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Download Epub Format ☆ Falling PDF by å Cameron Dane I m in heaven You know that moment when you wanna kick yourself for not starting something sooner Well, this is definitely one of these momentsBut look at the bright side, I have a whole new world of books to look forward to Lucky me My first book in this genre, and I found myself a new love If you are looking for a story that have everything a good story should have and then some Then look no further, because this is the book I loved this book It was so romantic I think this might be the most romantic m m erotica I have ever read Others here have already given this book great reviews, so I ll just say that this really did have me in tears a number of times So good xo Cain Hawkins Is A Master At Suppressing His Desires After All, He S Been Doing It For Over One Hundred Years What Cain Wants Than Anything Is A Man To Love, But He Knows That No Matter How Much He Craves It, It Can Never Be Because Cain Is A Naverto Demon, And To Desire Another Man Is Than Forbidden, It Is An Act That Will Bring About His Execution So He Keeps To Himself, Working With Abused Horses On A Small Patch Of Land, All On His Own But Then His Brother Makes A Request That Cain Cannot RefuseLuke Forrester Just Wants A Job And A Place Where He Can Recover From The Brutal Beating He Took At The Hands Of His Former Boss He Dreams Of A Place Where He Can Work With The Horses That He Loves So Much The Fact That He S Had A Crush On Cain Hawkins, His Best Friend S Brother In Law, For Than Two Years Threatens Everything But Luke S Determined Not To Screw Things Up He Will Do The Work And Prove To Cain That It Wasn T A Mistake To Hire Him, And He Won T Allow The Fact That He Desires Something With Cain To Interfere With His Work One BitBut Working And Living In Such Close Proximity Can Test The Best Of Intentions, And When One Kiss Leads To Something Much, Much , Cain Must Open Himself In A Way That He Never Has Before He Must Trust Luke Completely And Tell Him Everything About Who And What He Is And Together, They Must Find A Way To Fight For Cain S Humanity And Save Him From His Demon Clan Before He Is Found Out And They Are Ripped Apart ForeverPublisher S Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable Male Male Sexual Practices Anal Oral Sex And Strong Violence I just re read Falling, and I m so glad I did I loved reading about Cain and Luke all over again I liked the paranormal aspect I liked Luke s feelings about what Cain was from an experience when he was fifteen It was sweet that they had kind of crossed paths before.
Loved Cain and Luke s love and passion for one anotherTheir mutual love of horses That the events they both suffered didn t define them alone, it made their appreciation of life and love so much strongerThat family doesn t always have to be about biology You can create your own, if you so chooseThat justice was served for LukeThat Cain got his man when he truly didn t believe he ever would I thoroughly enjoy Cameron Dane s work, and this book is definitely one of the reasons why It s deeply romantic and it was maybe 3.
5 stars overallit was too long and really boring in parts I don t care for all the horse talk It was also really disgusting in parts 2.
5 starsWhat was good 1 First 15% and the last 15% 2 How they can t resist each other That was good How they met, Cain s innocence despite the age, their mutual attraction What I don t like 1 The plot is too mechanical The development of the relationship, the stages of intimacy were too obvious like this Crush Lust Caring for love One night stand relationship getting rid of the protectionOkay Almost every story goes through these courses, but it s very important how naturally melt those into the story Guess that s not easy This one has failed at that as far as I m concerned Hitting each point was too mechanical like ticking off some to do list items 2 Bloody long, unnecessarily dragging without creating tensions 3 Falling is the second on a series which tells the story of three Demon brothers, Connor, Cain and Caleb.
In the first book Connor has gained his mortality mating with a human female, Cassie Having a woman as mate is the only way to become a full human, but Cain can t pursue this way, cause he is gay Worst, for the Naverto Demon, his breed, homosexuality is a capital crime, punichable by death.
And so Cain forthan 150 years has avoided personal relationship, living only for the love of his horses But now Cassie, Connor s wife, asks him to help his best friend Luke Luke is a 25 years old cowboy who is beaten almost to death cause his former employer has found about his homosexuality Cassie doesn t know that for Cain falls in love with Luke means death But there is no way that Cain can t deny the feeling he soons has for Luke Now they only can live full the days they have before the Demon C

5 StarsCain Hawkins is a Naverto demon resigned to a life of solitude because he is gay and the Naverto consider homosexuality a crime punishable by death Luke Forrester is a ranch hand who was beaten to within an inch of his life for being gay He turns to his long time friend, Cassie Connor s wife , and seeks solace and refuge on the Hawkins Brothers ranch Luke goes to work for Cain and uses his gentle talent with horses to quickly work wonders Meanwhile, Cain and Luke forge a friendship that soon blossoms into a full blown romance Their love is true but it sounds the death knoll for Cain view spoiler unless he can survive the Changing Gauntlet hide spoiler THIS Falling WAS SUPER HARD More of my reviews and thoughts on my blog PANTS OFF REVIEWSFalling by Cameron Dane is another of the authors intense books This one features a sexually assaulted man, and a sexually frustrated demon Together, they heat things up on the ranch, all feelings, raw emotions and sex I did cry and for a second I was truly worried about how things were gonna work out for our main characters, it did but it sure was a hard HEA Cain Hawkins lives a life of solitude on his ranch, taking care of abused horses Cain also lives with a secret, he desires other men and what he is that is a big no nope Cain is a Naverto demon, which means he becomes this huge flying creature with a big cock, I am just sharing like the book is telling Desires for men is strictly forbidden and if he gives in to his desires it will eventually lead to hi Entirely too long I just don t have anyhours of my life to devote to this book I promise I readthan half Do you like books where the bad guys are super evil and the good guys are super good and say all the right things and do all the right things all the time Do you like books where the dialogue doesn t quite sound the way people really talk Do you like m m books that give you glimpses into the sexist m f relationship from a previous book in the series Do you like cowboy ranch themed books with a ridiculous paranormal twist I do not This was given high ratings by several of my goodreads friends, people whose opinion I really trust and usually agree with, so I m not quite sure what happened here And I mean, it wasn t wretched It just didn t strike me as having the depth or dimension that I m looking for in a book.
And I would like to state for the record that Mon

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