Read ↠´ Not Quite World's End by John Cody Fidler-Simpson ✓

 Read ↠´ Not Quite World's End by John Cody Fidler-Simpson ✓ John Simpson has been a journalist and a world traveller for forty years He recognises that although the ills of the modern world, crime, terrorism, disease and natural disasters threaten to overwhelm us the world has not come to a stop Simpson gives a surprisingly positive picture of where we are.
Fascinating anecdotes about John Simpson s encounters around the world Occasionally goes on for too long, but it s a cocktail of tragedy, anger and laugh out loud funny An anecdote about Joshua Nkomo and a journalist named Ian Smith is a highlight.
A fascinating insight into current affairs John Simpson has travelled the world whilst working as a journalist for the BBC This book includes reports on Iraq, Cuba and South Africa to name but a few John has an engaging candid writing style and I would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in global affairs.
It s hard to express how much I enjoyed this book, it was superbly written and gives a completely different angle of foreign affairs, far removed from political spin Some of the events described were both chilling and worrying He is a brave man and lucky to be alive Well worth a read.
Great book not particularly well written but very interesting man and book I just like his honest journalism In Not Quite World S End, Simpson Offers A Lively And Upbeat Look At The Challenges And The Changes The World Has Gone Through In His Life And Long Career In It, He Looks At The World And Takes The Perhaps Surprising View That It S Actually Not Nor Will Be The End Of The World His Vivid Prose, His Clear Sightedness And The Wonderful Anecdotes About The Many Strange People And Places He Has Come Across From Emperors To Movie Stars, From Chelsea To China All Add Up To A Richly Satisfying read And With His Long Experience And His Remarkable Ability To Explain What S Really Going On Out There, He Offers Us All A Crumb Of Comfort In Desperate Times Not one of his best Although it certainly had some very entertaining snippets Look out for the cigarette smugglers in Serbia for instance, that tale is vintage John Simpson Superbly written autobiographical wander through the career of John Simpson, BBC reporter He s been at almost every big event in the last40 years Bit up and down some very interesting anecdotes, but the chapter at the end in particular I found very long winded Fascinating to learn about the war in Iraq.

John Cody Fidler Simpson CBE is an English foreign correspondent He is world affairs editor of BBC News, the world s biggest broadcast news service One of the most travelled reporters ever, he has spent all his working life at the corporation He has reported from than 120 countries, including thirty war zones, and has interviewed numerous world leaders.Simpson was born in Cleveleys, Lancas