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º Read ✓ Dino: Living High in the Dirty Business of Dreams by Nick Tosches ¾ 1 1 2 Lots of information but not enough insight into one of the most famous entertainers of the 1950 s 80 s Singer, actor, ladies man, night club star extraordinaire, his ability to deal with mobsters and not his own life or finances is unbelievable The Jerry Lewis thing is equally nuts, but it sure made them famous, and lots of money that they sure had a hard time keeping Dino turned out to be a very lonely soul, even though it seemed that any woman around was always available A hard book to plow through, but there is some fun in the details when you get through the never ending stream of chaff.
Dean Martin is an elusive and fascinating character From what I can tell, it would be impossible to write a biography that gets to the core of who he was, so instead Tosches uses Martin s life as an intense and sprawling exercise to take apart all kinds of ideas about America The son of Italian immigrants, Dino Crocetti lived The American Dream to the hilt He followed every empty promise America had to make He saw the whole sham for what it was, and was never ashamed to expose it He hated when actors claimed that acting was hard work During his live shows, he frequently stopped mid song, not caring to continue For someone so culturally involved in the huge lie that is American culture, Martin seems to me to still be an honest personality What you see is what you get My favorite passa From Dealing Blackjack In The Small Time Gangster Town Of Steubenville, Ohio, To Carousing With The Famous Rat Pack In A Hollywood He Called Home, Dean Martin Lived In A Grandstand, Guttering Life Of Booze, Broads, And Big Money He Rubbed Shoulders With The Mob, The Kennedys, And Hollywood S Biggest Stars He Was One Of America S Favorite Entertainers But No One Really Knew Him Now Nick Tosches Reveals The Man Behind The Image The Dark Side Of The American Dream It S A Wild, Illuminating, Sometimes Shocking Tale Of Sex, Ambition, Heartaches And A Life Lived Hard, Fast, And Without Apologies I grew up in a time when Dean Martin, like Elvis, had ceased to have any relevance I vaguely remember the Dean Martin show, and slightly clearly remember the Roasts, but by and large the stream of time had pretty well carried Dino out of the zeitgeist, at least in San Francisco of the 70 s To this day, RIO BRAVO is the only one out of the very few of his many movies that I have seen of his films that I can ever imagine myself watching again As for his music, I actually prefer Sinatra, and I don t even like Sinatra So how is it that I can have given a voluminous biography of someone I don t care about, a man who was, in any event, a cipher, five stars The answer, my friend, is Nick Tosches.
One thing that is manifest from this book is, that however jejune and inane Martin s surviving output may seem to me don t get me started on Mart Totally enjoyable book Part straight show biz bio, part impressionistic reverie, part filthy gutter gossip It s an unlikely mix that works perfectly in this case Dean Martin has always puzzled me he sang with such undeniably genuine warmth and yet he also made sure we all knew he never actually gave a f ck Turns out this duality colored all his personal relationships, as well How sad Tosches book is by turns overblown, blunt, purely speculative and meticulously researched And darkly funny That fall of 1958, Dean Martin also sold his name and likeness to Liebmann Breweries in New York You may need good luck on the links, says the famous crooner, but not at the nineteenth hole You always score with Rheingold Extra Dry He was now in the company of Ernest Hemingway, who, six years before, had put his name to the immortal advertising prose I would rather have a bottle of Ballantin I love Dean Martin, I always will and I won t let this crappy author and his inability to string a simple sentence together ruin my adoration Possibly, he had a terrible editor More likely Mr Tosches simply has no idea what he is doing The book itself could have been 200 pages shorter if he decided that he wanted it to be about Dean Martin and not a lengthy history of organized crime Yes, Dean Martin was supposed to be involved with organized crime but this author did not need to delve quite do deeply, page after page, to convince us.
Fortunately, the well written parts of the book, the sections that keep me reading were written by others and quoted here Possibly there is a lack of material written about Dino and that is why Mr Tosches had to pad the book so much.
This has got to be, stylistically, the worst written biography I ve ever read I ve read a lot of biographies about both Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis now, plus I ve easily watched and read close to a hundred hours of source material, so I m pretty positive I can definitively say that Tosches writing style is literally the opposite of who Dean Martin was as a person meandering, desperately edgy and straight up pretentious It s obvious he doesn t have enough material to fill out the book he thought he was writing, so the first 100 pages are filled up with tangential information about the history of Italian American immigration, the Italian mob and every woman and minority based slur known to man for no other reason than it s rock n roll edgy to do I get that he was trying to drum up some excitement for a guy who d been long di I ve been meaning to read this book since it came out 25 years ago A must read for anybody who is interested in the Rat Pack and old Hollywood.

Anyone thinking about writing a biography about Dean Martin, forget about it Dino isn t hard to beat, it s downright impossible The inexhaustible biography on Dino covers every facet of his career, from the Jerry Lewis sidekick days to his great TV show to his surprisingly successful movie career to the goofy Matt Helm spy films, Dino runs 652 pages and never gets boring, just like Mr Martin himself.
It provided quite a lot of information, but I would have preferred a biography that didn t include parts written from Dean s perspective that attempted to convey Dean s thoughts to the reader or at least what Tosches believed Dean thought These sections tended to have an irritating abundance of death metaphors like bad fanfic making a desperate attempt to be philosophical The author also comes across as gratingly racist and sexist, freely using the n word and never referring to women as anything but broads not to mention this delightful little piece of imagery one of many similar examples If the world was now a tired wife, he could still sense in rare breaths now and then the luscious bitch he once had so delicious seduced Dean s triumphs are constantly phrased in terms of the metaphor of a woman bitch , broad that he has dominated Overall, it was rather themat

Nick Tosches was born in Newark, New Jersey, and raised by wolves from the other side Through nepotism he became a barroom porter at the age of fourteen Casting this career to the wind in his quest for creative fulfillment, he became a paste up artist for the Lovable Underwear Company in New York City On January 12, 1972, he went to lunch and never came back, drifting south to Florida, where, a