Í The Lost Boys å Download by » Craig Shaw Gardner

Í The Lost Boys å Download by » Craig Shaw Gardner I don t think I even finished this book.
I like to read adaptations of movies I like because I like to know backstory, motivations, the things the director editor left on the cutting room floor Alan Dean Foster is particularly good at this, and Vonda McIntyre s adaptations of ST II and III genuinely add to the stories.
Gardner offered none of these it was a word for word transcription of the script without even an attempt to flesh things out.
i love it especially how it stuck to the movie but with extras they were awesome a very good read I bought this book because the movie was one of my favorite movies in the 80s a movie about vampires who ride motorbikes, AND a kick ass soundtrack how could I resist.
This is a good movie tie.
They don t sparkle, they don t mope.
they feed.
It was fun to read, in the novel, what was cut from the movie A true classic First saw the movie when I was five saw it and loved it read it an loved it sleep all day party all night it s fun to be a vampire An absolutely top notch novelization Well worth its treasure hunt publication status If you re interested, I was a guest to discuss it on an episode of I read Movies A Mother And Her Two Sons Move To A Small Coast Town In California The Town Is Plagued By Bikers And Some Mysterious Deaths The Younger Boy, Sam, Makes Friends With Two Other Boys, The Frogg Brothers, Who Claim To Be Vampire Hunters Meanwhile The Older Boy, Michael, Is Drawn Into The Gang Of Bikers By A Beautiful Girl Named Star Michael Starts Sleeping Days And Staying Out All Night While Sam Starts Getting Into Trouble Because Of His Friends Obsession I absolutely love the story of The Lost Boys Because of this I also wanted to fall in love with this novel Ever since seeing the movie I wanted to know about them only to find that the book really didn t supply much Sure, there were little scenes that tightened some parts up the author reveals why certain things are done I just feel like Craig Shaw Gardner got lazy in several parts when he wasn t interested Aside from that, I didn t mind that it was nearly word for word with the movie After all, it is based off that screenplay Next time, instead of reading the book I think I ll just watch these sexy and horrifying vampires in the movie.
The Lost Boys by Craig Gardner, even though it was written as a publicity stunt for the movie is still a great entertaining read As a little in there that isn t in the movie that you can pick out if you read the book after watching it, not much though But never the less you should give it a read, that is if you can find a copy.

Peter Garrison