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[ Read Online On His Knees ß zambia PDF ] by Laura Kaye ↠´ You are my weakness You are my strengthBEST OF THE SERIES God, I absolutely LOVE this series Laura Kaye has done it again She has brought ME to my knees with her latest installment in the ever so SEXY Blasphemy Series On His Knees tells the story of self discovery, acceptance, and forgiveness From the very moment Jamie and Alex locked eyes, SPARKS FLEW and I was a complete goner Emotional from start to finish, I wanted to absorb every single word, every single chapter, every single moment between these two characters My heart ached and burst for these two and I wanted to crawl through the pages of the book and give them both big hugs and kisses and tell them it s all going to be okay.
The absolute rawness I m in this happy reading mood at the moment where I like almost all the books So it could be when I reread this at another time I will like it less, but for now, I liked this.
Jamie is 29 years old and can t figure out why all his relationships seem doomed from the start When his last girlfriend breaks up with him, he is tired of the never ending cycle of finding a woman to start a mediocre relationship with.
When he gets tattooed, his friend who is tattooing him calls him a masochist And that makes Jamie think Yes, he does like pain Could that be why all his relationships fail When he gets introduced to a Dom through a friend, he decides to see what turns his crank.
Alex is a sadist, but he can t seem to find that one perfect sub When he meets Jamie and shows him around the club, he sees so much eagerness in the other man, he really wants to be the one to show Wellllll this sucks I had high hopes going in since I d read and really liked Kaye before plus kink It s glitterkink though which I should ve picked up on from the blurb My bad Glitterkink is not my jam The protocols and honorifics were tolerable and it wasn t overly BDSM 101 but still glitterkink I like the subversiveness of the club being a former church, though That made me titter Blasphemy indeed There is one force play scene that was bad wrong in the best possible way Many things are cursorily tried and or mentioned kink wise D s, spanking, CBT, face fucking and breath play, lite bondage and humiliation, forced orgasms with mentions of orgasm denial, electroplay and impact play but none was very inspired or intense There was nowhere near as much PAIN as I was hoping for from a book purportedly focused on SM The plot is straightforward new masochist and sub meets experienced sadist 3.
5 stars On His Knees was the fourth book in Laura Kaye s Blasphemy series.
Alex McGarry was a Psychiatrist Alex was one of the co owners, Master Dominants and a sadist at Blasphemy, a BDSM club He had been one of the founders who loved the life but lately, at forty, was feeling unsettled and unfulfilled He wanted to settle down but couldn t find a submissive that fit.
Jamie Fielding was an attorney and was just coming off another relationship failure where he couldn t figure out why he felt so empty in relationships He turned to his tattoo artist for yet another tattoo where he thrived on the pain when he was referred to Blasphemy for exploring his masochistic feelings.
The storyline was focused on two men who had u

5 BIG stars Omg this was a 100% yesss I love it read.
My heart was knocking through my chest.
This was one wonderful read Jamie ending his relationshiphe can t not any He doesn t understand himself, why does he feel disconnected as alwaysUntil a friend gives him a master advice Try a ride to bdsm club Blasphemy There he goes He gets an introduction at the club by Master AlexSadist Alex is blown away by the beautiful natural submissive Jamie When they both scene together Alex ask him come back tomorrow night They arethan compatible and all the scenes are just wonderful And the question is asked every night.
Alex learns Jamie everything Alex even dares to think about the futureUntil Jamie makes a mistake and everything is over cut of overJamie has to show contrition he just has to.
the only way he knowsGod oh god this was all beautiful and heartbreaking and wonderful and breathtaking and I ca I haven t read any of the other books in this series but I don t think it made any difference to be honest.
This book was hot as a volcano but it also had a deep emotional connection between Alex and Jamie which was delightful to read The author also extends a gentle hand when dealing with the BDSM as it can sometimes be difficult to get across the need for the pain and humiliation.
In this, Jamie is resigned to never finding the deep emotional connection he sees others having in their relationships when a chance conversation with a friend during a tattoo session sends him to Blasphemy.
But Alex is also searching for something meaningful and when he finds an eager Jamie who ticks all his sadistic tendencies, it s a match made in Heaven.
There are hiccups on the way, but a misunderstanding is dealt with through Alex s fellow Dom s making him see how much he s hurt NOW LIVE 4 Solid Stars for the first 75% of the story.
1 Stars for the last 15%.
On His Knees is a quick read Everything happens over a span of a few weeks We re talking about insta love The kind of one that didn t sound dumb to me because Jamie and Alex really were a match made in heaven, at least I felt that way So, we have Jamie After many failed relationships and on the verge of his 30 years old Jamie had an epiphanyhe ll never be satisfied with any woman until he admits what he needs to submit and to be used hard With that in mind and with a friend s little push, Jamie becomes a man on a mission, he goes in search of himself.
Bravely and fearlessly, Jamie was beautiful to watch The guy really got off on pain The sensations and feelings conveyed by him in this search left me dazzled Feelzzzzzz and I was sold.
Alex McGarry is a 40 year old h Getting On His Knees Makes Him Question Everything And Want Even Another Failed Relationship Has Lawyer Jamie Fielding Confronting The Truth He Ll Never Be Satisfied With Any Woman Until He Admits What He Needs To Submit And To Be Used Hard When A Friend Invites Him To The Exclusive Blasphemy Club, Jamie Is Stunned To Find Everything He Ever Wanted In The Fierce, Ruthless Hands Of A ManPsychiatrist Alex McGarry Will Play With Anyone Who Craves His Rough Brand Of Domination, But What He Really Wants Is To Settle Down Which Makes The Submissive Male He Meets At His Club A Bad Idea The Man Might Be Hot As Hell But He S Also New To Everything Alex Has To Offer Except That Doesn T Keep Them From Coming Together Again And Again, Sating Every One Of Their Darkest DesiresMaster Alex Sets Jamie S Whole World On Fire And Makes Him Question Everything And That S Good Because Alex Won T Tolerate Hiding What They Have For Long And He Wants Much Than Just Having Jamie On His Knees

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