Ý Convergence (The Beginning After The End, #5) ì Download by Ý TurtleMe

Ý Convergence (The Beginning After The End, #5) ì Download by Ý TurtleMe I found the multiple first person perspectives annoying at first but once I got used to them it did move the story along and by the time I d finished the first three books was hooked Book 4 left a huge cliff hanger and I was worried there wouldn t be a book 5 But it finally showed up and it was a great addition to the series Basically this is an alternative earth book, well two really One the first earth the king, who got to be king by martial prowess, dies and is reborn on the second earth with full memories and martial skills but the second earth has different physics and magic He gets to grow up again with full adult knowledge Folks learn really quickly you don t pick on this kid but then having a girl friend his own age presents unique challenges Keeping that last from becoming uncomfortably weird was nicely d Keeps entertainingThe world being built by this author keeps me coming back forThe characters feel well built and the enemy at the gates feels truly terrifying Can t wait for the next book to release in order to see if the bad guys live up to the hype OMG WHERE S THE NEXT BOOK So, definitely not the first book you want to start off with, but I LOVE this series there s a lot of technical stuff and updates on the war and not a lot of character or plot developmentand then we get slammed with cliffhangers And this book still gets a four because there s just enough movement to keep me going and now those cliffhangers aren t letting me go until I get that next book Not my favoriteIt was not my favorite the author took all the set up and subplots and threw it all away and focused on the main plot It was disappointing in my opinion I liked it better when he used the subplots to further the story but now that was not my favorite of the series Lots of training.
And a lot of infodump I enjoyed Arthur s training with the asuras I have mixed feelings about the series overall And I ve run out of books darn.
Good storyThe best book in the series so far I liked the MC development the best A little bit heavy on the POV switching, but it did not detract from the storyline that much Really looking forward to the next installment of the series.
King Grey Has Unrivaled Strength, Wealth, And Prestige In A World Governed By Martial Ability However, Solitude Lingers Closely Behind Those With Great Power Beneath The Glamorous Exterior Of A Powerful King Lurks The Shell Of A Man, Devoid Of Purpose And WillReincarnated Into A New World Filled With Magic And Monsters, The King Has A Second Chance To Relive His Life Correcting The Mistakes Of His Past Will Not Be His Only Challenge, However Underneath The Peace And Prosperity Of The New World Is An Undercurrent Threatening To Destroy Everything He Has Worked For, Questioning His Role And Reason For Being Born Again GreatThis series is original and the character development is far ahead of other books like it a true five star.
Noooo I need the next one it was getting gooood Felt bad for Art during his training which made me wince but all in all it was great Next one please Fantastic again Another roller coaster of a ride of emotions and adventure, this is a great addition to the series I hope there are manybooks to come.

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