Ù Otherlife Awakenings: The Selfless Hero Trilogy ↠´ Download by Å William D. Arand

Ù Otherlife Awakenings: The Selfless Hero Trilogy ↠´ Download by Å William D. Arand Other life Selfless, is not the correct term for the hero of this trilogy I enjoyed it, read it quickly, laughed and cried It is very much an updated trilogy based on Heinlein s Time Enough for Love book One guy lots of women All the women want to bed the one guy and don t mind that he is shared among them, so, a male fantasy science fiction, RP gamer book But I still liked it.
The cringey banter was too much There was too much Stats and GM codes.
The harem seemed too forced to me.
I think I consumed too many of these books in quick succession I went from enjoying it, to having a headache.
5 5 Stars Runner And His Team Managed To Bring Peace To Tirtius, Successfully Log The Crew Out, And Have Begun Settling In To Make A Home On The Isle Of Vix North Wood Fort Itself Fate Isn T Going To Let Them Go That Easily Though She Clearly Hasn T Decided On What To Do With Him Plots Are In Motion Threats Local, Outside Of The Ship, Divine, And Abroad In Game Scheme To Exterminate Runner And The Threat He Represents The Possibility Of What He Could Become To Top It All Off, The Server Is Clearly Ramping Up Towards A Full Awakening What Does One Do With An Entire World Of Living Beings Who Are Aware It All Comes To A Head When An Assassin Attempts To Take His Life In His Own Home Now Comes The True Test What Is He Willing To Wager To Build The Future He Wants, Both In Game And Out Or Rather, Who Ugh.
Two stars because the premise is interesting Book is completely predictable, disjointed and a 6 way hornfest.
No thanks read the first book and imagine the rest Only read all of it because I had already purchased it.
Lots of drama, jumped the shark with Runner s godhoodAt the point where a character becomes divine and can solve most any problem without too much effort, a lot of the drama and interest in the story dissolve One other problem I had with the whole series is the artifact level magic item creation becoming one of Runner s skills almost immediately, without any adjustment or growth as his character grew.
I did enjoy seeing the family gel, and there were moments around the pregnancy discussions that were classic And the continuing evolution of the interaction with Minxy and the other goddesses was fun The ending was an OK place to stop, but really left you wanting Leaving Srit in stasis indefinitely, while fighting for t Like I mentioned after book two, don t read this series I m sure a lot of work was put into this yet I continued only because of the overarching story The character development was really shallow and the stupid one liners were terrible This really is a male teenage fantasy.
Amazing series A fantastic read Excellently portrayed characters and plot build up This series keeps you guessing to the end with so many twists and turns its impossible to get bored It s interesting to see how the NPC s develop and how the world inside and the ones outside affect each other and the ramifications of one s actions that are so far reaching its astounding Really enjoyed and I m hopeful for a 4th book even if it doesn t have as much action I d to see of the family as it develops Thankyou Great storyAs with the rest of the series this book is great, I loved all the ups and downs and everything in between The parts I didn t like were that it took till the 3rd book for the mc to figure out His love life, it just took so long as to be ridiculous, and there were some discrepancies in the way he would banish people, in one scene he would banish enemies with a banishing ray and in another he would risk his life and others for him to physically grab them to banish them, didn t make any sense But like I said great book, great series can t wait for.

Stop at book 2 I don t know how this has any stars This is the conclusion of the series What do you get for reading this An entire book of side characters you did not care about The women from the previous books aside from the goddesses barely make any appearances Main character basically fucks a zoo and at one point rubs the utters of a werewolf dog.
Questions you had throughout the series Never addressed.
Why did he hate his ex from book 1 Never explained Who sabotaged the ship Never explained I m not exaggerating here Nothing is ever explained Character motivations, why he does certain things, etc It s shallow All the characters are shallow and essentially boil down to how fuckable they are Why does he never use almost any of his gm commands Never explained For example, he has the ability Revive never uses Hands down this series is the best I ve read from this author Considering I thoroughly enjoyed his other books, that s saying something The characters in this series just seemed so much realistic They had so much depth The ending was a little bit cliched, but goddamn it, they deserve a happy ending after everything that happened.

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