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↠´ Read ↠´ This I Know by Laura Dingman Ç How To Live Like God S In ControlDo You Worry Often About What The Future Holds Do You Long For Peace But Don T Know How To Have It Do You Know Factually That God Is Trustworthy, But Not Practically How To Live That Out This I Know Is A Bible Study For Those Who Want To Walk Upon The Water It Guides Women Into Biblical Truths About The Character Of God So They Can Step Faithfully Into The Unknown, Confident In The God They Do Know Corrie Ten Boom Said It Best, Never Be Afraid To Trust Your Unknown Future To A Known God Join Laura Dingman As She Journeys Through Acts , James , Habakkuk , Psalm ,Chronicles , And Joshua , Diving Into Subjects Like Abundance In Jesus, The Goodness Of God In Trial, And The Value Of Remembering God S Past Faithfulness Each Week Offers Opportunity For Prayer, Interaction With The Biblical Text, Journaling, And Group Discussion Using Scripture, Insights From Her Own Life, And Prompts For Reflection, Laura Points Readers Continuously To The Unchanging Character Of God, Helping Them Surrender Their Lives To Him And Give Him All Their Trust Trusting your future to the Lord when so much is going wrong is not an easy task.
In This I Know, Laura Dingman takes readers through a journey of discovery of scripture with the goal of getting to know the Lord better A better knowledge of the Lord helps us to live life with less free and anxiety even when hit with life s storms and an uncertain future It s important to note that Laura is not addressing medically diagnosed anxiety in this book.
Each week begins with an introductory study day to set a foundation for the concepts and study for the week The next 5 days are ain depth study of the concepts with study questions to really make you think about the scriptures you are reading and the ideas contained within The final day is Have you ever had an experience where it feels like God sends you a gift at just the right moment in your life, when He knows you need it most I ve had this happen to me several times recently This I Know Trusting Your Unknown Future to a Known God is a 6 Week Bible study written by Laura Dingman, and is part of the Bible Studies for Women series from Moody Publishers I haven t quite finished the study yet, but so far nearly every lesson has felt like a special message from God to me.
All of the Moody Bible Studies for Women have been incredible and taught me so much, but This I Know is extra special It arrived in my life in a very timely manner, and it truly feels that many of the daily lessons were written just for me Of course, I think many women will feel this way as they journey through the pages of this study, diving into topics such as understanding the true meani In This I Know, Laura Dingman invites the reader to participate in a Bible study where our unknown future doesn t look so daunting as we know and experience God It is a six week investigation into the truths of God s nature Each week has five lessons followed by a day of contemplation.
I am not a theologian or even an aspiring theologian, but I am a Christian and I enjoy Christian literature and Bible studies I found This I Know to be a little esoteric in its beginnings Week 1, Day 4 held a turnaround for me Up until this point, Dingman s writing only seemed real to me in her prayers and in some of her journaling prompts She comes down to earth for me as she examines Mary s response to the angel who told her she would be the mother of Jesus This is a discussion I can relate to This makes clear the kind of experiential knowledge of God that Dingman has pr Do you ever find yourself struggling with fear and anxiety If so, Laura Dingman s 6 week Bible study can help This I Know was written for those of us with minds that are prone to wander and stress about things that are beyond our sphere of control In this Bible Study, you ll learn how focusing on things that we don t control keeps us caught up in the enemy s cycle of fear, anxiety and worry, while focusing on God brings us peace, hope and joy.
This study is fabulous Each week has 5 days of lessons and interactive journaling assignments, beginning with Acts Paul and the Unknown God , but taking us all over the Bible as we explore a variety of topics including idolatry, the foundation of our faith and whether it s solid or faulty , our identity in Christ.
Whether you are reading This I Know by yourself or with friends, you will walk away agrounde Life in our times is filled with stress, pressures, and so many unknowns The modern world with all its advancements has greatly complicated our lives and added a myriad of unknowns It is not surprising that anxiety and fear have multiplied also As Christians we have hope and help in these daily struggles We have a mighty God who is here to help us and carry us through whatever we may face Ms Dingman s book gives us six weeks of study gives great encouragement and scriptural guidance to put life s distress where it belongs in the hands of our loving God The book is a treasure chest of reassurance and tools to trusting God with whatever life may throw your way, enabling you to have complete faith This changes our view whatever happens, making it a total game changer When we focus on the Lord instead of our circumstance Life is never easy We are bombarded with deadlines to meet and pressure to perform Families struggle to pay bills, while setting money aside for the future Worry and anxiety continue to press in from all sides What s next In This I Know Trusting Your Unknown Future to A Known God, we are reminded that God is always with us In the happy times In the sad times In dark days and in days of celebration Author Laura Dingman encourages us to focus on who God is and not on our circumstances When we rest in Him alone, we gain a different perspective.
Through multiple Scriptures, this study helps readers examine their hurts and recognize when God was with us in times of pain and sorrow, how we can gain a new mindset, and respond to God s invitation to cast our cares on Him This I Know encourages us to remember where we have been and to trust God to handle the future God used this study The thing I love about every Moody published Bible study is that I can trust it to be Biblical and beautiful.
This is a six week study and it was such a blessing to me as it addresses those horrible feelings of fear, anxiety and worry all things I ve been dealing with I loved how she points out who God is, His promises for us and all this helped to alleviate those horrible fearful feelings.
I really liked how she pulled her own personal stories into this Bible story, too, making it feelpersonal and also reassuring me that she knew how I was feeling when I get into those fearful areas of my life.
The five days of study were perfect for each week, leaving the weekend free for time with family or for making up a day if I missed one I also love the be This I KnowTrusting Your Unknown Future to a Known Godby Laura DingmanMoody PublishersChristianPub Date 02 Jan 2018I am reviewing a copy of This I Know through Moody Publishers and Netgalley If you worry about what the future holds, and honestly who doesn t from time to time this book will help you to live like God is in control, because he is.
We are reminded that we are often trying to fill in the unknown We are also reminded not to make a God of Idols This book reminds us too that we need to think about what we believe.
We are reminded too that Prayer does change things.
This six week study takes us through Acts 17, James 1, Habukuk 3, Psalms 46, 2nd Chronicles 20 and Joshua 3 Dealing with subjects such as abundance in Jesus, along with the goodness of God in trial As well as the value of This I Know is a 6 week Bible study learning to trust Godand fear less Laura Dingman explores a different truth about God each week that will show you how much He really cares about you, and that He can really be trusted You will learn how to apply this truth to your life so you can live worry free and fearless.
Through Scripture memory, personal reflection stories and questions that go deeper so you can internalize what you are learning, Dingman highlights Scripture in a way that will help you in your spiritual ewalk.
In your study of This I Know , you will grow in trust and learn to operate in faith You will definitely learnabout God and yourself in this insightful six week study The study is a daily study that leads to an excellent s