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[ Pdf The Queen of Subtleties: A Novel of Anne Boleyn ✓ kenya PDF ] by Suzannah Dunn º The Queen of Subtleties, which I persistently misspell, is a novel about Anne Boleyn and her rise and fall in Henry VIII s court, as told through a letter Anne is writing to her daughter and I guess the first person testimony of Henry s chief confectioner, Lucy Cornwallis I picked it up because Dunn just had another book come out, The May Bride, about Jane Seymour, and I saw this and The Confessions of Katherine Howard and picked them both up while I was at it This book is okay The story is quite well told, and I did somewhat like Dunn s take on Anne, a straightforward and not dissembling woman in a court of sneaky people Anne enjoys the company of men than women, and seems to genuinely like if not love Henry She is also calculating, manipulative, and cynical I do feel that Dunn missed another dimension of Anne s character, the deeply religious and fervent woman, and of course Dunn I ll just come out of the closet unlike the, uhm, apparently 90% of the people who read this book, I liked it The novel follows, in parallel, the story of Anne Boleyn and that of Lucy Cornwallis, the court s confectioner, so basically a kitchen employee The chapters are written by Anne and Lucy s POVs alternately, and in contrast to nearly every piece of historical fiction you ll ever read the two aren t friends actually they never have any exchange Lucy simply makes pastries for Anne and the court to eat The only trait d union between the two is Mark Smeaton, who knows both, and that s about it Lucy is s witness to Anne s time and merely provides a different point of view Two interesting things first off, Lucy isn Anne Boleyn And Lucy Cornwallis Queen Andconfectioner, Fatefully Linked In A Court Rife With Intrigue And TreacheryShe Was The Dark Eyed English Beauty Who Captivated King Henry VIII, Only To Die At His Behest Three Years After They Were Married She Was Both Manipulator And Pawn, A Complex, Misunderstood M Lange Of Subtlety And Fire Her Name Was Anne BoleynIn The Queen Of Subtleties, Suzannah Dunn Reimagines The Rise And Fall Of The Tragic Queen Through Two Alternating Voices That Of Anne Herself, Who Is Penning A Letter To Her Young Daughter On The Eve Of Her Execution, And Lucy Cornwallis, The King S Confectioner An Employee Of The Highest Status, Lucy Is Responsible For Creating The Sculpted Sugar Centerpieces That Adorn Each Of The Feasts Marking Anne S Ascent In The King S Favor They Also Share Another Link Of Which Neither Woman Is Aware The Lovely Mark Smeaton, Wunderkind Musician The Innocent On Whom, Ultimately, Anne S Downfall Hinges RUN RUN FAST Is there a way to give negative stars Less than one This was one of the WORST things I ve ever read Ludicrous, poorly written, and full of modern slang and phraseology Yuck, yuck, yuck I picked this up in the local thrift store, and it will be heading back there just as quickly as it came home After my seemingly bad run of luck with books recently, I was hoping that an historical piece of fiction might help break the dam it was not going to happen with this book and, to be honest I didn t finish it either.
I had many issues with the book as far as I read The character of Anne Boleyn was rather insulting when compared to what is known of her from historical documents In this interpretation of her character she is portrayed as being the innocent pawn of her Families ambitions to rise higher within the Tudor Court, rather than the driven and confident woman that readers are used to As one of the narrators of the book, the language she uses is far too modern for the time period in which it is set, and this was the reason for my not finis 2.
qu decir regular para m de no ser porque pesqu algunos hechos hist ricos previos me habr a resultado m s pesado, de por s lo sent tedioso Es de esos libros a los que debes prestarle una atenci n absoluta para ir siguiendo el hilo de todo lo que acontece, sobre todo porque f cilmente hay una intercalaci n de los puntos de vista de Lucy y de Ana Bolena Adem s, todo es contado para su hija, Isabel, como un recordatorio de lo que fue su historia antes de llegar ella al mundo No ser un libro tan trascendental, y cr anme que una vez pasen d as o semanas muy seguramente se me borren los personajes secundarios con trabajo me acordar de los de ana y lucy jajaja.
A n as no la sent tan atrayente ni me gener tanta fuerza en l La verdad es que es un libro con el que no pude conectar, es m s historia que otra cosa Y no soy muy fan tica de la historia de la realeza.
Se me hizo lento y pesado, y me gusto poco y nada

I picked this novel up at the Lifeline Bookfest for 4 I did not get value for money.
Let me begin by saying that I enjoy all types of historical fiction I have room in my bookshelf for cerebral lit like Wolf Hall, the narrative styling of Jean Plaidy, and the historically playful ha works of Philippa Gregory I do not judge a book for playing with history, for invention for the sake of enjoyment.
This is just a bad book.
The idea was so promising, a novel about a character in history with an interesting profession Confectioner I wondered, how did a woman get that job What went into making each wonderful confection What was her relationship if any to the greats of the day This book only answered one of these questions, and answered it poorly.
First, Lucy is a character with little depth and less backstory Not all books need to be Wolf Hall in terms of showing the everyday work of a cha The first thing that struck me about The Queen of Subtleties was the distinctly modern tone Not a glaring issue, it nonetheless just didn t feel quite right Of course all historical fiction novels are translations into modern language no one expects a Tudor novel to be written in Shakespeare s English, or a Roman novel to be written in Latin but there are certain unspoken rules, such as avoiding using idioms or slang that is characteristic of later eras It s not a big issue here, let me stress that Dunn doesn t have Henry VIII talking about electricity or Wolsey saying innit But she does have Anne Boleyn telling Henry you should stop giving me presents and it s not you, it s me , and that just felt too modern I agr I ll be honest I didn t finish this book I didn t even get halfway through it, actually, so maybe something really surprising and interesting happened at the end I have no idea, but I don t really care.
My main problem with this book was that the author attempted to paint Anne Boleyn as a good person who was just an innocent victim of her family s ambitions Bullshit Yeah, Anne s family was ambitious, but there s only so much a person can be forced to do Anne was an intelligent, driven, confident bitch, and she knew exactly what she was doing every second of every day, and Henry was putty in her crafty little hands In this book, however, Henry falls in love with Anne all by himself, and she actually ignores him and not because she s being coy, either The story has two narrators Anne, and the king s confectionary cook, for some odd reason I think I stopped reading the book s

Suzannah Dunn was born in London, and grew up in the village of Northaw in Hertfordshire for Tudor fans Northaw Manor was the first married home of Bess Hardwick, in the late 1540s Having lived in Brighton for nineteen years, she now lives in Shropshire Her novel about Anne Boleyn The Queen of Subtleties was followed by The Sixth Wife, on Katherine Parr, and The Queen s Sorrow, set during