Trailer ↠´ The Kiss Thief PDF by Å L.J. Shen

Trailer ↠´ The Kiss Thief PDF by Å L.J. Shen Gah You guys The Kiss Thief was everything we ve come to expect from L.
J Shen andBEYOND PHENOMENAL It was emotional, poignant and gut wrenching and filled with a brilliant story that had me glued to every page It was so perfectly written with every intricate detail written with the utmost care This is without a doubt THE BEST novel this author has written Without giving away any spoilers, Shen did it once again with Wolfe Keaton He undoubtedly is the new alpha hole to top and that is a very tough title to win He is dark and foreboding with an icy and unfeeling exterior But his demeanor hides the heat and fire inside him I absolutely FLOVED him as he was the perfect combination of hardened and vulnerable He was consumed with vengeance and yet allowed an encounter with his enemy s daughter to set him on an impulsive journey filled with love, lust, reveng Our hearts were tarnished Stained And guilty Unpredictable to a fault And bound to break.
I got two words for you here Must Read.
I know I say this each time I finish a book of hers, but this was my favorite LJ Shen book to date I was born into a glided cage.
If you like a modern day arranged marriage trope, welcome to your next addiction This book GAH It had an anti hero that only Shen can write brutal and hard but completely redeemable This is someone you won t be able to help rooting for This was like if Vicious and Sparrow had a baby, and that baby threw down the gauntlet of delicious angst and grit A clashing of a ruthless politician and the mafia, and a young beauty used as a pawn that gets caught in the crosshairs of political agendas and blackmail Francesca Rossi was such a brea They Say Your First Kiss Should Be Earned Mine Was Stolen By A Devil In A Masquerade Mask Under The Black Chicago Sky They Say The Vows You Take On Your Wedding Day Are Sacred Mine Were Broken Before We Left Church They Say Your Heart Only Beats For One Man Mine Split And Bled For Two Rivals Who Fought For It Until The Bitter End I Was Promised To Angelo Bandini, The Heir To One Of The Most Powerful Families In The Chicago Outfit Then Taken By Senator Wolfe Keaton, Who Held My Father S Sins Over His Head To Force Me Into Marriage They Say That All Great Love Stories Have A Happy Ending I, Francesca Rossi, Found Myself Erasing And Rewriting Mine Until The Very Last Chapter One Kiss Two Men Three Lives Entwined Together And Somewhere Between These Two Men, I Had To Find My Forever English spanish version Falling in love was so tragic No wonder it made people so sad A standing ovation for ONE OF THE BEST books THAT I VE EVER READ, and L.
J Shen s best story to date It left me with the worst book hangover of the year ITS INTRICATE PLOT IS A NEW BRAND OF PERFECTION SO MIND BLOWING THAT IT WILL LEAVE YOU BREATHLESS Have you ever felt that words are not enough to describe what you feel that s me now after reading this story, I m an emotional mess and nervous wreck The Kiss Thief, sigh , is EPIC BEYOND WORDS Oh God, I loved every second when I read it It s so different from everything I ve read before, but so completely addictive The first words had me hooked on the story and turning the pages as if my life depended on it I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN The plot and the characters consumed me, obsessed AVAILABLE NOW FULL REVIEW MY FIRST FAVORITE AND MUST read OF 20195 Nemesis CROWNSLJ Shen has rocked me world, tilted it on its axis, and I don t which way is up or down after the whirlwind she just took me on The Kiss Thief is EVERYTHING I love in a romance, and I never wanted this book to end EVER Wolfe Keaton has taken top book boyfriend spot With his confidence and intelligence and lethal charisma, I was utterly charmed by this man His cold exterior makes him seem untouchable and callous, but the way he takes care of the heroine, even if it seems detached, shows he is a man who has the capability to love, and love he does The evolution of his character, the freedom of forgiving and letting go, is so inspirational This is man who has been wronged and instead of continuing to revel in the ashes, he rises from the lov Oh wow, wow, wow I m in awe right now If you re a lover of L.
J Shen s Hotholes then The Kiss Thief is going to be exactly what you want because ladies and gents , we have a new alphahole in town Mr Wolfe Keaton, the man that makes men quiver in their boots and women drop to their knees He s sexy as sin with an attitude to go with it He s ruthless and harsh and keeps his true feelings locked away The Kiss Thief isn t your typical romance It s a story about a nemesis and a villain One that starts with hate and anger, with pain and heartache and turns in to so muchthan you could ever expect A romance that has you gritting your teeth and ready to pull your hair out in frustration One that has you melting on the spot and clutching at your he MY REVIEW can also be found on my blog KITTY KATS CRAZY ABOUT books 5 THE BIG BAD WOLFE STARSA story of a Nemesis and a Villain with no chance at a happy ending Where the prince doesn t save the princess He tortures her And the beauty doesn t sleep She s stuck In a nightmareThe Kiss Thief Is a full length contemporary Romance novel Spoken in Dual Perspectives It all started with a wooden chest carved and made by a witch encasing three notes which would predict her future.
The first note saidI was going to be kissed by the love of my life This was utterly unique, utterly un put down able, utterly captivating, and utterly memorable, utter perfection I couldn t put it down, I didn t want to put it down, I devoured this, I inhaled this, I loved thisthan words can convey, L.
J Shen has got her grooooove back and she is un stop able What a way to set the new year on fire A little old fa 5 stars They say that all great love stories have a happy ending I, Francesca Rossi, found myself erasing and rewriting mine until the very last chapter One kiss Two men Three lives Entwined together And somewhere between these two men, I had to find my forever LJ Shen crafts a deliciously angsty and riveting tale of a Villain and his Nemesis This was one of those books that had me glued to every page, unable to put it down for a minute It was a story that captivated me from the start and never let go By far my favorite Shen book to date Francesca Rossi has always known who she would marry, and she was okay with it Her father is the boss of the Chicago Outfit and only a certain suitor will do Then walks in Senator Wolfe Keaton Wolfe claims Frankie as his own and there is nothing she can do about it Gah gah gah

A story of Nemesis and a villain with no chance at a happy ending.
Where the Prince doesn t save the princessHe tortures her.
And the beauty doesn t sleep.
She s stuck.
In a nightmare.
Hold on to your hearts ladies cause the Big Daddy of All Predators Wolfe Keaton has gatecrashed the Booklandia This masked marauder is here to whisk Princess Rossi away on his Black Stallion You will lose your hearts too, to this Brutish Buccaneer and if you re extremely lucky your panties too in the processOnce a Thief Always a thiefI wanted to see for myself if the rumours of your beauty were trueSenator Wolfe Keaton has not only stolen Princess Francesca Rossi s first kiss, he has stolen her dreams, her life and is working his way to steal her heart too Al, these she d been safeguarding for Angelo Bandini He took the power MY powerWolfe Keaton was A KISS The Kiss Thief stand alone Senator Wolfe Keaton stole a kiss, he stole her everything, or did heAll I could do was hope for his mercy I felt safe, but not secure Desired, but unwanted Admired, but unlovedThe Kiss Thief stand alone opens up to the mapped out life of nineteen year old mob princess Francesca Rossi aka Nemesis While attending a dinner she is mocked by senator and heir Wolfe Keaton aka Villain A stolen kiss later and she finds herself engaged to the infuriating senator and thrown into a game of power and a quest for revengeYou re a collected debt, a retaliation, and, quite frankly, pretty decent arm candy Good night, Miss RossiTold from dual POVs it s an enemies to lovers, May December romance set in the mob world Though it may come across as a triangle, to me there was never any doubt that Wolfe could be the only hero He s ruthless, cunning, aloof, myst

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