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[ Pdf Off centre (One play series) ↠´ english-literature PDF ] by Haresh Sharma ñ This book highlights the plight of mental patients in society and how they are viewed by friends,family and the society at large It talks about their struggle to fit in and how the patients long for people to view them as normal.
I remember reading this book for my O levels many many years ago The power and impact of this story is not lostthan a decade later, and I remember how much I was left with when I watched the actual production, which definitely elevated the story.
Knowing the background of the play, the interviews and research that went into it helps overcome the irksome feeling that arises when reading the disjointed, staccato lines in which Vinod and Saloma sometimes speak Reading this still didn t change my opinion of Being Haresh Sharma though.
I don t like NUS I went there once after my army and told myself I m never going back The people there are so competitive, so shallow, no brains, no soul I think they will all graduate to become experts at photocopying.
I d rather not talk about my parents Their careers are going well They are top people So high you cannot see them any.
I really liked it It s moving and raw, and doesn t shy away from the painful experiences mental patients face I watched the ply and it was equally brilliant The ending was abrupt and touching, personally I thought it detailed how for depressive patients, objectively minor issues can be a trigger for them An important read The book is relatively short and yet, succinct There are 2 main characters Vinod and Saloma , who are both described as off centre The book showcases their thoughts and emotions and it is interesting to see how their paths converged and diverged Watching them grow and interact with a multitude of characters, and seeing how it shaped them captured my attention I don t think this review could do justice to a book that manages to touch and expound on mental illnesses so well that I could understand and see it as well The societal impact and the personal impact on these individuals What was most shocking yet eye opening was the fact that maybe we as a society have not done right by these individuals We have shunned them away and treated them as outcasts This play has definitely taken a difficult and taboo subject and brought it to light and forced us normal peo

5 stars Amazing.
Turning and turning in the widening gyreThe falcon cannot hear the falconerThings fall apart, the centre cannot holdMere anarchy is loosed upon the world Yeats, The Second ComingI really liked this play and its themes of people who are different, struggling, and marginalized by a society that thinks of them as off centre Perhaps one of the reasons why I could relate to this is because of its local setting Certain issues did cut through me like a knife particularly how I think of people who behave differently from me We think the only people who are people, are the people who think and act just like us Though I may not act like it, I see and observe my mind doing these things, and it makes me ashamed Am glad to have read this.
I got absorbed into the story Perhaps I have a new appreciation for this genre now that I took a class actually struggled to write a play I love how the characters in Off Centre contrast each other, especially Saloma Vinod I didn t expect how Vinod turned out in the end view spoiler Maybe I m too much of an optimist but I really wasn t expecting him to go downhill like that hide spoiler I came in with high expectations for the book which is often touted as a powerful take on mental illness in the Singapore context, and the play certainly delivered in that respect POSSIBLY MAJOR SPOILERSOne of my favourite scenes is the one where Vinod was in NS national service , his breakdown seemed disturbingly real He gets reprimanded for it, but I believe anyone in his circumstance who isn t off centre would have done the same.
While there were certainly many powerful scenes, I was slightly let down by the ending It didn t move me as much as the scene I mentioned earlier Yet, maybe that s what mental illness is like isn t it Vinod broke down at what seemed like a typical awkward teenage prom experience What we or at least I perceive as a paltry even Off Centre Is The Necessary Stage S Landmark Play In The History Of Singapore Theatre It Is Best Remembered For Bringing Mental Illness And Its Patients Plight To The Attention Of The Media And The PublicThe Play Uses Effective Techniques Of Flashbacks Moving The Characters In And Out Of Their Schizophrenic And Normal Selves To Elicit The Rational And Emotional Experiences Of Two Schizophrenics, Vinod And SalomaOff Centre Was First Staged In SeptemberAt The Drama Centre

Haresh is Resident Playwright of The Necessary Stage and co Artistic Director of the annual M1 Singapore Fringe Festival To date, he has written than 100 plays His play, Off Centre, was selected by the Ministry of Education as a Literature text for N and O Levels, and republished by The Necessary Stage in 2006 In 2008, Ethos Books published Interlogue Studies in Singapore Literature, Vol.