Download Epub Format Û La Tentation de Saint Antoine PDF by Ð Gustave Flaubert

Download Epub Format Û La Tentation de Saint Antoine PDF by Ð Gustave Flaubert 3.
5 stars.
My head is still hurting It s said that Flaubert had read nearly 1500 books for Bouvard and P cuchet, I wouldn t be surprised if he read just as many for this one A vivid and terrifying fever dream, a spectacle of horrors and temptations It s hard to believe this is the same Flaubert who wrote Madame Bovary.
It is based off of the Christian fable the monk, Anthony, goes to the desert to meditate and pray, and the devil tempts him and indeed, how the devil tempts him All the obsessive desires of lust, of gluttony, and then the seductions of heresy and following false prophets, and then the submission to the vastness of the cosmos, the contradictions of scripture, and a display all of life itself.
I do not believe in God as Christians do But I recognize that temptation is fierce and unrelenting, and Flaubert captures it totally, and without reservation Flaubert s inimitable style shines even brighter here It is, in itself, almost a religious revelation.
Not 5 stars becaus Antoine est un anachor te gyptien des d buts du christianisme, dont la vie nous a t relat par Anathase Vie de saint Antoine D apr s cet auteur, il aurait t emb t par des d mons venus pour le tenter d abandonner sa rude et difficile retraite, en lui faisant miroiter tous les plaisirs qu il abandonnait par sa d cision Il s agissait de glorifier la r solution d Antoine qui, loin d accorder la moindre chance ces fant mes, les chassait avec vigueur, raffermi par sa foi in branlable.
Le sujet a inspir de nombreux tableaux, dont un qui marqua particuli rement Flaubert lors d un voyage en Italie Il en forma le projet d en faire une pi ce de th tre, mais il mit des ann es et des ann es avant de lui donner forme C est que pour parvenir au bout de son dessein, il lui fallait s impr gner de son sujet d une mani re tout fait admirable, e Ce livre aurait bien pu finir dans les flammes, si Flaubert avait suivi l avis de ses amis apr s la lecture qu il leur fit de son manuscrit Fort heureusement pour nous, l auteur n en fit rien et, bien au contraire, retravailla son uvre continuement, si bien qu elle devint, selon ses propres termes, l uvre de toute sa vie il en existe d ailleurs plusieurs versions.
Le Saint Antoine de Flaubert tirerait ses influences litt raires aussi bien du Cain a Mystery de Byron, du Faust de Goethe, que du Ahasuerus d Edgar Quinet on peut sans aucun doute ajouter La Divina Commedia de Dante Une deuxi me source d inspiration serait le th tre de rue, dans la tradition des mysteres m di vaux Enfin et peut tre surtout , il s agit d un livre inspir par la peinture une Tentation de Brueghel cont The temptation of Saint Anthony is Flaubert s entire life s work He had had the first idea of it in 1845, in Genoa, Italy, by watching a painting by Breughel, The Temptations of Saint Anthony Besides, in the descriptions of the book, we find many of Breughel s paintings Since that time, he hasn t stopped thinking about it.
In 1846, Flaubert launched into immense readings, without any apparent goal, but all of which gravitated or less around the Greco Latin antiquity and led by infinite detours on this terrible subject Saint Anthony.
Flaubert works on his Saint Antoine, episodically, all his life long He wants to get into the skin of Saint Anthony This is also a book that mustn t fail to write I know what s missing now, but it takes time, time In 1869, Flaubert starts again working on his Saint Anthony He devours ecclesiastical memoi

I shamefacedly admit that I don t read a lot of work that wasn t originally written in English The reason being that I almost always feel like something is lost in translation and that bugs the shit out of me For some authors, though, one has to make an exception.
As far as I can tell, from my admittedly embarrassing monolingual viewpoint, this is a good translation It reads fluidly and naturally and, from what I ve read about Flaubert s writing style, seems to be true to the author s methodology.
While this novel doesn t really have what modern readers would consider to be a conventional narrative the titular protagonist is essentially a passive observer throughout and his only real action is to actively choose not to act one can t help but be swept up in the wonderful kalaedoscope of sup Mille tentazioni non fanno un obiezione.
Acaba Bu uel, Sim n del Desierto filmini bu kitaptan m esinlendi Ayn o filme benzemiyor mu Filmin sonunda Sim n u kapitalizm nas l ele ge irdiyse kitapta da Hilarion Antonius un ruhundaki bencilli i ele ge iriyor Tam bir dinsel ve mitolojik len ya at yor n ne tanr s zl ve bilimi koyuyor Haz, ehvet Antonius un ruhunu ele ge iremez, izni yok nk Ancak eytan bir metafor olarak bilimi temsil ediyor Asl nda Sim n un de i imi gibi bir ey ya am yor mu Antonius O da kapitalizm ile tanr s zl se miyor mu Kitapta ermi denilmesinin sebebi bilime ermesi mi, yoksa her ne olursa olsun de i memesi mi Bilmiyorum Goodreads ta ok fazla yorumla kar la amad m, 1000Kitap ta bana bu filmi hat rlatan arkada n yorumuna te ekk r ediyorum Filmi y llar nce bilin siz bir ekilde izlemi tim O sekanslar ve verilmek istenen mesajlar anlamayarak izlemi tim itiraf ediyorum Ama bu yorumla ve okudu um kitapla film sahne The Temptation of Saint Anthony is a work of stunning literary as opposed to theological erudition Flaubert carefully reviews the pagan religious systems of Greece, Rome and Egypt and touches on seemingly every significant Christian heresy active during the life time of Saint Anthony Among the ones that I could recognize were Apollinarism, Montanism, Gnosticism, Docetism, Melchisedechism, Monophysitism, Nestorianism and Donatism He may well discuss many that I cannot recognize Finally, Flaubert examines other Eastern religions such as Mithraism, Zoroastrism, and Mazdism that arrived in Rome roughly at the same time as Christianity When Flaubert confronted Saint Anthony with Buddha I assumed he had committed an anachronism However, when I checked on the Web, I learned that Buddhism had in fact been written about in v A Book That Deeply Influenced The Young Freud And Was The Inspiration For Many Artists, The Temptation Of Saint Anthony Was Flaubert S Lifelong Work, Thirty Years In The Making Based On The Story Of The Third Century Saint Who Lived On An Isolated Mountaintop In The Egyptian Desert, It Is A Fantastical Rendering Of One Night During Which Anthony Is Besieged By Carnal Temptations And Philosophical Doubt

Gustave Flaubert December 12, 1821 May 8, 1880 is counted among the greatest Western novelists He was born in Rouen, Seine Maritime, in the Haute Normandie Region of France.Flaubert s curious modes of composition favored and were emphasized by these peculiarities He worked in sullen solitude, sometimes occupying a week in the completion of one page, never satisfied with what he had composed,