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↠´ Read » Graven Image by Ray Garton ß This is copy 28 of 457 copies signed by Ray Garton.
This is copy 28 of 457 copies signed by Ray Garton.
Hal Dillon Collects Strange Pieces Of Art Odd Paintings And Drawings, Quirky Sculptures When He Stumbles Upon The Bizarre Crucifix In A Curio Shop, He Decides To Take It Home And Add It To His Collection On The Wooden Cross Is A Hideous Figure Of Christ It Looks Angry And Hateful, And Its Teeth Have Been Filed Down To Sharp Points But This Piece Is Unlike Anything Else In Hal S Collection It Behaves In Very Un Christ Like Ways, And Turns Hal S Life Into A Living NightmareThis Is A Controversial Religious Horror Story As Only Ray Garton Can Write Dark, Thought Provoking, And Gruesome Praise For Its Length, Graven Image Covers An Amazing Amount Of Emotional Territory Curiosity, Insecurity, Love, Rapture, Terror, Disbelief, Rage, And Despair Float Through This Story, Each Registered Carefully And Well When The Horrors Kick In, As They Powerfully Do, Ray Garton Demonstrates A Master S Capacity For Extending And Maximizing The Good Old Tension Fear Affect So Necessary In A Story Of This Kind His Ending Introduces A Very Satisfying Ambiguity Why Did Nice, Attractive Jacquie Wake Up Screaming In Darkened Rooms Now, There S A Question To Haunt The Reader Of Graven Image, All The So Since The Answer May Never Be Given Peter Straub, Author Of Ghost Story And In The Night Room

Ray Garton is the author of several books, including horror novels such as LIVE GIRLS which has a movie in the works , CRUCIFAX, E4 AUTUMN, and THE FOLKS thrillers like TRADE SECRETS and SHACKLED and numerous short stories and novellas He s also written a number of movie and television tie ins for young readers He lives with his wife, Dawn, in California.