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Ø Read ä The Church in Babylon Study Guide by Erwin W. Lutzer Ø How should Christians relate to a world where they are increasingly marginalized There has been a decline in Christian value and culture Christians are no longer respected, no longer seen as a light to the world Lutzer helps us understand the problem and what we can do.
Lutzer suggests we cannot hide Christians are to infiltrate without contamination Our love should abound, even as we refuse to compromise our convictions 94 Christians must know where to draw the line in obeying God rather than the state.
Lutzer has been around long enough that he is not afraid of telling the truth, even though it might offend He writes, technology is weighted against a pure mind and Christ honoring lifestyle 124 He has good information on the transgender issue His insights on the gift of celibacy are enlightening I appre This book compares the modern day church to the Israelites in Babylon When the Israelites arrived in Babylon, God told them to build houses, plant crops and plan to stay We are not to run away from the culture that God has placed us in either We are to be a light right where we are We are to keep the faith in this hostile environment and stand strong when others bow In the face of technology, we are to have the courage to face this potentially deadly enemy We are to confront the lies of our culture concerning the LGBT issues Dr Lutzer even instructs us on how we are to deal with the issues of Islam and immigration by balancing compassion and security We are to defend the faith and share the message of the gospel We, as a church, will prevail in this hostile culture I read the audio version of this book from Chri Thought provoking Lutzer s book opened my eyes to some of my own thought patterns that have shifted over the years, and this made me take a hard look at things Am I truly living out truth Or am I living so comfortably that I ve become complacent I am grateful for having had the opportunity to read this book and I intend to share it with others Maybe even my pastor if he has not read it already.

First sentence The church in Babylon Those four words plunge us into the heart of our present cultural context here in the West.
True or false The church s values should be different from the world s values.
True or false When traditional church values clash with contemporary cultural values, the church should change to keep in step with the times.
True or false The Bible s message changes for each and every generation Each generation is to keep what is relevant and speaks to them and throw out the rest.
True or false The Bible has been misunderstood by every single generation except this one.
True or false There is only one absolute truth, and that one fundamental, not to be questioned truth is this THERE ARE NO ABSOLUTE TRUTHS.
True or false How does the church live in exile Can it This is the basic premise and question this book offers to answer short answer yes, and it can thrive There s a lot that I liked about this book Lutzer is a great author and pastor with many years of experience and scholarship behind him so the book comes with the expected weight of an author of that calibre He accurately diagnoses the problem facing the church in the Western world of increasing marginalization and even hostility though in a very westernized form of the word He places his finger on the various points at which the North American church has failed at holding fast to the faith once for all delivered to the saints and instead gone the way of compromise or seeking to be culturally relevant by playing to the whim of eve I rarely give 5 star reviews but I literally could not put this book down So much information for people of faith to consider and digest I never fully understood the depth of each subject written about in this book and now I feelinformed and able to have a logical discussion about each one with a christian or non christian.
Christians live in a world increasingly intolerant to expressions of faith Erwin W Lutzer likens the state of Christians today to that of Jews in the days of Jeremiah who found themselves carried off to the nation of Babylon, surrounded by a strange culture Like biblical Daniel and his friends, we need to be lights in a dark world.
The strange culture that surrounds us today needs to feel the impact of Christianity Lutzer faults the church for teaching college students but not training them to express the reliability of scripture and a Christian worldview of ethics, sexuality and personal values He writes, Most college students are not talked out of their faith, they are mocked out of it Shamed into silence Chapters address When the How Do We Live Faithfully In A Country Becoming And Hostile To Our Faith In Christ Like The Israelites In Babylon, We Must Find A Way To Maintain Our Faith In The Midst Of A Pagan Culture But That Requires We Answer Two Crucial Questions How Did We Get Here How Do We Prepare For The Dark And Difficult Days Ahead In The Church In Babylon Study Guide, Dr Lutzer Answers Both Of These Questions He Will Walk You Through The Many Parallels Between The Church In America And God S People In Babylon, And Embolden You To Be A Gospel Witness As You Work Through The Book, You Ll Be Encouraged Not To Compromise Your Faith Even When Under Constant Pressure From All Corners Of Society And Than All This You Will Have A Fresh Encounter With Jesus Christ, As You Delve Into The Biblical Role Of Those In ExileThis Study Guide Will Help You To Engage The Material Via Study Questions, Discussion Points, And Personal Reflection The Church In Babylon DVD Is Also Available To Help Guide Your Group Or Individual Study This well written, readable book is eye opening, convictIng, and encouraging The author s purpose in writing this book is to bring believers in our nation to an awareness of all the social and moral changes taking place around us, and then giving Biblical instruction on how to maintain a clear testimony for Christ during these troubled times Dr Lutzer compares our situation today with the Jews who lived in captivity in Babylon, and the similarities are striking The author writes about all of these things in a very forthright and sure manner By the end of the book, the call to action in a Christlike manner is very clear I m thankful for the impact this book has already had on my life.
I received a copy of this book from the publisher All opinions are my own.
Excellent stuff Bolstering for Christians living in a country that has dramatically shifted away from the Judeo Christian ethic over the last few decades Covers a good range of topics with understanding and practical wisdom.

Erwin W Lutzer is senior pastor of The Moody Church in Chicago A graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and Loyola University, he is the author of numerous books, including the Gold Medallion Award winner Hitler s Cross and the best seller One Minute After You Die He is also a teacher on radio programs heard on than 700 stations throughout the United States and the world, including S