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↠´ Read È Mr. Murder by Dean Koontz ↠´ I found this novel in a second hand book shop The title, the blurb and the fact that the protagonist is a mystery novelist piqued my interest I love mysteries which has some mystery writer in it Please allow me to introduce you to Martin Stillwater He is a mystery writer who has started to achieve fame and success He leads a near perfect life with his psychologist wife Paige and two daughters, Emily and Charlotte All of a sudden Martin starts to experience blackouts and senses a weird kind of fear There is also a nameless killer He does not know his own name, has no memories about his family and has no idea who controls him He simply knows what to do This character has been blessed with extraordinary strength and unimaginable recuperative power In sort the invincible killing machin Reading this book made me remember just how much Koontz rehashes There is nothing original in this book black and white characters, government conspiracy, etc If there were no secret organizations DK would be out of job And how many times did a Koontz novel feature a heroic couple running away from an evil adversary All of this is embroidered by his subtle ideology the god guy is a writer, the bad guy despises the written word Apparently in Koontz s school of philosophy having a beautiful wife, two ideal daughters and being a succesful writer of suspense novels is good, and being a member of a seceret government organization is bad Sometimes I wonder how he became a bestseller, since all he does is repeat himself over and over but then maybe that s exactly the reason.
Seriously, if you want s story about a writer hunted by his mirror image r Well written, entertaining suspense The bad guy has a similar character dynamic to the Monster in Frankenstein.
originally, this was going to be a 4 star, really liked it rating, but the fourth star got gagged and snatched by the savage climax and the escapist, devil may care resolution Most other parts I enjoyed a lot, as the following highlights will show Atanas Slavov recommended this book to me in my perennial quest for inspiring couples in literature or art as a whole I can already see why That he loved hernow than when they had met in college was no surprise The triumphs and failures they had shared, the years of daily struggle to make a place in the world and to seek the meaning of it, was rich soil in which love could grow Cheers to all my shamanist friends out there Emily had only one pet Its name was Peepers It was a stone the size of a small Dean Koontz at his best I m giving this book full marks for the suspense sitting on the edge of your chair, holding your breath type suspense.
And he can keep it going at the same terrifying level for whole chapters Wow I have seen a few criticisms of the ending, maybe because the book does not end at the climax but instead spends a few quiet pages letting the reader get their breath back and wrapping up all the loose ends I liked that myself One I would certainly recommend to readers of the genre.
For the main character of this novel, his talent gets the better of him in the form of a homicidal imaginary friend that stalks him and threatens his family Suspenseful, eerie and original, Mr Murder is a frightening horror thriller about the power of words on a page.
Martin Stillwater Has A Vivid Imagination It Charms His Loving Wife, Delights His Two Little Daughters, And Gives Him All The Inspiration He Needs To Write His Highly Successful Mystery Novels But Maybe Martin S Imagination Is A Bit Too Vivid One Rainy Afternoon, A Terrifying Incident Makes Him Question His Grip On Reality A Stranger Breaks Into His House, Accusing Martin Of Stealing His Wife, His Children And His Life Claiming To Be The Real Martin Stillwater, The Intruder Threatens To Take What Is Rightfully His The Police Think He S A Figment Of Martin S Imagination But Martin And His Family Have No Choice But To Believe The Stranger S Threat And Run For Their LivesBut Wherever They Go Wherever They Hide He Finds Them 2015 Update While I still enjoyed the story, I did drop the rating one star and this would not be 6 in my favorite Dean Koontz ranking that was clearly my evil twin talking I read Mr Murder as a mini group read in the Koontzland Dean Koontz group While the ending could have been better, the story and mystery was plenty intriguing for me intriguing enough that I m ranking this at 6 in my list of Dean Koontz favorites Mr Murder wasn t quite good enough to make it into my top 5, but he s in my top 10 for sure The book reminded me a lot of Relentless by Dean Koontz, a story I m absolutely in love with Mr Murder was published in 1993 and Relentless in 2009 My top five favorite Dean Koontz novels are in order 1 Life Expectancy, 2 By The Light of the Moon, 3 Relentless, 4 Cold Fire and 5 The Taking My list is of course, subject to change depending on future reading and re reading Thanks Dean f This book was given to me as a gift for my birthday by my boyfriend so I love that he gave it to me However, Mr Koontz could have written this story in half the pages He spenttime beating the same jokes to death, describing nothing of interest, and repeating characteristics of his characters The story could have beeninteresting, regardless of how much it reminded me of some of his other works, if he had cut out about half of the pages The book felt to me like he had a page quota to make, and by God, he was going to make it.
The only reason I gave it two stars was because of how interesting the daughter characters were, how much the parents loved them, and because my boyfriend, whom I adore, gave it to me and tried to find something I would enjoy.
I had been getting bored with Dean Koontz in recent years except for the Frankenstein books, but picking this one up at a book fair has restored my faith I haven t been this scared the kind of scared where you re skimming pages in an effort to find relief and know you shouldn t be reading the book after dark in years And it s always refreshing when you can t figure out the ending until the end Good stuff.

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