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[ Read Online Ascension (Tales of Olympus, #3) Þ army-of-tennessee PDF ] by Lee Savino ê I loved these books 1,2,3 I had to read it every spare moment I had The two characters seem to come to life I could picture this as a movie.
Had a lot of emotions Funny,serious,crying scared and fall in love sexy.
I wished it went on I really fell in love with Sharo So sad Maybe there will be another book about him Very good writer I will readof her books Estranged From Her Husband And Struggling To Create A Life For Herself, Cora Surrounds Herself With Friends From Olympus Elite But When A Powerful Shipping Magnate Targets Her For An Unknown Purpose, Can She Avoid Being Dragged Back Into The Underworld And Is Her Husband, Mob Boss Marcus Ubeli, The Only One Who Can Save Her Cora Is Persephone, Marcus Ubeli Is Hades, And Zeke Sturm, Mayor Of Olympus, Is Zeus In This Modern Retelling Of The Greek Myths It has been two months since Cora ran away from Marcus During this time she has done everything possible in order to fight for her freedom and independence Marcus has given her the space that she has asked for so that she can figure out where she stands in their relationship He is currently dealing with the fallout of a lost shipment and a war in in the wings Cora continues to find trouble everywhere she turns and she is kidnapped once again by Marcus s enemies Will the two lovers be able to find happiness in the end I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

See my review of the first book Innocence.
I m glad I stuck with this seriesWhat an evolution occurred throughout this series There was noticeable growth and stretching of this authors limitations from the first installment to this third, that I can t help but mentioning This was a well written classic mob story Cora the main heroine had to shed her naivety to fit in this new mob world she married into Marcus her husband, and also the supposed criminal underworld mob boss seemed like a boy scout and sweet kitty cat compared to the other friends associates in Cora s life who lead such seedy, weird lives These characters extra curricular activities were just too much and turned the storyinto a freak show of sorts thats distracted from the Mob story I initially pi

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