↠´ Sometime After Midnight Ê Download by â L. Philips

↠´ Sometime After Midnight Ê Download by â L. Philips I liked this book overall What I especially appreciated was a gay book that had nothing to do with BEING GAY No one had a problem with the main characters being gay, they had no anxiety about being gay themselves it was just another aspect of their lives and nothingAnd that is so refreshing to read.
The story of two musicians finding their missing piece in each other was also great, as was the mystery of Nate s father s death and how Cam s family his own father, in particular may have had a hand in it Makes for some great non gay related drama, which me likes.
I had two issues with the book Well, three The first being that some of the editing was sloppy and I blame it a littleon editing, since the writing itself wasn t bad One example is that in one scene, Cam thinks, He wouldn t cro This book was exactly what I wanted it to be sweet, funny, well written, and full of music that made me want to plug in my headphones and fall into the melodies and lyrics that move me It reminded me occasionally of Nick and Norah s Infinite Playlist, but it had a lovely Cinderella feel all its own Both boys are adorable, the sidekicks are wonderful, and it just makes you smile And let me just say that when I m willing to stay up to finish a teen centric novel Sometime After Midnight see what I did there , that s about the highest praise I can give.
AlexFromTarget Meets Queer Prince Charming In This Glittering Romcom Following A Teen Music Prodigy And The Handsome Socialite Who Unwittingly Turns Him Into An Internet SensationIn A Dingy Los Angeles Club Late One Night, Cameron And Nate Meet And Find They Have Much In Common Than Their Love Of An Obscure Indie Band But When Nate Learns That Cameron Is The Heir To A Record Label, The Very One That Destroyed His Father S Life, He Runs Away As Fast As He Can The Only Evidence Of Their Brief But Intense Connection Is A Blurry Photo Cameron Snaps Of Nate S Sharpie Decorated Chuck Taylors As He Flees Considering That Cameron Is A Real Life Prince Charming He S Handsome, Famous, And Rich It S Only Fitting That He Sets Out To Find The Owner Of The Sharpied Shoes Cameron S Twin Sister, A Model And Socialite, Posts The Picture Of Nate S Shoes On Instagram To Her Legions Of Fans With The Caption, Anyone Know The Gorgeous Owner Of These Shoes My Hottie Brother Is Looking For Him The Internet Just About Breaks With The News Of A Modern Fairy Tale And The Two Become Entwined In Each Other S Lives In This Sparkling Story About The Power Of Music, The Demons That Haunt Us, And The Flutterings Of First Real Love Not the right book for me DNF 20% 4.
5 starsHot damn.
This book was great It was wonderful It was such a lovely twist on tropes that are nearing the end of their lifespan.
I really enjoyed reading this one, and it was such a bundle of fun, I couldn t help but enjoy.
It was like Nick and Norah s Infinite Playlist, but better and wayyyqueer It wasexciting, less try hard quirky, and had enough tropes to pull you in but not too much to push you out.
I mean, this was basically made for me It combines all my favorite tropes Cinderella Check Famous person Check and is diverse feat LGBTQ main characters.
There had to be something large and terrible happen to make me not like this book, and I m glad to say that didn t happen and I ended up enjoying it.
It felt clean and polished I actually enjoyed how well Philips wrapped up the ending and worked to make it all fall together even though I m notorious for disliking the endi It wasn t as good as L Philips s Perfect Ten, but I still enjoyed it No regrets in reading it.
It s hard to figure out where to start my review on this one because there are so many things I liked about it I read this book of nearly 400 pages in barely two days I couldn t stop reading The story simply flowed and I loved that.
Then we have our two main characters, Nate and Cameron Sometime After Midnight is written from both their perspectives and that adds so much to the story.
We see how Nate struggles with losing his father, how that impacts his views, principles and overall character He s still grieving and dealing with everything I really believe it s portrayed well.
As for Cameron, he isn t the snobbish rich kid I expected him to be He s quite grown up and knows what he wants Although, I have to admit, there are some moments where he goes spoiled and rich all the way but when you ve grown up like that.
I guess it s hard not to act like it sometimes as well.

I was expecting to love this because how could a modern Cinderella story with two guys, that s been compared to a book I remember enjoying go wrong Sit tight and let me tell ya.
Trigger content warnings for slight stalking, doxxing, ableism, fatphobia, toxic masculinity, discussions and descriptions of suicide Nate I cannot stand Nate I m supposed to feel for him and root for him and love him, but he s just such an asshole Sorry, but the fact that his dad committed suicide doesn t give him a pass for treating people like garbage He thinks that Cam s father pretty much told his father to kill himself, so he takes it out on Cam Who was like nine or ten at the time Because that s fair He literally says, he might as well have pushed my dad off that balcony like, come on, he didn t even know the entire story And beyond blaming Cam for what he assumes Cam s fat This was the perfect Cinderfella novel that I didn t know I wanted I didn t really know what to expect with this read and I m happily pleased with it This was a cute and fun read but actually incorporated quite a bit of heavy content Prior to reading this novel, I had predicted that this would be an emotional read thinking that it would be a coming out story That actually was not the emotional part because these characters were both actively out I don t know why but I actually really enjoyed that aspect in this novel By making it less of an event , readers sawof the side of acceptance from family and friends I m not saying that the characters didn t face those emotions when they came out but this story was n 4 read THIS REVIEW ON MY BLOG don t like boys, girls like SLOW BURN SHIPS AND EXTREMELY WELL DEVELOPED CHARACTERS WITH PALPABLE, UNMISTAKEABLE, TANGIBLE CHEMISTRY dear God, this book was so muchthan i bargained for in the best possible way Sometime After Midnight is definitely the kind of book to read when you re in a mood so specific that i hardly even know what i should call it if you re ever feeling sad and want a warm hug if you re feeling silly and want a good laugh if you re a hopeless romantic if you like old music if you want something full to the very brim with the most wholesome and pure tropes in the world most importantly though if you like complex, well fleshed characters and also a whole lot of dee

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