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Sebenarnya sederhana aja sih ceritanya, Catherine Anderson 19 tahun , dengan latar belakang keluarga miskin, masih virgin melakukan ONS dengan Clay Forrester 25 tahun mahasiswa sarjana hukum yg orangtuanya notabene kaya raya Ketika mengetahui anaknya hamil, Herb Anderson, ayah Cat yang bajingan dan pemabuk langsung berusaha memeras orangtua Clay.
Nah Cat malam itu juga diinterogasi oleh Clay yang merasa diperas oleh mereka berdua Namun Cat tanpa gentar dan berani mengakui dan bilang bahwa dia tidak butuh uang keluarga Forrester Namun sebaliknya orangtua Clay menginginkan Clay untuk melakukan tindakan yang benar.
Ya ternyata Clay masih punya nurani dan tanggung jawab, dia mau menikahi Cat dan perjanjian diantara mereka berd Foolish foolish people They both made their share of mistakes view spoiler I disliked the h quite intensely for most of the book, even though the author explained away her emotional detachment quite fabulously She is a strong fair minded person but so cold and undemonstrative And she could be a mean and standoffish bitch when she got in the mood.
The poor H tried again and again but it was as good as butting his head against a mortar wall.
He was snobbish and selfish to begin with, but never a real d bag Coming from a loving secure home, he is a warm and charming person Living with the cold h who withheld both affection and sex for almost a year, I just couldn t blame him for finally giving up She tells him to Of course it was dated It is 30 years old Panty hose, ruffled shirts for men, cinnamon tuxedos, Charlie perfume LOL, but I did enjoy it Catherine annoyed me a bit but I suppose she had to stand her ground Clay Usually love an Ass but he was nice enough Loved his family Things have a way of becoming clearer with time It lends perspective Up yours, Clay Forrester Towards the end of the book I just wanted them to get over themselves and sort it all out Hearts and flowers You re just too good to be true.
I read this book when I was a teen and fell in love with the marriage of convenience trope A one night stand results in an unplanned pregnancy and Clay wants to do the right thing by marrying Catherine, even though really, they don t want to get married They hardly like each other But of course they grow closer and fall in love, etc.
So yeah Marriage of convenience, one night stand, oops a baby, we must live together and pretend to be in love, oops we re falling in love, yikes I don t wanna fall in loveplus an evil ex girlfriend and a rotten father this book has everything I love to read AND write about Just thinking about the book I can see how it influenced my writing over the years and it s been forever since I ve read it Warning it s totally immersed in the 80s with the fashion, lingo, etc But at its core is an am This is a story about a couple who marry temporarily for all the wrong reasons because of a pregnancy that developed from a one night stand Claire never grew up with love or affection but instead had a father who belittled her and called her horrible names Clay, on the other hand,not only grew up wealthy but with the most loving parents During their marriage Catherine has such a low self esteem because of the damage her father caused by his mistreatment Clay tries desperately to help her, show her affection and get affection in return but gets frustrated that Catherine keeps everything bottled inside What he doesn t know is that Catherine loves Clay but she can t give herself to him when Clay doesn t love her in return Unlike Clay, it s not easy for her to show affection.
I really wanted to give this book 5 stars but halfway through the book Clay made a few bad decisions

Darn I do remember this book, as soon as I began to read it I set it down and amended the earlier five stars to one I ll be perfectly clear I love LS s novels, not everyone of course but the majority of them but this one is definitely way down there view spoiler Clay s behaviour was in the major league A right SOB Abbreviated version Clay is forced to marry a cold fish he doesn t bother to find out why Catherine is the way she is , she s pregnant from their one night stand but that s okay his ex is too willing and waiting in the wings so he leaves Catherine to go find himself with his ex and suddenly Catherine is the ex saw that coming but gradually Clays relationship with his ex deteriorates saw that coming to and he begins to take notice of how Catherine has cha Oldie but goodie Excited to see if I love this as much the second time around This was so boring I nearly died I got to the last chapter and I just couldn t go on any What a waste of time 5 STARS He was sitting on a swivel stool this time, with his coat still on He had one foot propped on a rung of the opposite stool, an elbow leaning nonchalantly on the edge of the counter.
Her eyes were were drawn to his, to the level, unsmiling study in gray The silence hummed, enveloping her momentarily Then without moving a muscle, he said, You know what I want, Catherine For an oldie, this is a fantastic book that pulls the feels right out of you I know I sound like a broken record, but I love stories about unrequited love that gets, well.
requited The 80 s are the backdrop here, things like gathered shoulders on dresses with the infamous shoulder pads underneath, Charlie perfume, turned up collarsthe list goes on and on and I loved every single thing because even if The Wedding Of Clay Forrester And Catherine Anderson Was The Social Event Of The Season It Seemed Like A Page Out Of A Fairy Tale But Everything About It From The Formal Vows To The Magnificent Reception Was A Lie, Catherine Had Reluctantly Agreed To Clay S Marriage Of Convenience And The Only Thing That Could Threaten Their Arrangement Was The Unexpected Arrival Of Love

LaVyrle Spencer is an American best selling author of contemporary and historical romance novels She has successfully published a number of books, with several of them made into movies Twelve of her books have been New York Times bestsellers, and Spencer was inducted into the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame in 1988 Spencer is known for creating realistic characters and stories that focu