Download Epub Format Ê The Legend of Parshu-Raam PDF by Ê Vineet Aggarwal

Download Epub Format Ê The Legend of Parshu-Raam PDF by Ê Vineet Aggarwal A remarkable story of a remarkable manEveryone knows Parshu Raam as an avatar who massacred kshatriyas But what made him a slayer is a story seldom narrated There is a lot of mystery around this mythological character and I was very glad when I found this book written by Dr Vineet Aggarwal The book gives an in depth insight into the political situation prevailing before and after Parshu Raam s birth that forced him to take up his axe What I loved in the book is the simplicity with which the story flows and the way new characters are introduced at the right time The book is nicely paced and every chapter has something new to offer The author is very good in establishing relationships between the characters because of which it is very easy to relate to each one of them In all, I loved reading the book and would definitely recommend it Really a nice book for mythology lovers Detailed book review is available at Ram aka Raam was a descendant of Brahma, considered as the 6th avatar of Vishnu and worshiper of Shiva He is known better as ParshuRaam aka Parshuram , the one who holds the divine Parshu a dagger which is blessed to him by Lord Shiva There is a lot written about him, but there is a lot unknown about him as well You can find traces of his tale even in Ramayana and Mahabharata as well, and yet, it is tough to find a consolidated account of Parshuram s life.
Dr Vineet Aggrawal, a famous author who started his career as an author by writing a book about Vishwamitra, came with a detailed book on Parshuram.
The plot of this book has its root in the book about Vishwamitra, however He Was The Guru Of Bhishma PitamahHe Was The Avatar Of Vishnu But A Disciple Of ShivaAnd He Shall Be The Martial Guru Of Kalki, The Last Avatar In This Yuga When The Chandravanshi Emperor Arjun Began Expanding His Empire To The Entire World, The Asuras Hit Back With An Insidious Plan Caught In The Crossfire Is Raam, Who Comes Back From His Penance TofindArrows Piercing His Father S Body Raam Vows To Avenge His Death By Killing The Evil KshatriyasTimes Starting With ArjunThus Begins The Legend Of Parshuram Parshuram The embodiment of Lord Vishnu himself , the disciple of Lord Shiva , wielder of both the axe of Shiva and Vishnu s bow , one of the seven immortals , the man who clansed the earth from the arrogant Kshatriyas for twenty one times , the teacher of legendary warriors like Bheeshma , Karna , Dronacharya and Kripacharya , the only Bharamakhsatriya known in the history of mankind.
Even after having such a larger than time personality there is no epic is available which chronicles the entire life of Parshuram as the Ramayana for Ram and the Mahabharat for Krishna We only hear the stories of this man from the Mahabharata and the Ramayana and from many folk tales also.
When I came to know about this book I picked it with great expectations and enthusiasm that finally someone tried to chronicle the life of this legend But the book can t lived up to the expactations Th The lesser known mortals of Indian mythology seen in a new insightful light Many Indians will know of the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu but seldom do any of us know any avatar aside of Lord Ram and Krishna This book is the life story of Parshuraam, the warrior avatar of Lord Vishnu The Legend of Parshuraam methodically retraces his life beginning with a perspective of how things had shaped up in the generation that ruled prior to him in Nabhivarsh older name for the Indian subcontinent The book also beautifully highlights the softer elements of the man who is best known as a killing machine.
It is a layered story with a series of subplots each delving into the human psychology and the complexities that emanate from people trying to manipulate others to get their way It explains in a subtle way the unknown ramifications of a series of binary choices that people are faced with and t I have been following Dr Vineet Aggarwal s blog decodehindumythology.
blogspotcom since many years now and we have become good friends because of hours of discussion on various mythologies.
One day I went to a movie, an hour early, and just to pass my time, I went into Crossword and that is how I got my copy of The Legend of Parshu Raam.
I bought it the second I saw it because, first, I admired the author because of his blog and second, it was a book about Parshu Raam.
Many Indian authors have written about mythology but they limited themselves to the popular stories of Ramayan and Mahabharat Vineet has dived deep into the mythology with both his books about popular but lesser known characters Vishwamitra and now Parshuram The book is divided into three parts First part is about Parshuram s family, second is about the antagonist , Kart Fabulous book on one of the most fascinating characters of Indian mythology Dr.
Vineet Agarwal, sticks to the original Purana, giving his interpretation, without deviation And fortunately, does not inject pseudo science, or force fit contemporary events Interestingly the title character actually makes his appearance half way in the book The first half, ison Parashuram s lineage, his parents, his ancestors, and the gradual transformation of Kartyavira Arjun, the antagonist, from a just, wise ruler to a merciless tyrant The machinations of the Naga, Asur tribes are well depicted While Dr.
Agarwal does explore the inter relations between the Naga, Asur and Kshatriya clans, his language is far better than the vastly overrated Amish Tripathi s And no teen speak to make it reach out to younger audiences This is some one who knows his history, mythology and philosophy well, unlike Tripathi s The Legend of Parshu Raam, Simple, gripping and interesting read Everything about this book is pure perfection, right from the detailed description of each character to each event which one can visualize while reading Pushpak vimana s description is bang on and thorough research of un touched side of legendary action hero which makes this book a tightly bound storyline There are a lot of back stories This is much needed for people who are not familiar with them.
The story goes on tell how situations prevailing before his birth forced a Brahmin of Alambayin gotra Raam turns out to be the Bramhakshtriya Parshu raam The wielder of the axe Dr Vineet has managed to keep a perfect balance, between true mythological facts and fresh use of his imagination Plus, he has maintained the authenticity of the period very well If you love to read mythology, you re in for a treat with The Legend of Pars

A fitting tribute to the wielder of Siva s ax.
I couldn t find a book in realm of fiction completely dedicated to Parasu Ram,rather than portraying him as a supporting character and when I find this one,Thanks to the author I m not disappointed.
Right from the beginning to the end,I ve thoroughly enjoyed the book The main protagonist didn t appear till halfway through the book,that came as a bit surprise,but the void was completely filled by Arjun and his transformation from good to bad is portrayed brilliantly.
The reason why Parasu Ram chose the way he d chosen was put forth in a believable way The interactions of Parasu Ram with Vashist and Viswamitra was written well.
The emotional turmoils of Satyavati,Jamagadni,Ruchik were captured well and the philosophical theme is maintained throughout the length.
As usual, the fusion of Science,Myth and Philosophy Good one by Dr Vineet Aggarwal though I would have liked if the author elaborated a biton the transformation of Raam to Parshu Raam.

Dr Vineet Aggarwal is described by many as a doctor by qualification, manager by profession and author by passion Born in a family of doctors, he successfully completed an initial stint with the family occupation before deciding to venture into pharmaceutical management and currently pursues writing and travel photography along with his managerial roles He is the author of popular online blogs