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[ Pdf My possessive bodyguard ✓ short-story-collection PDF ] by Jami1012 È This book comes under the category of my most favorite books The plot, character, language, everything is just perfect The twists and turns that the story was leading, is really interesting In short the story is really persuasive It will compel you to readand .
This was one of the first books I read on wattpad and had popped into my recommendations and I was honestly hooked as soon as I read the first chapter itself I love romance and these two surely knew how to make me feel emotions and things I didn t even know I could feel I had butterflies through out the book and the author was honestly, surprisingly very good at cliffhangers and keeping us at suspense My possessive bodyguard was a wonderful, enthralling read that I have re read over a dozen times because I can t get enough of it.
The writing is very good as well and even though some people might complain about the plot being cliche, I absolutely loved it It kept me feeling all giddy and happy spoiler ehm clears throat and I loved that one steamy scene on the airplane Makes me want to be a member of the mile high club myself This book also made We Need To Talk He SaysI Look At The Floor No We Don T I Need You To Look At Me He Whispers Taking A Step Towards Me Nathan Look At Me He InterruptsHe Is Being So Demanding, Why Is That So Hot I Sigh But Force Myself To Look Up And Meet His Gaze His Green Eyes Look So Troubled I Need To Know If This Is How You Re Going To Act Every Time I Kiss You He Says Softly Because In That Case I Ll Have To Stop And Believe Me, I Don T Want To He Says Gazing At My Lips You Realize That This Is A Bad Idea Right I Ask HimThere Is A Smile Playing On His Lips Is It I Roll My Eyes At Him Yes, A Really, Really Bad Idea His Hand Goes To My Cheek And He Begins To Stroke It With The Back Of His Hand It Doesn T Feel That Way I Grab His Hand To Make Him Stop Doing That, Not Wanting To Fall Into His Charms But It S Too Late Anyway You Want To Keep Kissing Me I Whisper All The Time He Says, Our Lips Are So Close That I Can Feel Them Move Against Mine As He Talks You Can T Tell Anyone About This I Whisper Closing My Eyes About What He Says Closing The Gap Between Us It S Just A Kiss sloppy plot but a quick, pleasant read.
I found My possessive bodyguard in my recommendations section and I can t say enough how much I love this book The plot, climax, storyline, were all so perfect Nathan being so dominate and so profound, made you want to readandSadly to every book there s an ending But the feelings I got from reading this book will not end How the characters trusted each other and already committed themselves, before they were dating, is what I call trust And these characters trusted each other with their life on the line Whether it be Nathan losing his job or being away from Hannah or Hannah being kidnaped and tortured Anyways, if you re looking for a heartwarming, funny, and a steamy book, this one s for you.
To be honest, another Wattpad read just cause who doesn t bother pick up a Wattpad novel when they re bored as hell Anyway, I sought to read this novel because I wanted something different yes it s romance so too bad if you re reading this review and you re already glaring at the title and cover on how cliche it maybe which it is I felt that while the novel took on a different approach from the bad boy era in these novels it somewhat felt quite repetitive as always there is some past history with one another or they have fallen in love cause they are in one another s lives A bodyguard and the only daughter of a famous actor is entangled in this love story I didn t enjoy it as much as I would in a realist I personally liked it the entire way An easy and simple read The plot was very good, it has a little bit of everything I look for in a good book action, romance, suspence and all the rest.
Nathan is as of now the best character I ever read about, I fell in love with every aspect of him And to my initial surprise, she is kinda cute too and a good person not the classic girl that after a while you want to punch.
In the future I ll read it again, without a doubt this book was Amazing it was fun for me to read i wouldn t spent my day any way better then snuggling and reading it the story was new and refreshing the caracters were young and exciting there was love , drama , adventure and even funny moments , i really really enjoyed every minute of it i couldn t put it away i m only sad that it ended because a great story should never end.

It was a cringey plot but a cute read It was an easy read as well perfect for those who want to read a cheesy romance Cute story though.
read on Wattpad.
Well, I m a bit torn with this book.
The plot It had an outline which I appreciated, after all, it was a chapter based Wattpad story , but not much else It was meant to be a thriller mystery with a romantic subplot, but it was lacking in the meat of the thriller mystery, and the romance was rushed, and took center stage I don t have a problem with hardcore romance, you can see it a lot on my shelves, I had difficulty with the way the book was not edited and cleaned out of mistakes and shit One of the biggest problems in the plot, in my opinion, was the reasoning, which was weird and wonky or lacking altogether It came in the form of why did characters choose to do stuff that did not make sense why would they run away from New York, and when found in Miami, go back to New York instead of hiding someplace els

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