and travels to visit the Biedar in a bid to help her best beloved Lysaer has gotten better at fighting the curse, but is having a mighty struggle of it Asandir enlists the help of Daliana, a descendent of Sulfin Evend, to try to shelter him.
New characters abound, and the shades of old ones emerge Dakar is grown up, now a skilled mage in his own right, but still funny as hell.
A rousing go Brilliant, as usual At this point its hard to expect anything else from this series.
Unlike the other books, I read this one after a bit of a break The first thing I noticed coming back to the series was how easy it is to get absorbed in this The writing is dense, lyrical and descriptive, as this is proper epic fantasy, yet its so easy to follow character interactions and imagine the scenes as you re reading them.
I m not sure how to write a review for this series Its honestly beyond my scope there s far too much to try and condense into a pitch, even You know how you get invested in series With the best kind Where you worry about the characters and the world and the problems Janny has an incredible way of writing chara

Janny Wurts is the author of War of Light and Shadow series, and To Ride Hell s Chasm Her eighteen published titles include a trilogy in audio, a short story collection, as well as the internationally best selling Empire trilogy, co authored with Raymond E Feist, with works translated into fifteen languages worldwide Her latest title in the Wars of Light and Shadow series, Destiny s Conflict, c