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[Derek Künsken] á The Quantum Magician [space PDF] Ebook Epub Download á Belisarius Is A Quantum Man, An Engineered Homo Quantus Who Fled The Powerful Insight Of Dangerously Addictive Quantum Senses He Found A Precarious Balance As A Con Man, But When A Client Offers Him Untold Wealth To Move A Squadron Of Warships Across An Enemy Wormhole, He Must Embrace His Birthright To Even Try In Fact, The Job Is So Big That He Ll Need A Crew Built From All The New Sub Branches Of Humanity If He Succeeds, He Might Trigger An Interstellar War, But Success Might Also Point The Way To The Next Step Of Homo Quantus Evolution The Quantum Magician is the debut sci fi novel from Derek K nsken It s a book nominally about a heist and a con, moving some impossibly precious things from one place to another without interacting with the intervening authorities But it s also a story about humanity and transhumanism about the way people are willing to change themselves or others to adapt to an environment, and about the costs that are born out of that decision It s about old friendships and new alliances the trust you can put into those who have never betrayed you, and in those who have hurt you before It s a human story well, mostly One about people, the way they interact with each other, what they re willing to do, and what or who they re willing to compromise to reach their goals But there s also a sweeping array of space battles, and a sprawling universe ou 5 Stars Outrageously Imaginative Delicious hard science, even to the mysteries of quantum unknowns, quantum possibilities Great prose, fabulous characters, far better than any Oceans 11 rip off you could imagine Rigorously founded in real science, and extrapolating wonderfully into sci fi I m happy to watch various physical laws be broken now and then for such a great heist plotAs usual with my reviews, please first read the publisher s blurb summary of the book Thank you, NetGalley and Solaris for this ARC.
Some amazing world building here, and the relationship between the Puppet race of humans and their Divine masters, the Numen, is extraordinary I ve never read such an incredible master slave race construct before.
This is a heist story, with each extraordinary character fulfilling a role in the crime, each one

originally posted at multifarious, space faring human civilization Derek K nsken envisions for his debut novel The Quantum Magician relies on a network of wormholes to move from system to system Powerful patron nations control all the wormholes while subordinate client nations must contract with patrons to use them The Sub Saharan Union, a small client nation, longs for independence from the hegemonic Congregate, which controls access to the only wormhole to and from their planetary system For decades the Union s Sixth Expeditionary Force, made up of obsolete, second hand warships, developed advanced weapons and propulsion technology in secret To launch their attack before the Congregate learns of its existence, the Sixth needs to cross a wormhole axis controlled and defended by the Federation of Puppet Theocracies The Puppets want h I have no problems raving about this book It has everything I love about SF and then I get the best things I love about the thriller mystery genre HEISTS.
At first, I believed this was written as a homage or a accessible version of Hannu Rajaniemi s Quantum Thief, and I was right to a degree It forwent the truly odd stuff and gave us a readable and full explanation of quantum mechanics and name dropped a few while throwing us into a widespread future that never quite touched the singularity.
In other words, it had odd cultures and odder branches of humanity but it still felt a lot like everything we know Bruisers coming in the form of gene modded humans able to withstand punishing pressure, a technician in the form of insane AI who think he is a Saint from three thousand years ago or an inside man who is a part of a whole people modded to worship everything about self torture

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