ó mauritius ☆ Download by È Theresa Rebeck

ó mauritius ☆ Download by È Theresa Rebeck Before I learned how to pronounce the title of this play, I referred to it as the one with the stamps It is about stamps, and it is also really good Stamps in and of themselves aren t riveting, but people obsessed with them are Theresa Rebeck is one of my favorite playwrights Highly recommend this one.
A taut play with high stakes and really nice build to the climax I only wish we could have explored the relationship between the half sisters a little.
There s stamp mafioso character named Sterling That made me laugh so hard when I read it This was a fun, quirky play I liked the relationship dynamic between Jackie and Dennis and Jackie and her step sister Mary The only character I m still a bit confused by was Phillip but overall I very much enjoyed It was a fast paced and entertaining play.

My theatre is doing this show in a few months and I wanted to read it before I auditioned and I m SO glad I did This is fantastic What I love most is that this story really isn t about stamps it s about family and what really matters Plenty of surprise twists as well.
Wow, I was really impressed Every single scene is soooo loaded I mean, everything is just filled to bursting with tension I was also impressed with the dialogue It all seems so natural and it flows just like normal speech where people repeat words, say um, don t finish sentences, and start saying things and then reword but you know exactly what they mean I do wish she hadn t put so much profanity in This would be a great play for middle schools and high schools if it wasn t for that Overall, it was very well done, and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.
Good scenes for classwork All of themGood monologues There are a few very good ones for both men and women I am so confused This play felt a little too much like David Mamet to me, and his tough guy characters I read this in the context of possibly auditioning and the female characters where much interesting to me than the men Granted, I talked to the person who would be directing it a few weeks later and he pointed out to me that the characters should be richer than the stereotypes that I read them as So I m hoping to be proven wrong about the play, but I basically thought it was ok Nothing great.
M, F Comedy Interior Stamp Collecting Is Far Risky Than You Think After Their Mother S Death, Two Estranged Half Sisters Discover A Book Of Rare Stamps That May Include The Crown Jewel For Collectors One Sister Tries To Collect On The Windfall, While The Other Resists For Sentimental Reasons In This Gripping Tale, A Seemingly Simple Sale Becomes Dangerous When Three Seedy, High Stakes Collectors Enter The Sisters World, Willing To Do Anything To Claim The Rare Find As Their Own An impressive script I can t imagine it s easy to write a play about stamps and make it interesting, but somehow this manages to be a compelling piece Well written, and the very quick pace keeps the play moving Surprisingly good Very funny, well written

Theresa Rebeck is a playwright She also works as a television writer Her input went into popular shows such as Dream On, Brooklyn Bridge, L.A Law, American Dreamer, Maximum Bob, First Wave, and Third Watch She also wrote and produced Canterbury s Law, Smith, Law and Order Criminal Intent and NYPD Blue.Ms Rebeck has an MFA in Playwrighting and a PhD in Victorian Melodrama, from Brandeis Univ