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Trailer ☆ Blade of the Destroyer PDF by î Andy Peloquin Dexter Meets The Punisher Durzo Blint Meets Ezio Auditore Da Firenze An Epic Fantasy Novel Of Betrayal, Death, Violence, And Vengeance Readers Are Calling Fearless, Unique, And Above All Dangerous Readers Award Finalist RONE Awards FinalistThe Best Assassin In The World Doesn T Come Cheap Betraying Him Will Cost Your SoulThe Hunter Is A Name Feared By All In Voramis He Is An Outcast, Driven By A Cursed Dagger With An Unquenchable Thirst For Blood And DeathYet He Follows One Simple Code Kill Those Who Truly Deserve To Die His Creed Is Put To The Test When, Deceived By A Shadowy Employer, He Unknowingly Slaughters An Innocent ManWith The Most Powerful Criminal Organization In The City After His Head, The Hunter Must Fight For His Life And Find A Way To Atone For His Mistake When His Enemies Harm The People Under His Protection, It Will Take Much Than An Army Of Criminals To Stand In The Way Of His RevengeIf You Love Anti Heroes Like The Punisher Or Dexter In A Breathtaking Fantasy Realm, Then Immerse Yourself In Hero Of Darkness Today Andy Peloquin Delivers An Epic Tale Of One Man S Struggle To Survive In A World Of Magic, Blood, And Death In Process Coming your way soon I did love the book but I want to do it justice with a great review.
This book is like nothing else I have read A new world, new people, new gods, and new villains Set in a world of hunger, abuse, and violance.
It is about a sword for hire He is know as The Hunter Everyone knows him, everyone fears him because he always gets his target He has magical swords that not only help him find his prey but needs the blood of the victims.
The book has a lot of fighting, sword play and bloody deaths It is put together so well I didn t want to put the book down It also has gruesome violance for everyone and some sex just to spice it up.
It is a wonderful action packed story about a man trying to find out who and were he has come from.
I would r The title definitely lets you know what this story is going to be about, so if you like assassins you may want to check this one out.
The main character is simply known as The Hunter , he s an immortal being that works as an assassin for all sorts of clientele the only thing that matters to The Hunter is if the client has the money He has many lifelike masks he uses, never wanting anyone to see his real face to keep his identity a secret and he can also adopt multiple personality types to go along with those masks He carries something called Soulhunger, a dagger he uses while on the job and it literally takes his victim s soul, transferring it to the blade It s both sentient and telepathic and mostly uses their link to beg The Hunter to kill everyone around them The Hunter has no sense I hardly think the premise does the book justice here s a review that does The Hunter is a ruthless contract killer who always finishes his assignments and demands his payment right away His methods are as mysterious as his actual birth name He does everything on his own terms Those who double cross him will find themselves brutalized in the worst possible way Rumors of his deadliness have spread far and wide, creating the illusion that he is invincible But when he finishes an assassination of a high ranking lord, he finds out that the aristocrat is involved with a criminal empire known as the Bloody Hand Only through dealing with these merciless thugs will The Hunter s invincibility be truly tested.
The reason this book gets a passing grade four stars if you re on Good Reads is because of how well constructed it is Everything is so intricately researched to where the author himself fee Two things you can always count on when you pick up an Andy Peloquin novel strong, well written characters with enough demons literal and figurative to fill an entire circle of Hell, and people getting killed in nasty ways Brave brave brave brave SIr Robin The Hunter prowls the streets of Voramis, a crime ridden city filled with corruptions, gangsters, and murderers He s the best assassin money can buy, a master of disguise, and possesses a blade that is well, possessed This blade, Soulhunger, cries out for blood, and if the Hunter doesn t feed it regularly, the voice in his head get louder and louder.
One day, The Hunter is hired to kill a man who turns out to not be what he appears And there begins a chain of events that will show the Hunter not only who and what he truly is, but where he came from In the coming war I m torn here because whilst this is undoubtedly a well written book, it relies on the shock factor of exceptionally heavy violence to pull it through the narrative and that just doesn t quite work for me That said, if you like your novels to be full of cut tendons and almost torture porn scenes, then this will probably be right up your alley There is certainly a market for that type of writing and if you are within that, then this is likely going to easily be a four star novel.
For me however, the violence felt gratuitous and rather unnecessary by the time I got half way through the novel It starts strongly with The Hunter tracking his latest prey and the sense of mystery is exceptionally well portrayed You want to find out about this deadly assassin and yet his own lack of memory means that details are slow to This was a good story, but I found it confusing at times There were a lot of minor characters and it was hard to remember who was who and why they were important The storyline itself reminded me of an old show I used to watch, Highlander I liked the character of the Hunter, and found him interesting I would have liked background on him, as one minute he s a mysterious character, and the next we find out he is half demon If I could give this book 2.
5 stars, I would At times, I had to put the book down as it got bogged down with the minor characters and I found it hard to get through I did like the fighting scenes, however Overall, an interesting tale though I feel it could use some improvement in making the story flow better and less players to the tale.
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