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ò The New Girl (Gabriel Allon #19) Á Download by ✓ Daniel Silva Daniel Silva draws inspiration from a variety of sources in his latest espionage thriller, The New Girl Silva focuses on Khalid bin Mohammed, a stand in for thirty three year old Mohammad bin Salman, the crown prince and likely future king of Saudi Arabia Many believe that bin Salman ordered the brutal murder and dismemberment of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi MBS, as he is widely known, initially gave the impression that he would reform his repressive country Instead, he continued to spend lavishly on luxurious homes and yachts, enraged his rivals, and made it clear that he would not tolerate dissent Silva depicts Khalid as an immature and spoiled autocrat who cannot see the forest for the trees When a cherished member of his family is threatened, the prince seeks help from an unlikely source Gabriel Allon, the Director Gen Once again Daniel Silva has proven my point that you don t actually need 8 hours of sleep and you are still able to go to work next morning after staying up all night with one of his book That said, damn Where do I start oh yes by saying book 19 of the series is absolutely freaking fucking fantastic amazing.
A jaw drop perfect combination of well known characters by now, a fantastic trip around amazing places around the world, an unexpected plot twist and a scary dose of fiction mixed with the occasional did I just hear that happen on the news the other day wondering while you read.
By know I am devoted fan of this author and it would be hell waiting for his next book release till 2020I might just have to re read some of my fa New York Times Bestselling Author Daniel Silva Delivers Another Stunning Thriller In His Latest Action Packed Tale Of High Stakes International Intrigue New York Times Bestselling Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author USA Today Bestselling Author Extraordinary Acclaim For The Other Woman And The Gabriel Allon Series Another Jewel In The Bedazzling Crown Of A Spy Fiction Master There Is An Even Elaborately Detailed Backstory Than Usual, And It Is Every Bit As Compelling As The Tension Drenched Drama Slowly Unspooling In The Present And Leading To A Socko Finale Booklist Starred Review Excellent Readers Will Be Enthralled By Both The History And The Up To The Minute Plot That Silva Spins With Such Finesse Publishers Weekly Starred Review Perhaps His Most Enthralling Novel To Date Twists, Turns, And Nonstop Action Fill Every Page An Instant Classic From Daniel Silva, Whose Latest Masterpiece Puts Him Firmly Alongside Le Carr And Forsyth As One Of The Greatest Spy Novelists Of All Time The Real Book Spy The Other Woman Is One Of Summer S Biggest Titles It S Not Hard To See Why This Story Of Love And Betrayal Is Hard To Put Down Entertainment Weekly Silva Has A Knack For Topically Relevant Novels, And The Other Woman Is No Exception New York Post S Best Thrillers Of The Summer With Silva S Novels You Find Yourself Being Educated As Well As Being Entertained Silva Is That Rarity Of Rarities, A Writer Whose Stories Just Keep Getting Better Huffington Post One Of Our Greatest Living Spy Novelists Dallas Morning News Readers Will Eagerly Await The Next Installment In This Deeply Fulfilling Series Publishers Weekly, Starred Review The Summer is here, July is upon us and that can only mean that the time has come for another Gabriel Allon adventure from the 1 New York Times Best selling and award winning thriller author Daniel Silva This year s book is the 19th in this amazing series of thrillers and it s called The New Girl.
I listened to The New Girl in one session, ignoring work, phone calls and I can t remember what I ate while listening My immersion was complete from the introductory chapter to the last word and I am left wanting for , as always The famous Gabriel Allon and the supporting cast of much loved characters are back for another heart pounding adventure in the treacherous world of espionage, terrorists, kidnappers and assassins I always appreciated the level of humanity the author brings up in his vivid characters and this is one of the main reasons I return to this series every year.
Gabriel is now h Gabriel Allon thrillers are the greatest I am looking forward to the new book.
It s always interesting to see how Gabriel gets pulled into the cases he works on With this one starting out with a little girl you knew that Gabriel would help despite who her father was I hated that they all didn t see who was behind things at first, mostly because I hoped with the knowledge the outcome could have been better.
Once everyone realized what was going on Gabriel played hard and fast with the truth I feel like I should be bothered by that, but I wasn t I thought a few people got what they deserved I really hated how this one ended, I wanted to know what happened, were they successful or not and honestly, I don t know if I wanted them to succeed or not.
In the interest of full disclosure, this series specifically, art restorer and accomplished Israeli spy Gabriel Allon has held the No 1 spot on my Top 10 heroes list for quite a few years now This is his 19th book and I assure you he s in no danger of losing that lofty perch The story is intricately woven with enough suspense to make me hold my breath here and there and the writing is, as always, exemplary Add in the appearance of several familiar characters from previous books and the result is, well, another winner in my book.
Despite the singular title, there are two characters here who are bestowed with that moniker the first is a young lady who has been enrolled in a fancy private school in Switzerland you ll have to read the book to learn the identity of the other one It is this young lady, though, who kicks of

Several twists make this a very good read Silva brings back Sarah Bancroft, the former CIA operative, from a couple of previous novels Other members of Allon s merry band are also present as usual There is a lot of reference to the storyline and characters from The Other Woman, book 18 in the series Probably reference than Silva has used in past thrillers, other than Allon s basic backstory A necessary read for any followers of the adventures of Gabriel Allon And, while fans of Silva s Allon character really don t need any incentive to read his work, the ending on this one is WOW.
Why can t I read slower Whenever I m about to start reading the newest Gabriel Allon book from Daniel Silva, I always tell myself to read it slowly Let the enjoyment that will overcome me when reading it last a little longer Yep, I tell myself that every time And every time I am able to go slowly at first but the I read, the involved I become with Gabriel and Ciara and Keller and Mikhail and Eli and Ari and Seymour with his wife s earnest yet horrendous cooking So the faster I read I can t help myself I don t have the words to describe how stupendously good this book is and how stupendously great a writer Daniel Silva is So again, I read it too fast So again I must wait another 51 1 2 weeks till the next Gabriel Allon book is released.
Daniel Silva s Gabriel Allon series is addictive As usual, THE NEW GIRL is loosely based on recent events and moves into what could happen later on.
While Allon is now older than 65 and heads Mossad, he still finds himself in the center of action In THE NEW GIRL, he gets pulled in by the future king of Saudi Arabia, Prince Khalid, when Khalid s twelve year old daughter, his only child, is kidnaped in Switzerland Allon had great expectations for Khalid to modernize Saudi Arabia For example, women gained rights But then Khalid began getting rid of his opponents, sometimes by imprisonment, sometimes by murder, and appropriating their money and property When a Saudi ex pat journalist and dissident was lured to the Istanbul Saudi consulate and brutally murdered, Allon gave up on the Khalid But he found he could n

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