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[Michael Moorcock] å The Ice Schooner [gothic-revival PDF] Ebook Epub Download å 5 star story, 1 star ending This is a book that could have been deeply developed, both from a character standpoint and a plot standpoint Loved the futuristic world that was created in the midst of a new ice age, where humans still cling to life in communities on the ice sheets With a dim knowledge of the past height of humanity, they adapt and use old technology to their ways, often with an incomplete understanding of how it works Moorcock really brings this new land and its traditions to life.
The story takes Konrad Arflane on a mysterious quest to New York from the giant ice plateau of Matto Grasso He is a captain who is down on his luck that saves a half dead nobleman from a rival city out on the ice And so begins his quest.
The plot itself moves quickly, so quickly in fact that characters will be introduced and then killed off in the span of twenty pages, making it difficult to real A five star three star book, if you know what I mean In the classic tradition of the fun, competently written 70,000 word SFF novel Moorcock probably wrote this in a week or less, and it s still tons of fun to read.
Ice Odyssey The World Lay Frozen Under A Thousand Feet Of Ice And Only In The Eight Cities Of The Matto Grosso Did Men Still Live, Hunting The Wary Ice Whales For Meat And Oil, Following The Creed Of The Ice Mother Which Foretold The End Of All Life In Ultimate ColdBut Legend Told Of A City Far To The North Fabled New York Whose Towers Rose Above The Ice, Whose Crypts Held The Forgotten Lore That Might Bring Warmth To Earth Once AgainAnd, In The Best Ice Ship In The Eight Cities, Konrad Arflane Embarked On The Impossible Voyage To New York An Odyssey Of Incredible Peril And Adventurewith A Shattering Discovery At Journey S End Hard to not be impressed with someone that wrote some Hawkwind lyrics The only Moorcock I ever read though Recall thinking it was pretty good all those years ago Never read any, just moved on I suppose.
Muy entretenida pero le ha faltado algo Podr a haber quedado una historia muy chula pero hay algo que no me ha convencido demasiado Just as good as I remembered it Simple and effective.
Set in a time of a 3000 year ice age with humanity surviving Be prepared for spoilers at the start of the book.
A little heavy going at times but a fun adventure A surprisingly unusual ending for a Moorcock book.

Even when Moorcock writes science fiction, it still reads pretty much like fantasy, at least, that is the case in this book This is a post apocalyptic tale, although we don t discover that until the final couple of chapters.
This is not one of the best examples of his work, although it s certainly readable My copy of the book indicates to me that I purchased this as a schoolboy in the 70s, and read it then, but I doubt I have read it since then, until now, which is unusual, as most Moorcock series I have reread several times.
Michael Moorcock, The Ice Schooner Berkley, 1966 Michael Moorcock is a singularly prolific writer the number of novels and short stories that has flowed from the man s pen is almost unforgivable Over the course of the last twenty years, I ve read roughly a hundred of Moorcock s novels, maybe half again the same number of short stories So when I say that The Ice Schooner may be Moorcock s finest hour, take it with as much salt as necessary, given that I ve read such a small amount of his output.
The Ice Schooner is Moorcock s high fantasy retelling of Moby Dick, but without the two hundred odd page how to kill, skin, and eat a whale interruption in Melville s bloated tome Actually, it s not so much a retelling as was, say, Jane S

Michael John Moorcock is an English writer primarily of science fiction and fantasy who has also published a number of literary novels Moorcock has mentioned The Gods of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs, The Apple Cart by George Bernard Shaw and The Constable of St Nicholas by Edward Lester Arnold as the first three books which captured his imagination He became editor of Tarzan Adventures in 1956,