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☆ Read ☆ My Abandonment by Peter Rock à spoiler alert I found this retelling of an actual event where a girl was found living with her dad in Forest Park in Portland really compelling until the last 50 pages or so, when the main character, a young girl who was explained with such compassion throughout the first 3 4 of the books, starts acting completely out of character Throughout the book, we re reminded that she s a self sufficient, highly intelligent 13 year old Then there s a scene where she runs into a fellow homeless peer, who tells her a horrific story of the girls make shift family being fried alive trying to siphon some electricity from a transformer A couple of pages later, when her dad goes off the rails and spirits her into the mountains outside Bend, they hide out in a yurt with some transients that are clearly is siphoning electri A compelling and thought provoking book I live in Portland so I was familiar with the setting in Forest Park the city I was also familiar with the true story behind this novel A father daughter spent four years living in Forest Park in a shelter the father built He home schooled the daughter using his own knowledge a set of encyclopedias The father was a veteran had a small military pension, so they were able to go into the city buy groceries, clothing as needed, go to the library They used a nearby creek for washing grew vegetables When they were found living there, the girl, age 12 13, tested far above average academically.
Peter Rock s book is based on their story takes off from there Caroline is the narrator, though I ve read some criticism of Rock s writing in this regard, I thought it was very well don I have mixed feelings about this book It was a fast, thought provoking read but it left me with many unanswered questions, particulary since it was based on a true case The beginning of the book seemed to include many facts that had been published in news articles, but the ending was Peter Rock s fictional version I found some of this not to fit the characters The reference to Elizabeth Smart in the Acknowledgments was disturbing to me.
Let me start with the following I am so freaking confused by this book.
When I read the back of the book, I knew it was about a father and his 13 year old kid and they re trucking around all of Portland and living in the woods and all that That much is true And before I attempted to really get into the book I did some research on here and found that mostly it was well liked, and the ones that weren t well liked, well, didn t give enough reason for me to be completely turned off.
My issues aren t that it s not well written It s written just fine I guess my issue is that it s very bland I went and did this And then I did this And then I turned the corner, making sure I was away from Father It s very dry I never get into the mind of this character the book is through the daughte Spare prose and an intriguing narrative with a narrator whose view of the world has been skewed by her unusual experiences with Father, living in a cave in the forest park in Portland as well as the streets and condemned hotels of the city Caroline s judgment is clouded by her love for Father and her need to continue their routines and follow his lead.
SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT The fact that Caroline wasn t who she had made herself believe she was kidnapped at 10 from her foster family was, not a huge surprise, but somewhat of a surprise as the narrative was steering me towards thinking her father was paranoid schizophrenic which would explain why he always thought people were watching him The whole psychology that Caroline has bought into in order to live her life the way Father has con

Even though I have alredy sent this, I am updating for my Best of 2009 list, and this review goes along with Jennie Shortridge s WHEN SHE FLEW Both of these are based on the true story of the father and pre teen daughter who lived off the grid in Portland s Forest Park for four years but each author treats the story a little differently Rock s story is told in an almost surreal and disassociated manner and Shortridge delivers of an emotional punch Both are interesting and would be great for book groups.
If you want to read of what I previously wrote Update Again, I really wish they had.
5 stars because this really does fall in between 4 and 5 stars.
In 2004 a man and his 12 year old daughter were found living in Portland s Forest Park and had been do When I read the blurb for this book, I couldn t wait to read it Totally my kind of story, mixing human relationships against the backdrop of nature And it didn t disappoint in fact, it exceeded expectations I didn t expect it to be so well written Why I admit I d never heard of writer Peter Rock before But based on this book, I hope he has some awards waiting for him down the road He s another one of those writers who flies under the radar because they don t get the big promo deals But I thought this book was MUCH impressive than Mathilda Savage, and from what I ve been reading on goodreads, could even compete with Room If you can take a few dark scenes, I guarantee you this book will have you mesmerized with its story telling ability and pitch perfect prose HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Update 1 6 I had forgotten that My Abandonment was largely based on a true story The author s website has.
pdf copies of the articles he was drawing from Somebody from Oregon, and maybe the Pacific Northwest in general, might remember when this was in the news, but I wasn t familiar with it The second half of the book is Rock s imagined version of what might have happened to Frank and Ruthie in this book, the girl is called Caroline, and her father goes by several names after they vanished.
Entirely told in Caroline s straightforward, even oddly matter of fact voice, My Abandonment is a look at a life that s perfectly, entirely normal to Caroline and completely alien to me and most readers She and her father live in a hidden camp in a national park, apparently living off of his military pension It s definitely a strange way As a Portland resident, it was fun to hear descriptions of the city and Forest Park I enjoyed the writing style from 13 year old Caroline s perspective.
After reading some news stories about the true story behind this novel, it s even intriguing to me A Thirteen Year Old Girl And Her Father Live In Forest Park, The Enormous Nature Preserve In Portland, Oregon There They Inhabit An Elaborate Cave Shelter, Bathe In A Nearby Creek, Store Perishables At The Water S Edge, Use A Makeshift Septic System, Tend A Garden, Even Keep A Library Of Sorts Once A Week, They Go To The City To Buy Groceries And Otherwise Merge With The Civilized World But One Small Mistake Allows A Backcountry Jogger To Discover Them, Which Derails Their Entire Existence, Ultimately Provoking A Deeper FlightInspired By A True Story And Told Through The Startlingly Sincere Voice Of A Young Narrator, Caroline, Peter Rock S My Abandonment Is A Riveting Journey Into Life At The Margins And A Mesmerizing Tale Of Survival And Hope

Peter Rock was born and raised in Salt Lake City His most recent novel is The Night Swimmers, which involves open water swimming, fatherhood, psychic photography and the use of isolation tanks as a means to inhabit the past He is also the author of the novels SPELLS, Klickitat, The Shelter Cycle, My Abandonment, The Bewildered, The Ambidextrist, Carnival Wolves and This Is the Place, as well as