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Í Maybe You Should Talk to Someone Æ Download by Í Lori Gottlieb I rarely give a book one star because I don t want to be mean, but this book was a complete waste of my time and it had such great reviews from so many people I feel like I was cheated out of however long it took me to read well, actually listen If you want to read about psychotherapy, go to the real sources If you want to read a memoir, go read a good one I just don t even know what the point of this was.
I m really not sure what to say about this book The positives I like that it is open and honest about mental health, therapy, self love, and facing our fears even if we re unaware what those fears are More books with a focus on these themes need to be written I felt close to each character as I got to know them and truly cared about the outcome of each of their stories The not so positives I m not really sure what the point of this book is It seemed like a journal that the author later decided to publish which she kind of admits to at the end It was clearly therapeutic to her to write it and make sense of what she had been through, but I m not sure how helpful her breakup experience is to the rest of us The structure was a bi From A New York Times Best Selling Author, Psychotherapist, And National Advice Columnist, A Hilarious, Thought Provoking, And Surprising New Book That Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of A Therapist S World Where Her Patients Are Looking For Answers And So Is She One Day, Lori Gottlieb Is A Therapist Who Helps Patients In Her Los Angeles Practice The Next, A Crisis Causes Her World To Come Crashing Down Enter Wendell, The Quirky But Seasoned Therapist In Whose Office She Suddenly Lands With His Balding Head, Cardigan, And Khakis, He Seems To Have Come Straight From Therapist Central Casting Yet He Will Turn Out To Be Anything But As Gottlieb Explores The Inner Chambers Of Her Patients Lives A Self Absorbed Hollywood Producer, A Young Newlywed Diagnosed With A Terminal Illness, A Senior Citizen Threatening To End Her Life On Her Birthday If Nothing Gets Better, And A Twenty Something Who Can T Stop Hooking Up With The Wrong Guys She Finds That The Questions They Are Struggling With Are The Very Ones She Is Now Bringing To Wendell With Startling Wisdom And Humor, Gottlieb Invites Us Into Her World As Both Clinician And Patient, Examining The Truths And Fictions We Tell Ourselves And Others As We Teeter On The Tightrope Between Love And Desire, Meaning And Mortality, Guilt And Redemption, Terror And Courage, Hope And Change Maybe You Should Talk to Someone Is Revolutionary In Its Candor, Offering A Deeply Personal Yet Universal Tour Of Our Hearts And Minds And Providing The Rarest Of Gifts A Boldly Revealing Portrait Of What It Means To Be Human, And A Disarmingly Funny And Illuminating Account Of Our Own Mysterious Lives And Our Power To Transform Them ONE STAR AUDIOIt s not you, it s me Anne Bogel enthusiastically raved about this book on her weekly podcast What Should I read Next She recommended it in the same breath as Ask Again, Yes and I am obsessed with that book So, despite my misgivings about listening to all the therapist speak, I used a precious Audible credit on Maybe You Should Talk to Someone A Therapist, Her Therapist, and Our Lives Revealed.
Lori Gottlieb has had an interesting life working in Hollywood first as a tv producer on shows like Friends Then, quitting that glam life to enter medical school, then quitting medical school to train as a therapist All the while, freelance writing and selling her articles to magazines Got all that I could only l Check out my review on Booktube Ever have a book that just completely blows you away This was THAT book for me.
I listened to the audio which was perfection The narrator was one of the best I ve ever listened to but I had to have a print copy for highlighting putting on my 5 bookshelf The set up LA therapist Lori Gottlieb finds herself in need of her own therapist, so we get alternating chapters with her and her wise therapist Wendell interspersed with chapters of Lori s sessions with her clients I was SO invested in every single client I felt like I was on a journey with them and by the end I wantedThis book is somewhat long 14 hour audio but I flew through it and would ve gladly read 100pages PSA for you.
Do not listen to the last 1 3 while drivingall the tears will most definitely cloud your vision like it did mine I didn t really have many expectations going into this except that I had heard a few good things about it on Booktube But it s a book I ended up telling everyone I know about as I was reading it This follows Lori, a therapist who goes to therapy herself after her boyfriend breaks up with her and she finds herself unable to cope with it What was supposed to be one or two emergency sessions leads into Lori discovering her grief over the break up might haveroot issues than she expected Told partly as Lori goes through her therapy, and partly through the therapy of her own patients, this was a really unique and human memoir I saw a few reviews saying they didn t get the point of this memoir but I think it didn t necessarily need a point For me, it was just a really nice book that demystified therapy and attempted to show how every person has similar issues, struggles and fears and how even I m writing this review to see if I can make sense of my experience with this book Even though I found myself immersed in it for days, and making as much time as possible to read it, the experience ended up not being completely satisfying for a few reasons.
My main complaint is the stories are real but are supposedly disguised enough to protect her clients privacy so they aren t real I was reading about those compelling characters and wondering what percentage of what she tells is the truth Fifty percent truth is not the same as ten percent truth, and what s the point of detailing a therapeutic process if you ve invented and mixed up the stories for literary privacy purposes I m a therapist myself and I know how unique each case is, how the eff

Audiobook narrated by Brittany Pressley Brittany was excellent I can see reasons for owing a hard copy as well as the Audiobook Lori Gottlieb is a psychotherapist who writes a Dear Therapist advice column She lives in Los Angeles She attended Yale and Stanford University She has an impressive life career resume We are taken into her therapy sessions with her clients We also walk through the door with Lori for sessions with her therapist This book is the real deal not cheesy cheap advice From both sides of the couch Lori is easy to relate to She has it terrific sense of humor She brings out thoughts feelings in us that melt naturally into our skin as easy as smoothing coconut oil on She s not obnoxious or too over the top She s honest reminding us how human we all are It s fascinating watching the way a therapist cracks open the slippery little What is therapy like The author breaks down the walls and gives us a peek behind closed doors into her sessions with clients as well as sessions with her own therapist, who she consults after a devastating break up We also get glimpses into the author s education, career, and her personal life.
I felt as if I got to know her and her patients and I became invested in their lives Details were changed for confidentiality, but the spirit of the stories remained true and the problems were real I cried with Julie and cheered when John and Rita made breakthroughs The author divulges some tricks of the trade and along the way imparts bits of wisdom that we can take away to use in our own lives.
I listened to this on audio and could have liste

LORI GOTTLIEB is a psychotherapist and New York Times bestselling author of MAYBE YOU SHOULD TALK TO SOMEONE, which is being adapted for TV with Eva Longoria In addition to her clinical practice, she writes The Atlantic s weekly Dear Therapist advice column and contributes regularly to the New York Times She is sought after in media such as The Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS This Mornin