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Ú Memories of Ice à Download by É Steven Erikson We shall converge within the Pannion Domin Us, them, and the surviving clans of the T lan Imass There will be, without doubt, battles aplenty The crushing of an empire is never easy I should know, having crushed a few in my timeMemories of Ice aka how many ridiculously awesome characters can you actually shove into one single army In the south of the continent of Genabackis, the Pannion Domin arises An empire of bloodthirsty fanatics led by an insane religious Seer who threatens to engulf the world Enter an alliance so fabulous it would make the casting list of The Expendables look like a bunch of second rate actors On one hand, you have the Malazan Army, led by High Fist Dujek One Arm and the legendary Whiskeyjack, including among others the fabled Bridgeb 18.
2018 Re read thoughts When it comes to traditional fantasy, for me, Tolkien is unparalleled and nothing comes close to The Lord of the Rings.
Middle Earth is an unique world, with rich history and various races, cultures and mysteries And when it comes to modern fantasy, or to be precise, modern epic high fantasy, Steven Erikson s Malazan Book of the Fallen sits on an uncontested throne with Memories of Ice as its crown.
original review Memories of Ice is the third installment of the Malazan Book of the Fallen and it is, like its predecessor, a direct continuation of the Gardens of the Moon storyline We are, once again, on the continent of Genabackis where we are reunited with a lot of great characters like Whiskeyjack, Quick Ben, Kruppe, Paran, Caladan Brood and His Epicness, Anomander Rake We fol Partea A Treia Din Cronicile Malazane Reprezinta Inca Un Capitol Fascinant Din Marea Saga A Lui Steven Erikson In Amintirile Ghetii Se Intorc O Multime De Personaje Din Gradinile Lunii Si Apar Noi Plasmuri, Care Imbogatesc O Saga Ca Un Labirint Imprevizibila, Seducatoare, Plina De Suspans, Povestea Merge Mai Departe Si Scoate La Suprafata Universuri Noi, Provocari Neprevazute Si Solutii Care Pun La Incercare Imaginatia CititorilorContinentul Genabackis A Dat Nastere Unui Imperiu Nou Si Infricosator Pannion Domin Secerand Totul In Cale, Acesta Distruge Pe Oricine Nu Se Pleaca In Fata Clarvazatorului, Regele Preot Din Pannion, Care Trebuie Sa Infrunte Alianta Periculoasa Dintre Oastea Lui Dujek Un Brat Si Arzatorii De Poduri Ai Lui Whiskeyjack, Dar Si Dusmani Mai Vechi In Lupta Lor, Aliatii Sunt Esentiali Printre Ei Se Numara Sabiile Cenusii, O Fratie Care Trebuie Sa Apare Orasul Capustan De FanaticiSteven Erikson Este, In Mod Cert, Unul Dintre Marile Talente Ale Literaturii Fantasy Din Vremea Noastra The GuardianRar Se Intampla Ca Un Scriitor Sa Combine Cu Atata Usurinta Simtul Fortei Mitice Si Profunzimea Unei Lumi Cu Personaje Inspirate Si Povesti Captivante, Dar Steven Erikson Repurteaza O Victorie Spectaculoasa Michael A StackpoleCronicile Malazane Sunt O Adevarata Experienta Scriind Aceasta Serie, Steven Erikson A Urcat In Randul Celor Mai Vizionari Dintre Scriitorii De Azi SF SiteSteven Erikson Ma Inspaimanta Are O Cuprindere Asa De Vasta, O Imaginatie Atat De Vie Si O Intelegere Asa De Mare, Ca Literatura Lui Reuseste Ceea Ce Putine Carti Reusesc Sa Schimbe Felul In Care Cititorii Percep Realitatea Stephen R Donaldson This one was so good it makes Deadhouse Gates look like Gardens of the Moon Memories of Ice was the strongest instalment in this series so far, which is high praise indeed It tells the sweeping tale of a clash of gods, filled with epic battles, complex schemes and brutal violence This book can at times be dark and unforgiving, as much so as any grimdark I ve read However Erikson brilliantly balances this out with heroism and courage This contrast makes the merciless account of human tragedy all the heart wrenching and the moments of hope and humour all the uplifting.
The plot of this book could easily be seen as traditional fantasy A disparate group of allies are brought together to halt the bloody expansion of an evil empire with a mysterious, malignant The harder the world, the fiercer the honour This in world quote succinctly explains why this book still ranks as the favourite volume of my favourite grimdark epic fantasy series It is the reason why I even read grimdark in the first place, given that I am so easily assailed by emotions that one wonders why I willingly put myself through such heartbreak So bear with me throughout this series when I keep waxing lyrical about how humanity manifests its most awe inspiring qualities in the face of relentless hardship and horrors of a world ravaged by conflict As Deadhouse Gates dealt with the rise of the Seven Cities rebellion, the Memories of Ice was of the events that happened concurrently back on Genabackis as Dujek Onearm s Host with Whiskeyjack and Captain Paran with his Bridgeburners turned towards the threat MoI is the third book in the epic series about Malazan It s really epic as I haven t read any such other series with quite long books, so many characters and many plots subplots Moreover things are now really starting to make sense for me when I finished MoI D But I m just a silly lass so don t mind these words You may feel different about the book After a couple of weeks and about 900 pages in this book, I m exhausted and depressed a bit Hah, I m not sure what I can write about this book that hasn t already been mentioned in other great reviews but I ll try to reinvent the bicycle This is really Erikson s greatest book so far for me It s definitely a great book, it blew my mind, it was interesting to read, no dragging lo I don t know if I m becoming a acquainted with Steven Erickson s writing and thus I understood of this book OR this book was just readable than the first 2.
Finally stuff is making and sense to me But there is so much that happens in this book that it is really hard to sum it up in a review However this is what I ve now learned from Steven Erickson in this series My favorite Character will die Seriously 3 books and in each one the character I liked the most ended up dead Whether they die a true death OR simply ascend to something else is yet to be seen.
Someone will backstab someone else at a most inopportune time and get a lot of people killed You would think that would go with 1 but it is its own thing Someone f Epilogue Iced me over And then melted me to the very marrow of my bones Chapter 25 The shadow of Black Coral over the Itkovian s gift When vengeance is not enough Never enough Chapter 24 Impossible No No way Cannot be Not him biting the ice Chapter 23 Mott Irregulars Let s cheer for all the Marshals And the Bole brothers And please, can we meet the Bole sister Chapter 22 Lost memories The power of what once we were Of what could have been Beware of walking on thin ice.
Chapter 21 Itkovian is not yet done Not yet done Oh, we will cut no ice with him Chapter 20 Why are the only inspected agents at the war table not ascending themselves This is the question that bothers me the most Chapter 19 For the record, I was always team Jaghut not Imass but even my heart a

A peerless and jaw dropping epic installment I consider myself damn lucky to have witnessed this powerfully evocative tale.
I ve stated that it s mandatory to read at least two books of the series in order to truly find out whether you ll love this series or not I retract that statement and change it to three books instead Trust me, if you don t love Memories of Ice, you might as well drop the series now And that would be okay because no series can work for everyone Honestly speaking, I had a bit of doubt about the series but this incredibly mesmerizing installment has convinced me to finally become a fan of the series.
Picture Memories of Ice by J K DrummondUnlike Deadhouse Gates where the story featured almost co 4.
85 Second time around even better than the first What was I thinking This deserves to be rounded up to 5 stars But the pain Just as painful and potent as the first time 4.
35 A buddy read with my family and friends at BBB Because we love Fantasy and are a bit of masochists tooAnd the fact remained, whatever games the gods played, it was hard working dirt poor bastards like him who suffered for itEpic Fantasy of this scope deserves a better reviewer than me I get so overwhelmed not only by the plot lines and multitude of emotions the cast of characters brings on, but from the experience as a whole, that I loose the ability to break everything down in a logical and concise way Thus I usually give up and go with the emotions the book invoked in me rather than bungle my way through a real critiqueThe world is shaped like a beetle s ball of du

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