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5 STARSIt s like that, with all of us here Sick, strange, and we don t know why Things bursting out of us, bits missing and pieces sloughing off, and then we harden and smooth over I can see why Rory Power s debut novel Wilder Girls is getting serious buzz it s not just a pretty cover, as it contains an excellent writing style that wavers between flowery prose and captivating horror In terms of idea and compulsive page turning, this book deserves all of the stars, but I did find a few points worth mentioning, in case your expectations are not in the right place, as mine clearly were not All of my criticisms are purely personal preference, so please do not put too much weight in them and instead, use them to decide whether this mi It S Been Eighteen Months Since The Raxter School For Girls Was Put Under Quarantine Since The Tox Hit And Pulled Hetty S Life Out From Under HerIt Started Slow First The Teachers Died One By One Then It Began To Infect The Students, Turning Their Bodies Strange And Foreign Now, Cut Off From The Rest Of The World And Left To Fend For Themselves On Their Island Home, The Girls Don T Dare Wander Outside The School S Fence, Where The Tox Has Made The Woods Wild And Dangerous They Wait For The Cure They Were Promised As The Tox Seeps Into EverythingBut When Byatt Goes Missing, Hetty Will Do Anything To Find Her, Even If It Means Breaking Quarantine And Braving The Horrors That Lie Beyond The Fence And When She Does, Hetty Learns That There S To Their Story, To Their Life At Raxter, Than She Could Have Ever Thought True NOW AVAILABLE Some days it s fine Others it nearly breaks me The emptiness of the horizon, and the hunger in my body, and how will we ever survive this if we can t survive each other We re gonna make it Tell me we re gonna make it so much about this book is so good the synopsis the premise the chillsiness it delivers the characters the tantalizing dislocation of WHAT IS THIS THAT IS HAPPENING the dread and unease the tension that goddamn cover.
i did not love it unconditionally, but what i did love i loved HARD.
set on an island isolated girls school in maine, the reader is dropped instantly into an atmosphere of extreme and horrific circumstances what was once a fully functioning, fully populated school has been diminished by a mysterious affliction known as the tox, wiping out all but two of the teachers another debut feminist dystopia, another underwhelmed jessica seems pretty on brand for me at the moment, unfortunately and this is probably going to be the worst review ive ever written because i cant even put into words why this didnt quite work for me it wasnt a horrible reading experience i was focused and finished it so im gonna chalk it up to me not being in the right mood for this, because i cant really find anything super negative about it i just didnt experience the emotions i think i was supposed to for this kind of story.
i think this was probably awrong book at the wrong timekind of situation for me i need to learn, that when this happens, to set the book aside and come back to it, rather than push though and give it a mediocre rating review not really fair regar Because this cover is freaking everything Holy Sh t Snacks I needanswers right now Where is book two geez I just finish this book and need another one I mean there has to be another one because of that ending So, this is told through two POV s Hetty Byatt But there they have another best friend Reese who is very prominent in the book All of these girls live at the Raxter School For Girls The school is on an island but it seems to be a fairly big island unless I missed something while reading so fast to get to the next page The island has every type of wild animal on it as well and yes, that s a thing in this book The book doesn t lead up to the Quarantine, we learn about that in bits and pieces through out the book As you can read from the summary, there is a disease virus whatever called Tox Teachers and some of the girls have be Imagine how this cover would look in a hardcover copyliterally chills This sounds so freaking weird and awesome Also, cover Not gonna lie.

did somebody say feminist horror cause there goes my money outta the window as I drool all over this coveralso just in this book is hella gay sapphic horror is my new favorite genrethis is probably one of my favorite covers of the year and I am so happy to say that the inside is just as amazing this honestly ended up being a weird combination of everything i love in stories it is a feminist lord of the flies following 3 friends who are under quarantine at a boarding school when one of the friends goes missing it becomes a race to find her and figure out what the hell is happening on this island and uncover the secrets being kept from them this also has a really great f f relationship that I died over as for the horror elements this isn t jump scare horror butmakes your skin crawl with some of the creepy elements, which I personally loved I would say if you liked the movie Annihilation then you will love this if you would like to take a look at the content warnings the author has kindly shared them on her website this

Rory Power grew up in New England, where she lives and works as a crime fiction editor and story consultant for TV adaptation She received a Masters in Prose Fiction from the University of East Anglia, and thinks fondly of her time there, partially because she learned a lot but mostly because there were a ton of bunnies on campus She is represented by Daisy Parente at Lutyens Rubinstein an