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Download Epub Format ì Measure What Matters PDF by Ñ John Doerr Legendary Venture Capitalist John Doerr S Revolutionary Approach To Goal Setting That Grew Tech Giants Like Google And Is Spreading Across Silicon Valley To Corporate AmericaYou May Have Never Heard Of The Biggest Management Secret Common To The Hottest Tech Firms Objectives And Key Results OKRs But You Should Pay Attention Now Google S Eric Schmidt Credits OKRs With Changing The Course Of The Company Forever OKRs Help Companies And Teams Reach Incredibly Ambitious Goals By Ensuring Transparency And Efficiency Leaders Agree On Objectives, Like Doubling Growth Or Capturing % Of Market Share Then, They Determine The Measurable Key Results That Are The Benchmarks For Progress Employees Design Their Own OKRs That Ladder Up To The Company S Central Objectives Employees Can See Each Other S Goals, And Teams Regularly Meet And Discuss Whether They Re On Track Because Everyone In The Organization Has A Stake In The Company S Mission And Performance, They Can Achieve Huge Goals TogetherKleiner Perkins Venture Capitalist John Doerr An Early Investor In Google Twitter, And Known As The Father Of OKRs Brought This Approach From Intel To Google In , When Google Had Fewer Than Employees He Taught Larry Page And Sergey Brin How OKRs Worked The Google Founders Saw How Powerful OKRs Are And Quickly Adopted Them As A Key Tool To Spur Relentless Growth Since Then, Doerr And Former Google Employees Have Spread OKRs Across Silicon Valley, Making It Standard Practice At Companies From To Zynga Measure What Matters Most Will Help A New Generation Of Managers Understand Why OKRs Are The Most Effective Way To Align Their Team And Achieve Big Goals For Readers Of The Lean Startup, Work Rules , And Scrum, This Book Explains How To Develop An OKR Program To Provide The Agility, Transparency, And Tremendous Growth That Has Fueled Tech Giants And Can Help All Organizations And Teams, Of Any Size And In Any Industry, Capture The Same Magic In 1999, John Doerr got his VC firm Kleiner Perkins to invest 11.
8 million for 12% of the infant Google Corp Current market cap Dec 2018 for Google is around 743 billion, so Kleiner Perkins 12% would be worth say 89 billion Doerr himself has a personal net worth of around 7 billion So, if he s writing a book on how to achieve those sorts of results, he has earned our respectful attention Plus the book is clearly written, and short There are caveats, as you can see in nearby reviews, such as started working at Intel in 1974 He d come to California for the summer hoping to reconnect with an old girlfriend who he found was also working at Intel She wasn t pleased to see him But Doerr was persistent, and h I ve worked on the Google campus for 11 years, and have seen first hand the impact OKRs have had on the company John Doerr is single handedly responsible for bringing OKRs to Google He saw before anyone else the transformative power Andy Grove s system from Intel could have at Google, and this book is a great window into those early days John does a great job showing how that early presentation at Google set the stage for so much of the growth and success that came later.
Some of the best parts of the book are the mini case studies from a variety of companies One of the biggest complaints I hear from founders about OKRs is that it works for Google because, well, Google is Google By letting you hear from founders in their own words from small startups to fast growth startups to non profits John makes it easy for the reader to model how OKRs Did I learn how to set OKRs No.
Did I find out what s the difference between Os and KRs when you choose them No.
Do I know how to align departments with non trivial objectives No.
Did I understand what to do when things go wrong No.
Do I feel confident about doing OKRs now No.
Am I inspired about OKRs than I was when I started the book No.
Did I at least heard about how to Measure What Matters No.
Did I learn anything at all from this book Hm I heard empty case studies where people, mostly Silicon Valley superstars, and sometimes just ex Googlers share their fascination with OKRs Then again, I mostly heard pitching of their latest or even old companies and achievements and how they wouldn t have done it withou I am a big proponent of written goals with systematic follow ups Otherwise, they are just the dreams in the sky, which might accidentally realize, but, most often, they will not John Doerr presents his approach to goal setting and ways for following them up His system is called Objectives and Key Results OKRs The author s system is solid and, apparently, has been implemented with great success at several outstanding companies like Google.
I can t agree with the proclamation that the method is revolutionary It is based on a well known goal setting philosophy which stresses on importance of defining a few, challenging, realistic, and measurable goals, which are subject for a continuous follow up That is what, basically, suggested through the OKR method More than half of the book are case studies with a lot of words Cool book read on one breath The book is full of interesting stories of integration of OKR into successful companies and organizations such as Intel, Google, One, Zume Pizza, Adobe, Lumeris, Gates Foundation and others I highly recommend reading OKR , Intel, Google, One, Zume Pizza, Adobe, Lumeris.
Very disappointing that someone like John Doerr wrote such a shallow book It s extremely vague Never gotten into the details of OKR or the shortcomings of this goal setting system The most detail this book offered is the football analogy 90% of this book is brief case studies Tons of plugs into companies Kleiner Perkins invested Lots of reference to Intel and Andy Grove so if you are looking for solid mgmt advise read High Output Management instead As an ex Googler, I m quite familiar with OKRs They are a key management tool in the company While they sometime frustrate you, they are your key northstar Having left a few years ago, i do have to say i miss them, and I encourage all companies and founders to instill them.
John s book is a great intro to the OKR system, used by all leading companies worldwide It provides clear examples and use cases If you re a founder, this should be a new position on your must read list.
Solid methodology that could be adequately summarized in two pages, padded to 300 pages with self aggrandizement and surface level case studies.
I hate to grade this kind of books Any grade from 2 to 5 would be explainable.
There is a clear message so simple you can t miss it The OKRs system is better than goals because goals can measure anything and everything, and OKR s focus on measuring what matters and then there are 20 examples of how it works.
For me, this book could be a blog post I don t need quotes from Bono to believe this system works, but when I think about it, I d probably forget OKR s and just move one forgetting this book in a few weeks.
I just wish every manager would read it Even life managers like you and me

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