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[James Patterson] ☆ Sophia, Princess Among Beasts [womens-rights PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ Classified as fantasy, adult, YA, and fiction this one has it all but only if readers are open to the idea as it s not the normal thriller you may have come to enjoy.
While it does have thrilling moments it s about the meaning behind the scenes or so it was with me as I read this new work by James Patterson.
It s not everyday you read fantasy from this author yet I was transported to a magical land in which surely things don t go as planned.
While Sophia is battling for independence as the two main villains Ares and Reiper are set to end this magical experience for all.
For those who are sensitive to darkness and horror there is animal cruelty, attempted rape, and murder in this novel.
In addition there is the connection between the living and Wow this book was bad I m a fan of some of James Patterson s writing especially the Women s Murder Club series However he needs to stay in his lane and get out of the fantasy genre This story makes no sense, nothing is explained, the ending is too cookie cutter, and the main character is the most annoying person I can t even say that I liked one character, although by far the most interesting ones were the villains The writing did not fit well with the story, nor did it even seem coherent Don t waste your time, this belongs in the trash not on your shelf.
A Princess Who Has Lost Her Mother And Father Finds Herself In A Terrifying World That Urgently Needs A QueenSophia Is Smart, Beautiful, And Accomplished, A Beloved Princess Devoted To The People And To Reading books The Kingdom Is Hers, Until She Is Plunged Into A Nightmarish Realm Populated By The Awful Beasts She read About As A ChildThe Beasts Are Real And So Is The Great Army Marching On Her Castle The People Look To Sophia For Protection They Will All Perish Unless She Can Unlock An Ancient Secret As Profound As Life And Death Itself Sophia, Princess Among Beasts Is A Fabulous Adventure, And A Stunning Mystery Here Again Is Proof Of Why James Patterson Is The World S Most Trusted Storyteller 2.
5 Stars for me, bumped to 3 Stars for competent writingThis is the first novel I ve read that was co authored by James Patterson and Emily Raymond Although not stated in the promotional material it appears to possibly be targeting the Young Adult market based on subject matter and writing style Princess Sophia So fye uh on the audio edition is a headstrong, if goodhearted, young woman who seems to have cost her father his life and kingdom In a story that seems part cautionary fairy tale, part Goblin Market, Sophia appears to move through separate realms of life and death, trying to work her way back to a kingdom of which she should be Queen She learns lessons of love and bravery during her travails.
This novel has some interesting elements but the plot just lacked clarity for me The explanations, such as First, this book is classified as adult fiction, but it could be classified as YA But that s not even a significant problem with the book The characters, the world, and the plot are so underdeveloped This is the first book where there s not even one thing that I could appreciate about it The main character is supposed to be smart, strong, and accomplished, but she s really none of those things She gets lucky countless times and is praised for it The only characteristic the main character possesses is beauty, which is described time and time again throughout the book.
Very interesting story A quick read Definitely seems Young Adult the POV is a 17 year old girl except for one scene in the book, so I m unsure of what the target audience is A mature older teen or young 20s would enjoy this book a lot.
This book absolutely reads as YA unfortunately not very good YA I was disappointed by the lack of character development The plot implies that the character s growth is what allows certain things to happen, but that growth seems limited to her spending time in the village because she has a crush on a boy, not because she wants to learn how the world works The ending view spoiler is also tied too neatly in bow where miraculous things happen to get happy endings with no explanation given and goes against the previous world building hide spoiler So I m 6% in and X we ll see the prologue is kinda eye rolling Like a bad Disney intro Pretty heavy handed and just lots of And then her I don t even know Expository whatever of the castle not only is that heavy handed but what bothered me is how utterly dumb the maidservants are It annoys me when we have broad brush I mean idiocy first of all, but just they re servants so they re dumb or they re women so they re dumb or they re not important so they re dumb The instant wailing, the oh but she said it s ok so it s ok Then the wink wink oh oops ha ha I m naked bit It just hit me in the not so much quirky as trying too hard And then her brute of a father also I don t like her wish for her dad to never go to

This is one of those books that seemed like it might be a good idea until the author started writing it.
The title derives from the way the king, his knights and even the mythical figures Sophia interacts with views the lower classes of the world as beasts If you thought that was too subtle, don t worry you ll be hit over the head with it enough times for it to sink in.
Princess Sophia is the MarySue the kind, gentle, entitled, clueless waif who eschews needlepoint and harp lessons for swordplay and strategy how else can she be the heroine if she can t kill the bad guys Yet she wrangles a promise on her birthday from her warrior king father to stop expanding the realm, which makes everyone else see him as weak and losing his edge Even a mythical figure named Ares now thinks the king s a punk and it s time to march on his lands On her weekly errand of mercy to the It s a cute story If you re in the mood for a little light fluff, this is a fun read.

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