Download Epub Format ë The Boy Between Worlds PDF by ë Annejet van der Zijl

Download Epub Format ë The Boy Between Worlds PDF by ë Annejet van der Zijl The Boy Between Worlds A Biography was written by Annejet Van Der Zijl and translated by Kristen Gehrman When I chose this book, I was looking at ebooks on s Prime list As a Prime member I was able to get two books from books from all over the world list for free, so I looked them over and this one just stood out Even when I finally got around to beginning it, I had no idea what the book was about I hadn t even looked carefully at the cover and noted that it was a biography, I just thought I was reading a fiction book To my surprise, I found out this was not only a biography, but a Holocaust biography This put the book right on the top of my list The book is wonderfully well written and is about an unknown family who were resisters under the Nazis in the Net I chose this book as a freebie from Prime As I love historical fiction and non fiction, it was a great selection for me In a time when it was tabu for the races to mix, Rika from the Netherlands and Waldemar from Suriname were an unlikely couple She was, in fact, a married woman Her husband had her four children from their union and he made life miserable for her And until she became pregnant by her younger lover, he thought she would come back to him.
Then, in the midst of the Great Depression, they prospered because of Rika s ingenious idea of running a guest house, because everyone needed a place to get away By the time the Germans took over her home, it was basically a hotel on the North Sea Then later, because she had five children, she was allowed a larger home And they took full advantage of this by hiding Je This Is The Emotionally Stirring Story Of Unlikely Lovers Who Brave The Bigotry Of Their Era, Only To Be Victims Of The Even Larger Forces Of History At Work In World War II The Plight Of Anna A Lively And Charismatic Woman And Her Much Younger Second Husband Waldemar An Immigrant From The Dutch Colony Of Suriname , And The Fate Of Their Only Child, Waldy, After His Parents Are Murdered In The Nazi Concentration Camp For The Crime Of Harboring Jews In Their Boarding House Is UnforgettableWaldemar Is Unique As A Biracial Young Man In Post WWII Netherlands And His Search For His Own Path In Life Is Sure To Engage Even The Hardest Hearts An important WWII story from the Netherlands that is hard to put down and difficult to forget.
DiffcultThis novel was very well written, however it was difficult to read past a certain point The first part of the book regarding family life was extremely good until the part that graphically explained the horrors of war and what the Germans did to their enemies and the Jews in the concentration camps The last half of the book was terribly brutal and sad.
I wasn t quite sure what this book was when I opened it, and it started slowly But it picked up quickly The true and well documented story is a complex family history covering the joining through marriage of Protestant and Catholic families in the Netherlands in the early 20th century and the eventual failure of that marriage Following that separation, the wife meets and falls in love with a young man from Suriname Dutch Guiana at the time who comes to the Netherlands for an education He s of mixed race Gets complicated, but an amazing if improbable story, but truth is stranger than fiction The family which is completed with a son is torn apart by the Nazi conquest of the Netherlands after assisting in the hiding and rescue of Dutch Jews reminiscent of the Glad it was freeThe is the worst first pick ever I couldn t make it through 12% of the book Will delete from my library An unforgettable true storyA powerful true story about love and the sacrifices people made during the darkest of times Heartbreaking and unforgettable A must read.

Amazing WII storyThis is a great story about an amazing couple from the Netherlands pre and during WWII.
This story of a mixed race couple, her a married, white woman many years older than her Suriname born, black lover who meet in the Netherlands several years prior to Hitler s devastating march and takeover of the country brings nothing short of respect and admiration Not only do they appear to have nothing but absolute positive things remembered about them, they were an active part of the Dutch Resistance hiding Jewish and non jews during the war in their home.
I had never heard of this couple before choosing this book as my free Prime book of the month although it s already been made into a movie and won many awards overseas.
Repeating what I read in the Author s Notes at the end of this well written book, with all of the things this couple must hav Amazing human story about a white Dutch woman and her much younger black Suriname lover turned husband from before World War II and leading into the midst of the conflict The book delves into individuals backgrounds before the couples eventual meeting, the ensuing relationship, and finally their struggles during the Nazi invasion of the Netherlands.
I m very pleased with this First Reads pickup and while the book is new , apparently it s been around and beloved for many years over in the Netherlands The tale of Rika and Waldemar is even a 2011 Dutch film called Sonny Boy While I m ignorant on the amount of writing that can be attributed to the original author vs the translator, the literary nonfiction style was excellent and suited the story perfectly There are many different timelines and people involved, yet it was told succ

Annejet van der Zijl is a Dutch writer Born in 1962, she studied mass communication at the UVA in Amsterdam and did a MA International Journalism at City University in London She worked in magazine journalism until 2000, meanwhile publishing her first book Jagtlust, about a ramshackle villa that in the sixties was a meeting place for many artists and poets Annejet van der Zijl lives in Amsterda