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5 to 4.
0 stars I really struggled between giving this 3 or 4 stars and settled closer to 4 for one primary reason the ending of the story was deeply emotional and I believe will stay with me for some time Apart from the excellent ending, the rest of the story was well written, moved along at a good pace and kept me interested.
Brilliant This a deceptively simple story, told in simple, uncomplicated prose, but with unexpected depth and relevance It might come off as slightly trite now, as with most mid 20th century fiction set in the near future the late 1980s, of all things , but I m sure in 1963 it was truly a sign of the times What I m sure hasn t lost its charge over the years is the tint of sadness, of individualized despair, that permeates the book and ultimately embitters the characters No one escapes their self destructive fears not the American government, not the curious scientist, and most especially not the titular visitor who comes to save his world but can t even save himself The film version, starring David Bowie, is far surreal and symbolically charged and, as with any Nicholas Roeg film, obsessed with sexuality , but the plot is almost completely the same, and an Popular books, The Man Who Fell to Earth Author Walter Tevis This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Man Who Fell to Earth, Essay By Walter Tevis Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You no ray guns are fired or space battles waged in this poignant novel there is a spaceship yes, but it is incapacitated after it deposits its passenger on earth the passenger is an alien from a dying planet named anthea and he s looking for an escape a place for the remnants of his people his name on earth will be t.
j newton sometimes called tommy and this novel is his story, of how our world affects him, physically and emotionally, as he tries to achieve his mission.
there s not much of a plot this is a quiet novel, engaged with the dissolution of a human being not of earth by its influence, by his alienation he is entirely outside and his loneliness and despair at the earth and the oblivion of its people is deeply felt despite the fact that the novel is Come si possono sbizzarrire gli autori di fantascienza nel creare i loro personaggi provenienti dai luoghi pi remoti dell universo, quasi nessuno altro, e il lato razionale e irrazionale che c in me ringrazia e evade con piacere immenso.
Questo uomo che, quasi letteralmente, precipita sulla terra, ci colpisce per la sua dolcezza, per il suo essere determinato, calmo e mai violento, per la sua imperturbabilit.
Dal punto di vista fisico poi una scoperta molto alto, pi di uno e novanta, ha ossa fragile e cave come quelle di un uccellino e pesa pochissimo cos che il suo corpo leggero mal sopporta la forza di gravit terrestre, i capelli sono bianchi mentre il resto del corpo non ha peli, fatta eccezione per ciglia e sopracciglia, gli occhi celesti dallo sguardo dolce e mite, le dita lunghe e prive naturalmente di u La maggior parte degli uomini vive una vita di quieta disperazione.
Walden ovvero vita nei boschi Henry David Thoreau 1963 Quanto ci utile conoscere la biografia di Walter Tevis per cogliere aspetti importanti di questa storia Molto.
Moltissimo E cos , leggendo cheha vissuto tra il nativo Kentucky e la meta finale delle sue peregrinazioni, New York, con problemi di alcolismo sempre pi gravi Era stato un bambino con problemi di salute, gracile, timido, solitariodiventa veramente impossibile non farsi saltare all occhio la dimensione speculare con il protagonista di questo romanzo Thomas Jerome Newton un personaggio assai particolareNon era un uomo, eppure era molto simile a un uomo Era alto uno e novanta, e certi uomini sono anche pi alti aveva i capelli bianchi come quelli di un albino ma la faccia era leggerme This novel follows an extraterrestrial, arriving on Earth to see if he can find a way to bring his drought suffering people into the planet so that they might live This is one of my favourite science fiction classics, and is truly worth the read, as an exploration, not only of science, but of the human nature and politics We get a deep understanding of the main character, as he suffers for being an alien in a planet that will hurt him if they discover who he is, and the pressure of thinking of his people s extinction I will tell you this, if it were a Greek play, it would be classified as a tragedy, and if you are like me, you might just weep tears of blood at the end and curse humanity for who we are and what we do, because of fear and igno

Only came to this book through a winding road of Valis by PKD in his description of David Bowie in the novel PKD was influenced by Bowie in the movie The Man Who Fell to Earth I watched, thought it was interesting, and THEN finally read the novel, which, I m sure most people will agree, was a lot better than the movie That being said, I did like the book quite a bit, being an outsider type of novel with a lot to say about those earthling aliens Fun read and well done, well worth being a classic, although perhaps it doesn t date as well as other novels No heavy science, just a sociological discussion.
The Man Who Fell to Earth is my second Walter Tevis novel and unfortunately I didn t like it anywhere near as much as I did The Queen s Gambit Superficially it s a sci fi novel the protagonist is Thomas Jerome Newton, an alien from the planet Anthea Venus , who comes to Earth to make enough money to build a rocketship to send back home and bring his people over to water rich Earth Alright, fine, that s the premise and, very loosely, the plot What it is in actuality About a sad and lonely alcoholic who happens to be an alien What frustrated me the most was how little happened Newton gets rich patenting alien tech Then he continues to amass wealth And he continues to amass wealth He meets a couple people along the way And he continues to amass wealth He I had nearly forgotten why people start reading in the first place the joy of an honest story I m so used to the writer as the essential protagonist, the writing as his conflict, and whether or not I want to throw away his book as his comedic or tragic end But this just unfolds cleanly, without seeming consciously written at all Never an ohhh that was beautiful and very rarely a distracting wince I got deeply engaged without any self discipline at all It s lightening quick and so satisfying that I had to, for the first time, linger in a subway station to finish a book because I didn t want to wait until I got home And that precise location, my friends, was the enigmatic, Escher like layer of the W 4th St station, between the blue and the orange floors, quite possibly the smelliest place out there, just to attest to the refreshment of the reading experience I

Walter Stone Tevis was an American novelist and short story writer Three of his six novels were adapted into major films The Hustler, The Color of Money and The Man Who Fell to Earth His books have been translated into at least 18 languages.