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Download Epub Format ¹ Resentment PDF by Ï Nicole London 4 s This was my first book by Nicole London and I chose it because I heard it was angsty it is And it has a bit of everything thrown itsecond chance romance, enemies to lovers and dating the older brother s best friend It s told in three parts, dealing with things in the past and the present and the various stages this couple goes through regret the past , Resentment the present and redemption also the present The story begins when Mia and Dean are both seniors in high school and she finds out that he had stolen her notebook He finagles his way into her tutoring him solely for the chance to be around her He s wanted her since he was a sopho and is determined to make things happen Mia s never really liked Dean He s the popular football jock and she s the nerdy art girl but her opinion starts to change the she g Complimentary Copy Provided by the author Nicole London in exchange for an honest review.
Thank you TITLE Resentment AUTHOR Nicole LondonGENRE Contemporary RomanceRELEASE DATE October 29th, 2015MY RATING 5 MR POPULAR STARS How on earth can this be this authors first book shakes head in wonder I shit you not, this book will just grab all those feels out of you and stomp them in the ground, I freaking loved this book, Dean gave me whip lash with him being a douche then not being a douche so yep just be prepared for that kind of carry on, Mia you ve got to love Mia, she kind of needs a filter for all her thoughts.
I giggled, I teared up, I swooned, I fell in love with this book on so many levels.
DAMN Ekkkkk GULPS wipes chin this cover hoe likey likey this cover Prays to the book gods that the storyline measures up to I was so looking forward to reading this book I mean to the point of me stalking it Between all the teasers and synopsis I was really excited When I saw the blog tour sign up for his book I jumped on it.
So When I started to read Part 1 of this book I loved it It was everything Dean was just everything And I loved how he chased after Mia.
Man the beginning Was so good Then it went down hill pretty fast.
Then the end of part 1 I hated it I had tears in my eyes for Mia I felt so bad for her.
And really Nothing and I mean nothing Dean could say or do that would change my feeling for him Even if he was dealing with so much with his dad He could have handled it better than he did What he did to Mia was malicious an SERIOUSLY The reason for Dean being a DOUCHE was just DUMB Sorry but I HATED his reasoning No offence to the author as it was a well written book, but I just didn t get it 3,5 stars

4 Stars Mia hates Dean Dean is the most popular guy at school and the star of the football team Completely opposite of Mia Mia has one friend and is not popular She doesn t go to games or parties She gives Dean zero chances to talk to her in high school until senior year one day he shows up with her notebook she misplaced Dean needs help in his English class and Mia agrees to tutor him They form a friendship that later turns into I loved Dean right away He was sexy, sweet and he s had his eyes on the untouchable Mia since sopho year of high school I loved Mia too She was feisty and didn t waste time letting Dean know that she didn t like him and he was never going to get in her pants lolDean and Mia both were being forced to liv 3 Stars This is author Nicole London s first book and I d like to preface this review by saying that it was a great first effort at writing a New Adult romance that will hold your interest and have you eager to find out why there is so much Resentment between the two main characters.
The book is told in three parts, Regret, Resentment and Redemption.
RegretDean Collins is the popular football player who has been trying to get the attention of studyworm Mia for a long time now, and manipulates things to his favour by getting Mia to agree to tutor him in order to increase his grades.
Mia Gray is not a pushover and tries really hard not to fall for his charms, but he infiltrates himself into her heart and there isn t a whole lot she can do to stop I received an ARC via Give Me books in exchange for an honest review Thank you Writing wise, this book was delightfully well written and enjoyable.
Story wise, I liked it in essence.
Character wise, I loved Mia and could sympathize with her hurt and confusion, and why she hated Dean immensely just by reading the plot synopsis I WOULD HAVE TOO after witnessing the crap he pulled And Dean, ugh Don t even get me started.
While in gist, the teenage years can be the most exhilarating and the most volatile at times, Dean s sudden 180 was just ridiculous Even after learning his reasons, I just couldn t with him His douchebag behavior in HS post break up and 10 years later was baffling.
I thought Dean started up to be a wonderful, charming young man, and him putting the blame on Mia and being horrible to her was unforgivable Yeah, he had home issues that made you Resentment, n.
The feeling of disappointment after trusting Dean Collins, the asshole you knew would betray you this book, the clusterfuck you knew would make you rage.
Sometimes it s difficult to pinpoint the precise reasons to explain our intense dislike for a novel This is not one of those times.
On the contrary, I ve yet to find something positive to say about Resentment, if you except the sick fascination that forced me to finish it, to see if it really was that bad spoiler alert it very much was Honestly, it s quite an achievement, when you think about it indeed I turned the last page last night and 24 hours later, I m STILL randomly feeling bursts of annoyance whenever a scene comes to my mind Whether it s the complete lack of chemistry the nonsensical and over stretched plot wonderful pieces of garbage like,Get your hands off of me, Dean I glare at Librarian Note See Alternate Cover Edition HERERe Sent Ment The Act Of Hating No, Fucking Loathing Dean Collins Yes, I M Well Aware That S Not The Actual Definition, But It Might As Well Be It S Been Ten Years Since We Ve Seen Each Other And The Feelings Are Still As Strong I M Not Going To Bore You With All The Details Of How Our Love Was Once Intoxicating, Consuming, And Perfect Because It Was Until It Wasn T I Ve Been Fine Without Him I Haven T Missed His Cruelty, His Coldness And His Spite And After The Ugliest Breakup In The History Of Breakups, I Forced Myself To Move On Year By Year, The Feelings I Had For Him Slowly Drifted Away, But One Encounter With Him Recently Changed Everything One Encounter Made Me Realize How The Heart Doesn T Forget Shit, And How My Mind Is Going To Have To Work Overtime To Make Sure I Never Forget My Definition Of Resentment

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