Download Epub Format ä ReneCade (Hawkins Brothers/Quinten, Montana, #3) PDF by Ç Cameron Dane

Download Epub Format ä ReneCade (Hawkins Brothers/Quinten, Montana, #3) PDF by Ç Cameron Dane RENDERED SPEECHLESS 4.
5More of my reviews and thoughts on my blog PANTS OFF REVIEWSI love Cameron Dane I know, sounding like a broken record but she is just so gooooood when it comes to angst and the hottest sex Her men will leave you weak in the knees, it s a darn shame they have no interest in my girly bits because I would want these hot sexy men.
Ren is a gay man, the town don t know, his dad don t know The only people with any idea, are his best friends and one only knows because he is doing him Ren is in love with Tex, but Tex does not feel the same, to make matters worst he is in engaged to be married and Ren provides sexual relief Even though they truly are friends, Ren harbours feelings and the sex only keeps complicating them Tex will never leave his fianc , and Ren wantsfrom him with that their relationship comes t Renecade is a superb story, really moving and intense.
I was swept away by the characters really fast Cade is a sweet and reserved man but someone who need love A very bad experience in the past push him somehow to keep away from everyone and to trust no one Ren is a young stud who seems full of life and confidence but he is extremely insecure.
Their connection is intense and fragile at the same time, their need for each other makes them both frightened and clumsy I thought it will take years lol But even if the word L was not pronounced or much less thought i could feel it.
It was like i want you, i m falling in love with you, so stay away from me but i can t take my hands off you Then the mistake is done and it hurt so muchI cried a lot till the endThere is a back story about sabotage that has a surpris K so I drank the Cameron Dane kool aid LONG LONG ago She s pretty much my auto buy damn me and my angst addiction Ren and Cade are exactly what I love about Dane novels hot, fucked up, imperfect Cade, physically as well as emotionally , and stubborn as hell They re men They don t communicate, they use sex too often in stead of expressing emotions, and by dammit they are dickheads sometimes.
I LOVE IT Now make no mistake, there s lots of sex and it s hot but Dane likes to use some strange and repetitive descriptions at times and don t even ask how so many guys assholes throb with their heartbeatick , but the story here is great Ren is terribly insecure with major abandonment issues and a stupid crush on a childhood friend wh

My dislike for this book runs pretty deep, so those who don t like to read negative reviews should consider this fair warning.
From the very beginning, I didn t find either Ren or Cade a particularly sympathetic character Ren s sexual relationship with Tex particularly the way he went from frustrated and resentful of the limitations Tex imposed on their relationship to an immediate rationalization of his acceptance of those limitations set off warning bells for me Still, his conflicted feelings could have been indicative of a character trait that would build tension throughout the book a willingness to settle albeit bitterly for what he could get, even when he wantedSadly, though, this wasn t his only character flaw He s also immature, spoiled, and has aban Oh my god this book was so awesome I might have to add this to my top 5 favorite erotica books Ever Cade is a physically scarred police officer working in Montana near the Hawkins ranch He keeps himself all closed up and emotionally unattached to prevent something horrific from happening all over again However Cade has a hard time staying detached around Ren Ren is the sheriffs son, and Cade has had a thing for him for a long time When Cade overhears a private conversation between Ren and his friend Risa, he finds out Ren is gay Now, Cade really has to stay away from Ren so that A the sheriff doesnt find out about his crush, and B so that Cade doesnt let himself get hurt again Ren is so attracted to Cade despite the scars that mar half of his face When Cade is in a small car accident, Ren rushes out to see what happened and they share a scorching kiss Cade pulls away, de I ve been reading some of Cameron Dane s books They are a fun read not really deep, it is smut, after all , although I tend to skip the lengthy sex descriptions Who can get it up 5 times in one night anyway Sadly, I couldn t even remotely enjoy this one The characters were good, the premise was interesting and then come the annoying bits.
First, everything gets spelled out If an author feels the need to explain everything in great detail she is not doing a good job and at the same time insults the readers intelligence I mean yes, thank you, we get that Ren sidestepped a question by denying one part of it and leading the good deputy by his nose, but why does it have to be spelled out so much in detail we lose the point of the story Then the second, the whole cheating idea threw me for a loop So far the story is about Cade fucking Ren, Cade getting One of the best m m romances I ve read in that there s a lotcharacter development here due, no doubt, to the book s length This is one book I would have liked to have bought in print.
One thing I m beginning to notice as I readgay romances, is that the authors allow infidelity after the romance has begun For example, in this book, Ren cheats on Cade during as low point in their new relationship This is something rare in m f romances I ve never read an m f romance where either protagonist cheats and hurts the other after their romance has bloomed Granted, they may be some that I haven t come across but in my opinion, they re rare I really like that Renecade is filled with so much emotion The sex is much, muchexplicit than many I ve read so if this is going to be Lawman Cade McKenna Carries Deep Scars, Physical And Emotional Cowboy Ren Boone Hides His Fears Behind An Easy Smile When Sabotage Hits The Ecological Project Ren Is Working On, Cade Is Assigned The Case Suddenly, Cade Is Fighting An Attraction For The Boss S Son, And Ren Starts To See The Serious Deputy McKenna, A Man Who Can No Longer Smile, As Breathtaking And BeautifulAs Danger Mounts, Tempers And Desires Flare Out Of Control Ren And Cade Explode In An Act Of Passion That Sends Them Both Reeling A Secret Affair Begins, One Fraught With Peril And Misunderstandings Right From The Start Then Ren Makes A Catastrophic Mistake That Almost Costs Cade His Life Can Cade Forgive Him And Let Ren Back Into His Vulnerable Heart Publisher S Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable Anal Play Intercourse, Male Male Sexual Practices, Violence Note ReneCade Is Affiliated With Demon Moon And Falling An Erotic Love Story, But Can Be read As A Standalone Title Betrayal BETRAYAL A poor man s M M, sex filled, Shakespearean tale This book has a hint of Shakespeare gone gay, western and modern Things happening behind the scenes, melodrama, affairs, duplicitous parents, secrets being kept, and even some plotting going on.
It s hard to break down this story without giving anything away and, really, without the surprise factor this book is just angst for angst s sake When someone is especially melodramatic in a book I say that they are having a Marlon Brando Stella Stellllllllaaaaa moment Ren and Cade have one Marlon Brando moment after another, back to back I mean, these men are on their knees in the middle of a deserted street, heads thrown back, screaming, sobbing, and tearing their shirts with their bare hands It s borderin This has many long explicit sex scenes between two men It s ok if that s your mood.
Personally, I found myself skimming the sex scenes I preferemphasis on characters and plot.
The story line was ok, but it could have been better The main conflict is that Cade would not forgive something Ren did What Ren did was stupid, but he did have some justification He misunderstood Cade s actions I was confused by Cade s actions Then Cade held his grudge for an excessively long time But there is a happy ending.
A secondary story involved someone vandalizing property That person s motives, methods, and actions were not shown I would have likedabout that.
A minor problem too many characters s names started with C It took energy to keep them straight Cade, Caleb, Cain, Connor, and Crash.
DATA Narrative mode 3rd person Kindle count story length 8

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