É Camgirls: Webcams, Livejournals And The PersonalAs Political In The Age Of The Global Brand ✓ Download by ↠´ Theresa M. Senft

É Camgirls: Webcams, Livejournals And The PersonalAs Political In The Age Of The Global Brand ✓ Download by ↠´ Theresa M. Senft I m incredibly biased as a I m in this book, but so b because Terri shared it with a few of us as it developed on LiveJournal That s right LiveJournal, don t hate I can t read it without having massive camgirl nostalgia But importantly, this is the first seriously academic research on microcelebrity On its own, that s a huge break from the Airport Book style anecdotal think stuff that gets written about What The Kids Are Doing On the Internet And in this case, we were kids well, in our 20 s, and not that we knew it at the time, but doing something far less narcissistic and insular than we knew Or maybe it s that the historical moment trumped our narcissism Either way, Terri nailed the moment and told the story of it back to us with the earned voice of someone both so in it and This is a terrific critical ethnography of webcam girls A solid addition to feminist internet studies and the book where Senft coined the term micro celebrity Recommended.
Readable and relevant, even ten years later I admit I may be rating based a good bit on how much I actually enjoyed the book rather than learned from it, but it is definitely worth everyone s read This is the book that gave the world the concept of micro celebrity, and even if that were not the case I would encourage everyone with even a passing interest in the internet, social networks, or feminism to give this a read.
I could tell that this book had been written as a PhD dissertation and that it had not been edited heavily because it lacked overall cohesion However, Senft is a talented storyteller, and she explains complicated media theories in an easy to understand way I would definitely consider teaching this book in an undergraduate class.
This Book Is A Critical And Ethnographic Study Of Camgirls Women Who Broadcast Themselves Over The Web For The General Public While Trying To Cultivate A Measure Of Celebrity In The Process The Book S Over Arching Question Is, What Does It Mean For Feminists To Speak About The Personal As Political In A Networked Society That Encourages Women To Represent Through Confession, Celebrity, And Sexual Display, But Punishes Too Much Visibility With Conservative Censure And Backlash The Narrative Follows That Of The Camgirl Phenomenon, Beginning With The Earliest Experiments In Personal Homecamming And Ending With The Newest Forms Of Identity And Community Being Articulated Through Social Networking Sites Like Live Journal, YouTube, MySpace, And Face Book It Is Grounded In Interviews, Performance Analysis Of Events Transpiring Between Camgirls And Their Viewers, And The Author S Own Experiences As An Ersatz Camgirl While Conducting The Research

Theresa M Senft is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Media, Music, Communications Cultural Studies at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia Prior to this she worked at New York University, the University of East London UK , and the University of the Virgin Islands US Terri s work, which tends toward feminist, critical race and postcolonial critique, explores how social media